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Start Date: 11/1/2012
End Date: 2/1/2013
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Winner(s) pick restaurant and wine. Loser(s) pay bill.
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Tim H-0.810802/01
Rob L-1.010802/01
John D-0.510302/01
Adam O-0.310202/01
Message Board
Rob L: I was too excited about the texted toes and forgot to login. This was a tough month and I agree with John, a rewarding one. I don't think that I have been in this good of shape going into February since high school swimming. Congratulations to everyone. When is our glutinous no host dinner? [02/01]

Adam O: oh-- and is Rob going to log his weight? I guess he has until midnight before he owes us dinner. [02/01]

Adam O: Yes, and thanks to Tim who proved you can lose weight without exercising or eating healthy foods. [02/01]

John D: Thanks, Gentlemen, and thanks Adam for setting up this torture fest. While I can barely raise my arms to type, this made for a good start to the year. I feel healthier than I have in months--just need to keep up the exercise and avoid the gluttony for awhile. [02/01]

Rob L: I prefer leeches. [01/31]

Adam O: ...but don't transfuse the blood back into you until after you weigh in on Friday [01/30]

Adam O: Take some EPO and testosterone too [01/30]

Tim H: John, good tip on the blood center, do you have any other 'final days' maneuvers that you can share? [01/30]

Rob L: 1 pint blood = ~1.1 lbs. John - how many pints did you give. Are there multiple donation sites where you sign with an alias? Do you mention your alternate love preferences? [01/30]

John D: Tim, the Puget Sound Blood Center's hours today are 12-8 pm. [01/30]

Tim H: Rob, I'm currently on the fence about Canlis... It sounds great and all but I might prefer Taco Bell depending on how things work out for me... This last little bit is proving difficult for me to shed. [01/29]

Adam O: Turns out I am ok. Sorry John - I guess you are on your own. Canlis sounds great. Thanks. [01/29]

Rob L: Your welcome. [01/29]

John D: I just read Rob's suggestion about Canlis and coughed up a large hairball. [01/29]

Rob L: I have never been to Canlis. Tim - sound good? They have a few bottle of Chataeu Lafite in thier cellar. [01/28]

Adam O: John - looks like we are going to pay for our ambition. Rob will hurt us with the wine selections but we'll survive it. Thank goodness we don't live in New York or San Francisco. [01/28]

John D: Never go to a Swedish wedding anniversary party the weekend before the end of a Fatbet. Lesson learned. [01/28]

Tim H: John, thanks for the tip... I also went ahead and booked a liposuction appointment for the morning of the first - I figured that, if I need it, it will be cheaper than loosing the bet. [01/28]

Adam O: 9 mile run this AM in the rain left me pretty desiccated. I even lost a little blood through nipple chafing, and I am still 1.9 lbs short of goal with 4 days left. [01/28]

John D: Tim, here's a tip for the final week: fashion a couple of giant Glad garbage bags to wear under your clothes. Sure, your co-workers wonder about the puddling, but you can smile knowing it works. [01/26]

Rob L: John - I have been considering your theory about how easy it was to drop the xmas cookie weight. Very true. What now for the noncookie weight? [01/24]

Rob L: I thought that I was the king of sweat. Adam can drop five pounds on a 3 mile run. [01/24]

Adam O: time to start using the beet tracers [01/24]

Rob L: He didn't agree with your magnified browser. [01/24]

John D: Looks like Adam beat you to the binge, Rob. [01/24]

Rob L: I am peaking too soon. I feel prone to a night of binging. Do any of you know which icon/candle/diety can ward this off. [01/23]

John D: Looks like everyone is flatlining... [01/22]

John D: Ugh. Ten days left to make a final, desperate push. Adam, even with my browser at 400% you're at but not below the blue line. No highballs for you. [01/22]

Adam O: I need a ruling on whether or not I am below the blue line today [01/16]

Adam O: I got sick for a week and then had a colonoscopy.. both helpful. [01/16]

Rob L: I have been praying to God for the "sudden progress". He/she/it is responsible. [01/16]

John D: Back from Austin. Narrowly avoided the Tex-Mex and BBQ backslide. How am I supposed to believe all of this sudden progress? [01/16]

Adam O: John - how are the baby back ribs? [01/15]

Adam O: I am pretty sure Tim is doping. [01/15]

Rob L: Ran six days last week. Very helpful but the weight came off during the stress of the topsy turvy Seahawks game. [01/14]

Tim H: Night 1 of 'No Booze Above the Blue Line'... Fail. [01/10]

Rob L: Is red wine considered booze? [01/10]

Tim H: I'm feeling like I've pushed my fatbet brinksmanship as far along as I am comfortable with. Adam's 'No Booze Above the Blue Line' policy is now in effect for me too. [01/10]

Rob L: Be good on the weekend. Be good on the weekend. [01/10]

Rob L: Don't take any candy from your test subjects. [01/09]

John D: Off to Texas to discover the impact of a 100% BBQ diet. [01/09]

John D: Actually amazing how close (and somewhat pathetic) this is. All need to lose between 5.5 and 7 lbs. in last 24 days. Only a pint of beer or two separating us. [01/08]

Rob L: Won't need it. [01/08]

John D: Rob, I hope you received a lot of cash for Christmas this year. [01/08]

Adam O: Pulled pork is the other white meat [01/04]

John D: Prepping for trip to Texas, the land that portion control forgot, next week. [01/04]

Tim H: I see your Christmas was as big as mine. [01/03]

Adam O: I was worried about Tim but that 12/24 data point clearly indicates that he will be just fine... and also that he is a sandbagger. [01/02]

Adam O: No Booze Above the Blue policy is in effect - desperate times. [01/02]

John D: Recalibrating from the Xmas belly fest and nearly back in the hunt. Bring it on, Cheese Curd. [01/02]

Adam O: Ich bin ein cheese curd [12/31]

John D: John D. went to the Midwest over Christmas, where Grandma heats her home with melted butter. [12/30]

Tim H: Cookies, chocolates and candy have been flooding into the office and household the last few days... Today, someone set an open tin of butter cookies on my desk. Very cruel. [12/20]

John D: Salad days ahead. [12/18]

Adam O: Looking good on 12/12/12 but the heart of cookie season is still ahead. [12/12]

John D: Tim, I have frequent recurring nightmares involving Rob and Adam, but never about fatbet. I seem to be in the cellar here. Eat and drink up, boys! Enjoy this festive season. (Please.) [12/09]

Rob L: I have never had a fatbet dream/nightmare. Thanks for planting that seed. [12/05]

Adam O: well.. nightmares and lack of sleep burn calories.. so great.. carry on. [12/04]

Tim H: Anybody else have fatbet nightmares? I had my first the other night. The nightmare had my final weigh in occurring on a public scale with Adam as a referee. I was vastly heavier than my home scale had lead me to believe and way over my goal... Much embarrassment fear ensued. The Horror!!! Is this normal? Can I expect to have more as the deadline approaches? [12/03]

John D: Adam, buy an option on John D down 16 by Feb 1. Rob just underwent eye surgery, but I'm pretty sure there was also liposuction involved. [11/30]

Adam O: This bet is teaching me how buying options is a bad investment strategy [11/30]

John D: I just calculated that I need to lose the equivalent of one King Sized Snickers bar per day for the next 65 days. [11/28]

Rob L: Adam - how was the Seattle half? [11/27]

Rob L: Adam loves to torture us with ill timed fat bets and republican rhetoric. [11/27]

Tim H: So.... Who had the bright idea of doing this over Thanksgiving AND Christmas? [11/26]

Rob L: The last fat bet fourth cried when presented with the bill. He faked a hair in his salad in a lame attempt to escape. [11/23]

John D: Tim, your instincts are correct. Adam and Rob run up restaurant bills that trigger personal notes from Seattle's best chefs--Tom Douglas is still thanking me for his boat down payment. This fatbet should be subtitled "Sorry about college, kids." Not to scare you or anything... [11/17]

Rob L: We need fat for the winter. A constant state of carb (booze) and fat (steak) delirium is the only way to get thru the Seattle rainy season. [11/13]

Tim H: Hmmm... 2 weeks in and I'm 3 pounds heavier. Something tells me that the winners are not going to pick Dicks Burgers and 2 buck chuck. Guess I'd better make some changes to my program. [11/12]

John D: I'm now officially fatter than I have been in 4 years and moving in the opposite direction of my goal. Time to get motivated: 18.5 lbs in 81 days. [11/12]

John D: Adam, we just started and already it looks like you expelled something very large. Is that the IPA reference? [11/07]

Adam O: Thank goodness for 16 oz cans of IPA [11/05]

Adam O: Nice job hogs -- this will be featured bet, so keep it clean [11/01]

Rob L: The ladies like a little holiday chub. [11/01]

Tim H: I'm in for 10. [11/01]

John D: My ventricles thank you for setting this up, Adam. [11/01]

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