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Blowout Preventer

Start Date: 2/13/2012
End Date: 4/27/2012
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Loser(s) pay for dinner. Winner's choose place and wine.
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Rob L-1.011304/27
Adam O-0.710504/27
John D-0.410304/27
Message Board
John D: I am adding a pound of sausage to my smoothie this morning. [04/27]

Rob L: Adam is too week to message. Stay strong for foie gras. [04/26]

Rob L: John - does your scale measure in increments of 1/100th of a pound? [04/26]

Rob L: A pound over this morning but now a pound under after a warmly dressed five mile run. [04/26]

John D: Ah...the thin blue line. Nice to finally meet you, my friend. [04/26]

Rob L: Think of the big and fine meal that we are having on Saturday. [04/25]

John D: Someone tell me when this is over so I can stop my diet of nutritious paste. And take out the IV. [04/25]

John D: Yes, that dock is very slippery! [04/24]

Adam O: Maybe more like trying to land on an aircraft carrier in a storm [04/24]

Adam O: Getting within 5 feet of the dock is easy. Now the tricky part. [04/23]

John D: Broke the 200 barrier after 7-miler around Discovery Park early this morning: was looking for my spirit animal while looking out for muggers. [04/21]

John D: Pretty good blowout prevention for me this week. News flash: exercise and eating less actually seem to work. [04/20]

John D: Thanks, Rob, but fairly sure Adam would sooner tear his own kidney out than compromise the bet. Also pretty sure he is sandbagging. Again. [04/19]

Rob L: If you get to 12 lbs each on weigh in day, I will share the meal cost with you. Just stop whining. [04/18]

John D: Who can I pay to move the right end of my blue line up a few degrees? Still in this, but difficult... [04/18]

Adam O: This might be because I am light-headed right now from not eating and running 50 miles per week-- but I am thinking we are all going to fail. Even Rob, who signed up to lose 8 lbs of water. [04/17]

John D: The suffering is about to commence (for me, anyway). [04/16]

John D: They may not have as much facial hair as they did in the '70s and '80s, but I'm sure they are still handsome. Waiting to see if I can hold second place for a day. [04/10]

Rob L: We should look fit for our bday bash. Adam - you too. John is inviting his exgirlfriends. Are they still handsome? [04/10]

John D: I'm a glass half full guy. We're all down 7-8 lbs over cold, rainy spring. Not bad. That's enough positive reinforcement; back to the taunting... [04/10]

John D: Congrats, Adam. You can nearly drink again. My line looks better after some suffering this week, but still no Easter chocolate reward. Detecting some weakness in Rob. [04/08]

Adam O: I think Vegas is excessive - we can't exceed the cost of an outpatient liposuction procedure [04/07]

John D: If I start walking to Vegas now, I might meet my goal. [04/07]

Rob L: By the way the bet doesn't specify that the restaurant has to be in Seattle. John - add a flight to Vegas for three and three hotel rooms and accompanyment to your budget.. [04/06]

Rob L: I believe El Gaucho may have the most select wine cellar. [04/06]

John D: Adam, you're mean when you don't drink. [04/06]

Adam O: Rob, I am thinking a Seattle fine dining classic with an epic wine cellar and steak tartare - Rovers, Canlis, Le Gourmand, come to mind. Where else? [04/05]

John D: Rob, you should be able publish this new trendy diet plan somewhere. Not looking good for me & now hoping my tax return is large enough this year to pay for dinner. [04/05]

Rob L: It is hard to eat, after a dog goes to the bathroom on you. [04/05]

Adam O: You just relax John. I am sure Rob will be merciful. [04/03]

John D: Adam, atrophied pieces of your liver are drying up due to lack of booze and are being sloughed off by your body. This should stabilize soon. [04/02]

Adam O: survived the "chef's tent" at a charity event yesterday... no booze in 8 days!.. blue line keeps falling away from me though. [04/02]

John D: That's Wrong Way Corrigan, football fans. [03/31]

John D: Pulling a wrong way Nelson here. How much is liposuction? [03/30]

Adam O: Rob is eating our lunch [03/30]

Rob L: I am glad to hear that you were succesful half marathoners. Our path to fitness is insured. [03/28]

Adam O: OK... now extremely motivated to catch this train. Just 4 lbs away from the caboose and running all out. [03/27]

John D: I am going to initiate a "no peanut M&Ms above the blue line" policy. Hard times. [03/27]

Adam O: I am not experiencing that effect. But am officially on No-Booze Above Blue Policy so am expecting dramatic results this week. [03/26]

John D: Experiencing the post half-marathon weight-loss effect, at least temporarily. Should do those every weekend, but don't think I could survive another one. [03/26]

John D: Good plan, or alternatively "only booze above the blue line." Your version likely better for workouts. [03/24]

Adam O: I think I need to put my "No Booze Above the Blue Line Policy" in place for remainder of fatbet. [03/22]

John D: Rob needs a setback. Way too steady. [03/22]

Rob L: Serious Pie could be an option as I am sure we will all be winners! [03/21]

Rob L: Will the Chia seeds digest or will you see them again? [03/21]

John D: My wife is making me smoothies with Chia seeds, which raises the question: food or pet? [03/21]

John D: 197 here I come! Bye-bye, big old tempting bowl of peanut M&Ms at work. [03/21]

Adam O: Back on the road... to nowhere... Just had Serious Pie for lunch -- delicious. In fact, that might be a good place to go for the loser(s) pay dinner. [03/20]

John D: Me too. [03/20]

Adam O: I just noticed that I made a typo when entering my goal weight. [03/19]

John D: Fear of weighing in has set in. Will do so this weekend after my regimen of squat thrusts, medicine ball, and bare-knuckled boxing. Going old school. [03/16]

Rob L: John has reached the magical age when caloric burn requires a doubled exertion. [03/16]

Rob L: NIT is the new NCAA [03/16]

Adam O: Flat lining all week and now a breakthrough! Celebrating with a Banh Mi [03/15]

Adam O: If it increases your heart rate, I would say yes. [03/12]

John D: Does watching the NCAA tourney substitute for exercise. Anyone? [03/11]

Adam O: Grinding it out.. 8.4 mile run this AM.. 2 eggs, toast, salad for lunch. This is going to be very painful. Rob, you are almost at your "thong weight." [03/08]

Rob L: Looking good. You two may have bit - well, not more than I can chew. [03/06]

Adam O: Houston, we have a problem [03/05]

Rob L: I didn't get as fat as you two. I am down to pure protein baby. [03/02]

John D: I agree Rob's 8-lb level is weak. I've gone entirely the wrong way. Now must lose the weight of two full-term babies in less than 60 days. [02/28]

Adam O: Stop the press. We can't let Rob get away with an 8 lb bet-- Rob, we are all professionals here. [02/16]

John D: First inkling of progress. I've lost the weight of a human soul. Or a hummingbird. [02/16]

Adam O: 8lbs Rob? [02/16]

Adam O: Pacing for success [02/14]

Adam O: This is a featured fatbet so I'll have to tell you offline. [02/13]

John D: I'm afraid to ask about the extra .3 lbs, Adam. [02/13]

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