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Roller Coaster Ride

Start Date: 6/22/2011
End Date: 9/2/2011
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Loser(s) have to get on an amusement park ride of winner(s) choosing at a Western Washington fair or amusement park. Loser pays associated costs too! (Must be somewhat reasonable in selection. For instance, no pricey helicopter rides)
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
John D-0.810809/02
Dave W6.26908/31
Brian D15.02508/27
Greg D17.0-6309/02
Message Board
John D: Greg paid up by riding on "Extreme Scream." See video results on Facebook page. Brian? Dave? [09/16]

Brian D: What about this for a wuss-out? We extend the bet to 9 a.m. on Sept. 25, the Saturday of the final weekend of the Puyallup Fair. Then who don't make their goal will have to pony up to the Extreme Scream sometime that weekend. [09/02]

Brian D: Extension, or Extreme? What a choice! [09/02]

John D: Don't forget to buckle up, fellas! [09/02]

Brian D: Extension, or Extreme? What a choice! [09/02]

John D: Made it by 3/4 of a lb! 12 mile run this AM did the trick. Please post footage of your experience on Extreme Scream, though also happy to let you guys extend by a few weeks if you think you can get motivated and make it. Good job Dave on "most weight lost" honor this round, since you set the most ambitious goal to begin with! [09/02]

Brian D: Have been both sick this week and on vacation, so no working out. No scale so I don't know my final weight, but I'm sure it's nowhere near the goal. Congratulations to John! Looks like he is the biggest loser (and gets to pick the ride). [09/02]

John D: A co-worker just offered me a free ice cream cone. Which one of you bozos infiltrated my workplace? [08/31]

Greg D: Thanks John. The Excaliber 2 ride looks especially icky. Let's discuss over a nice steak dinner tonight, okay? [08/31]

John D: How safe *are* carnival rides, anyway? [08/31]

John D: Spoiler or no, we'll know by Friday. [08/30]

Greg D: I think Brian was saying something about a belt extension.. I may need one - I've managed to gain about 10 pounds this summer. John, if you make your weight goal you'll be a spoiler! [08/30]

Dave W: Time extension? Did I read that correctly way down there on the communications? [08/29]

Dave W: WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!??!? I've been on 4...count 'em...4 4-5 hour hikes on MT Rainier in the past 9 days (in addition to my usual walking 4 times a day) and almost NOTHING to show for it. Except awesome photos of course. Looks like it's hefty bag time!!!! [08/29]

John D: This may be a nail-biter. I'll spit out the nails, though, to avoid gaining any more weight! [08/29]

Brian D: Apparently I consumed too much wine last night. A 12-mile run this morning and all I could do is break even! [08/27]

John D: Please see note re: winners choosing the ride. No hot air balloon unless it has Hindenburg written on the side! [08/27]

Greg D: I think I'll do a balloon ride - up, up, and aweigh, in my beautiful, fat balloon! [08/26]

Brian D: Just for reference purposes, Greg, today's Groupon is half-off on two tickets for the Puyallup Fair. [08/26]

Brian D: Perhaps the scariness of the ride chosen should be discounted by the percentage of the goal obtained .. that's must my way of pleading for mercy! [08/26]

John D: Willing my way down to the blue line, inch by inch. Note to self: next fatbet start the suffering early on! [08/25]

Greg D: The Whip - isn't that a ride? Maybe I'll go on a ride before the end of the last day of the bet and barf it all out.. [08/25]

John D: All I need now is a 100 lb backpack and 25 miles of hills and I'll have this thing whipped. [08/24]

Greg D: I'd rather just end this thing, but you have my permission to extend if you'd like! [08/24]

Brian D: I'm all for extending my time to de-extend. Dave? Greg? [08/23]

John D: Will let you guys decide re: extension, but I plan to make my goal by the 2nd regardless. [08/23]

Brian D: Just as I'd feared. No sanbagging for me, just bagging! Even though Greg and I have different weight loss goals, it's remarkable how similar our charts look. I'll repeat my offer for a three-week extension .. that would still give us time to do the Puyallup! [08/23]

Greg D: Do any of these rides have a negative drop? [08/23]

Dave W: Looks like I'm headed for DISASTER!!!!!!! And I was doing so well. Maybe I'll wrap myself in celaphane (sp?). [08/22]

John D: Weigh-ins, please, Brian and Dave. No sandbagging until the end... [08/22]

John D: I'm going to suffer through the next 11 days, so prepare yourselves for Extreme Scream fellas. [08/22]

Brian D: If it's any motivation, I drove by the Puyallup Fair last night and marveled how how high the Extreme Scream is. Just how hight is it? Dang high! [08/22]

Greg D: No hope for me - too much eating out without exercise in North Carolina. I practiced on some pretty large roller coasters while there, though - luckily they didn't have weight limits! [08/22]

John D: Still some hope of pulling this thing out. [08/18]

John D: Down here in Denver running every day and resisting fast food. Looking forward to weighing in again this Friday back in Seattleland. [08/16]

Brian D: Ooops, the box won't let me post the full address. Just add .cfm at the end. [08/16]

Brian D: [08/16]

Brian D: Here's a little roller coaster action to get us all in the mood: [08/16]

Brian D: I am afraid to weigh in, knowing how much I ate on the fishing trip and even since. My guess is that I'm well above starting weight! Anyone for a three-week extension? [08/15]

John D: Crud. Back from vacation with very bad results. Best hope now is that Dave starts hitting the fridge. Dave, nothing like ice cream in August--mmm, mmm. I'll be doing double workouts down in Denver as last-ditch effort to avoid fear factor in Puyallup. [08/10]

Dave W: Having a tough time getting rid of the last 8lbs. And only three weeks to go!!!!! [08/08]

Brian D: Nowhere near where I needed to be before the big fish, big eat fest up north. Pressure will be screamin' extreme after we return! [08/05]

Greg D: Extreme scream, extreme weight gain! Competing with the whales, indeed! Dave W, you're doing great! Good news - Brian offered to do the ride for me - he will do it twice if he doesn't make it! [08/03]

Brian D: Okay, cat's out of the bag. Dave W., your true identity is now revealed. Fun while it lasted though. [08/02]

Dave W: I like the sound of "Extreme Scream" for maximum girlie sounds and matching video... [08/01]

Brian D: Greg: Just in time for the fishing trip. At least I know I'll be seeing at least one whale on the water! [08/01]

Greg D: Yeah, I'm back to the negatives. Egads! [07/30]

Brian D: Greg, looks like you had a good time in San Fran! [07/29]

Brian D: John, eat lots of pasta and drink plenty of beer at the Nadelhoffer Michigan fest. See you in bountiful B.C.! [07/29]

John D: Will be away from the scales for a few days, hoping to return well below the blue line. [07/29]

Brian D: Yikes!! If I must, I would prefer the antique merry-go-round or the sky ride, please .. [07/28]

John D: Should we put Brian on "Vertigo" or "Extreme Scream?" [07/26]

Dave W: I have returned to taunt you all! After eating like a regular person for a week I thought for sure I'd have gained 10 pounds...fortunately...NOT! [07/25]

John D: Get out of my mind, refrigerator temptress! [07/25]

Greg D: Good for you, John! I'm off to San Francisco this week -back Thursday. Will try to fit in a run or two.. [07/25]

John D: Ha! Out of the basement on the leaderboard after my trip to North Carolina. Four days of running in 85 degree heat (at 7AM mind you) must have offset all that delicious BBQ. 40 days to go, fellas! It's gonna be a lean August I'm afraid... [07/24]

Greg D: Brothers, I'll be watching your eating behavior closely at Tom's birthday party tonight! [07/23]

Greg D: Is he checking out the roller coaster rides? Hopefully, he's eating lots of corn dogs! [07/22]

Brian D: Dave is on vacation, but hopefully not from dieting! [07/21]

Greg D: Where's Dave? Scouting out roller coasters for us? Or is he just coasting? [07/21]

Brian D: Almost at my start weight. Losing weight in prime beer drinking days seems to be a losing proposition. [07/21]

Greg D: Yes, John, I've now lost my July 4th weekend weight - funny, I put the weight on in 3 days and it took me two weeks to get it off! Brian, Roundtable creates round people! [07/20]

Brian D: Sorry, after this past weekend I am having a bad case of Scalaphobia. I didn't intend to eat much dinner last night, but somehow ended up at the pizza buffet at Roundtable. Will try to muster up the courage to step on the scale tomorrow or Thursday but am sure it won't be pretty. [07/19]

John D: Lookin' good, Greg! Almost back to where we started. I'm hoping for same by end of week. Somehow I don't think Brian and Dave will let us get away with "It's A Small World" at Disneyland if we lose this thing, though that is terrifying in it's own way. [07/19]

Greg D: I think the horses have left the barn - where is everyone? [07/19]

Greg D: My line is galloping like a chubby horse.. [07/16]

John D: Don't know, but I've seen a lot of chubby horses out there. [07/16]

Greg D: Sorry, but, really, do horses diet? [07/14]

Greg D: Do horse's diet? [07/14]

John D: Time to turn this horse around. [07/13]

Brian D: Dave will be 165 in no time! [07/13]

Greg D: Did you notice that Dave is 51% of his goal and John is - 52% of his goal?!! [07/13]

Brian D: Wow, great job Dave! I rode my bike 200 miles over the weekend but compensated with extra large portions so a net loss of about, well, zero. Dave, maybe once you are thinner you and Judy can do a little rumba with the pool boy. [07/12]

Greg D: David, if I had to guess your weight I would have said about 165. I think Judy was stepping on the scales with you! Yeah, I know the ride you're talking about - my greatest fear! Why did I sign up for a summer fatbet? Crazy! [07/12]

Dave W: Greg, actually...I was over 236 (265 last July). That's what Judy said anyway. She said she's going to join FatBet! Evidently the yard boy thinks she'd look even better if she worked out. Niiiice. [07/11]

Dave W: Read it and weep, suckas! Oops. Talking trash always gets me in trouble...I better keep it down. However, I was thinking about the ride. You guys ever seen that thing there that straps you (individually) onto a wire, halls you up 100 feet and then drops you? I think that should be the punishment. =) [07/11]

Greg D: John, I share your fat. I gained about 5 pounds over the 4th and I can't seem to get out of it. Two nice parties this weekend didn't help! Summer is not my time to diet! [07/11]

John D: Johnny's been digging himself a big 'ole fat hole that's going to be tough to climb out of. Ugh. Visiting rellies, good eats, joining in the 4th of July excesses left a new 5 lbs under my belt. Glad Dave, bravo for shaming Brian into changing his goal back to 20 lbs! [07/09]

Greg D: I bet Johnny is Johnny Skyrocket! Brian, the STP should do the trick! [07/08]

Brian D: Well, the Fourth of July weekend weight is not rolling off quite as quickly as the previous weekend's big drop. Good thing I'm riding the STP this weekend! [07/07]

Greg D: Dave, you were NOT 230! I guess I haven't seen you in awhile. Nice drop - the carnies are proud of you! [07/07]

Brian D: Wheeerrreeeeees Johnny? [07/06]

Greg D: My chart looks like a 4th of July bottle rocket - straight up! The weekend of July 4th is always a pig-out down at Rockaway Beach, and last weekend was no exception. Hopefully temporary! [07/06]

Brian D: Ooops. Too much snackin' and suddenly I'm packin! My chart looks like a roller coaster ride. [07/06]

Brian D: jog [07/05]

Brian D: Actually three bike rides over the weekend totalling about 180 miles, plus a 7-mile job. See, and for details. [07/05]

Dave W: Thanks! I'm sure your monster bike ride more than compensated for the partying! [07/05]

Brian D: Great job, Dave! I had an active weekend in both exercise AND eating/drinking. Didn't weigh myself today, but hopefully the two balanced each other out. I'll find out tomorrow. [07/05]

Dave W: Got under 230 lbs for the time in what must be at least two years...niiiiiice. [07/05]

Dave W: I'm out until Tuesday. Have a great weekend!!! [06/30]

Dave W: Wouldn't that be cool if the cord was frayed and I dropped a hundred pounds! [06/30]

Brian D: Dave, you're dropping like a bungee jump from a bridge. What a rush. Hope the cord isn't frayed! [06/30]

Dave W: Hmmm...going to see RUSH at the Gorge. there may be a beer garden involved somehow. However, fat boy in 90 degree sun will be sweating quite a bit...maybe they'll cancell each other out. [06/30]

Brian D: Well, like riding a big roller coaster I knew it would be tough to hold onto my 9-pound drop! Greg, keep your eye on the brass ring this weekend and you'll come off the diet Merry Go Round a winner! [06/30]

Greg D: Looks like John's the only one above the blue line. John, you'd better change your weight goal! The pig-out 4th of July weekend is looming - Rockaway Beach with all of it's salt water taffee, BBQ's, and road food usually doesn't mean poundsaway! [06/30]

Dave W: A wise decision Brian. =) And hurl wipes easily off the underwater camera housing...i just need to save up the $2,000 to buy it.... [06/29]

Brian D: Since Dave thought I was out of line by changing my goal weight, I've changed it back. John, is there a time limit to the number of times one can change? [06/29]

Brian D: Yeah, but you'll be too busy wiping our hurl spatter off the camera lens to get a good shot! [06/29]

Brian D: Dave, can you say diuretics? Actually, I ate like a pig over the weekend due to a couple of celebratatory events. Bad boy! But a lot of that must have been water weight because I was good the past 24 hours and it came off surprisingly fast. (12.5 miles of running and a 47-mile bike ride in that period helped). [06/29]

Dave W: Oh...was just reading past entries. I will not be filming myself hurling (although it would be interesting). I will be filming all three of you hurling while I, as my new lighter self, laugh hysterically from the coaster car behind you. You see,Austin Powers...I quite enjoy scary rides (insert evil laughter here). [06/29]

Dave W: Thanks! And I appreciate your eagerness to please your brother...however, everyone learns as a little child that you can't change the bet after-the-fact. I will stick to my 20 lbs goal...and be the better for it. I know...I'm a freak! [06/29]

Dave W: Ok, I just read the all have clearly broken rule 1 AND 2. I suggest you change your changes, get back line and repair your damaged integrity...or suffer the penalties of public ridicule. [06/29]

Brian D: Hey, good job Dave! I only changed because my brother Greg urged us to and to put us on an equal plane. However, I reserve the right to lose more! [06/29]

Dave W: Yes, public is fine. On Monday I started a new schedule. Been walking to work. been walking home for lunch. Been walking for 10 minutes at 10am and 2:30am. Hey, if people can take smoke breaks...why not walk breaks? =) Did I mention how lame it is to change the bet...and then change it again? [06/29]

Dave W: In light of recent goal changing AFTER the bet was made (completely lame)...I change my bet to 5 lbs. So... I WIN!!!!! [06/29]

Dave W: Oh...nevermind...I was reading it incorrectly. Doh! And still...I thought the bet was to lose 20 lbs...??? What's up with that? [06/29]

Dave W: How the heck did you lose 12lbs in 7 days? [06/29]

Brian D: I'll mention to Dave. Yeah, I was pretty amazed at the nine-pound swing, so weighed myself three times to be sure! With results like that, maybe I won't have to swing at the park after all. [06/29]

Greg D: Brian, did you tell Dave that he has to check in once in awhile? That's quite the drop, Brian! [06/29]

John D: Dave, OK by you if this bet is featured (public) on the site? [06/29]

Brian D: Wheeeeeeeeeee [06/29]

Brian D: Okay, just changed my target weight to 10 pounds rather than 20 so I'm even-stephen with y'all. The bad news is that it makes my recent gain look even worse! [06/28]

Brian D: Yes, it is so wrong that I weigh that much less than a week after the bet began! With less than two weeks to the STP bike ride, I hope to ride the seesaw down the other way before then. [06/28]

Greg D: Wrong way, Brian! [06/28]

Brian D: Sorry Greg. I have a personal policy of not weighing in after a weekend of heavy eating! (Consecutive birthday and anniversary celebrations over the weekend, plus my friend's chain broke on our long bike ride which cut it very short!). John, okay by me to feature. Can you change your goal once it's set? If so I'll change mine to 5 pounds! We have the pig-out fish trip getting in the way of this all too. [06/27]

Greg D: John, you'd like me to expose my summer fat in public? Well, okay - just don't show any pictures! [06/27]

John D: Everyone OK if this bet is featured on the Fatbet site? (All the world can see our message board.) [06/25]

John D: Hi Dave! If paying the piper comes to pass, I will need to be drunk anyway--why not pile on the extra humiliation of sans clothing? (OK. For the record, I am kidding.) I'll let you overacheivers do the 20 lbs. if you like, but 10 lbs. for me will be more than enough of a challenge. My wife's family reunion in the Midwest alone is good for a 5-lb gainer. [06/25]

Greg D: Brian, I can sense you lurking out there! Time to weigh in, fellas - good, bad, or ugly! Where's Tom - he should have a goal for his 40th! [06/25]

Greg D: Hi Dave, welcome to the roller coaster! An apt name for my dieting efforts over the last year or so. I think I'm the fatty of the group, and I've only set a 10 pound goal due to fishing trips, BBQ's, and other summer distractions. Dave and Brian, 20 pounds in two months???!! Do-able, but crazy. I suggest you both change to 10. [06/24]

Brian D: Dave, as our resident videographer how are you going to be able to film yourself at the same time you're hurling? [06/23]

Brian D: Looks like you and I have more work to do than the others, Dave! [06/23]

Dave W: Hey! I thought the bet was 20 lbs....and did Brian tell you guys you have to ride the ride sans-clothing? [06/23]

Brian D: Sling ride would be quick and easy compared to some of the others! Looks like I am already catapulting in the wrong direction. [06/23]

Greg D: Yeah, I agree, John. I bet Brian has his eye on the big sling ride at Enchanted Village, which happens to have a video option. Creepy indeed! [06/23]

John D: That is the best wager for me I can possibly imagine. I dislike amusement park rides with a passion. Even kiddie rollercoasters make me break out in a sweat. Creeeeepy. This 10 lbs. is coming off, no problem. [06/23]

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