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Pie Hole Rangers

Start Date: 10/21/2010
End Date: 2/18/2011
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Losers buy dinner at Taco Del Mar
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Adam O-1.511802/18
Rob L-1.011302/18
Bill S-1.011102/18
John D-0.510502/18
Message Board
Bill S: Holy crap. That was a close one. [02/18]

John D: Made it, and the smell of celebratory bacon and pancakes is now permeating our home! Nice to be able to see the feet again without using a hand mirror. [02/18]

Rob L: Next year we let this thing end in mid January which should moderate any holiday decadence. The good news - I have moved back to the third belt hole. Turns out the Gaga imagery isn't appetizing on any level. [02/17]

John D: Sandbaggers! Now our only hope of a free dinner is that Rob lets the Gaga get the better of him and dips into the ham. Give in, my friend... [02/17]

Adam O: Every time I feel the urge to eat, I go running, and let it pass. [02/17]

Rob L: The last days are the worst because of the perverse need to eat as much as you can and still make weight. I have some yummy smoked ham at home and my dear wife bought lots of nice sweet treats for valentines day that tempt me like a latex clad lady gaga. [02/16]

John D: @Adam: please put a phone in your sauna Thursday night so we can periodically check in on you. [02/16]

Adam O: Do any of you have access to my scale? [02/15]

John D: Not a good way to start the week--up 1.5 lbs. Hold the v-day candy please. [02/14]

John D: Very dramatic, Adam: exactly .5 lbs per day for the next 9 days. Epic. [02/09]

John D: Adam, ask for dressing on the side of your Superbowl salad. [02/05]

Bill S: I hear they offer "unlimited eats" cruises to Maui... [02/04]

Adam O: It is nice to know that even if we all make our goals, we still have to go to maui together for a taco. That will be a fun time. [02/03]

John D: Bill--cat got your tongue? (Another splendid way to drop a lb.) [02/03]

John D: My belt thanks me: below 200 lbs again. [02/02]

John D: OK, I'll admit it. I am scared. Time to cue the Rocky theme... [02/01]

Rob L: Do you think that will help? [01/31]

John D: Looks like Rob has been shaving his back. [01/28]

Rob L: I have been looking for the sweet spot between food consumption and running. No such thing. [01/27]

Rob L: I have been hearing negative things about the Maui franchise - Cleveland on the other hand. [01/27]

Rob L: Funny and true. [01/27]

Adam O: sounds good - airfare included (still cheaper than Rob with a wine list) [01/27]

John D: I second the motion (this is Rob standing behind John). Taco Del Mar on Maui it is, airfare inclusive. Loser(s) pay. [01/26]

John D: That restaurant sounds great as long as you also pick up our airfare to the franchise of choice. I propose Maui. Anyone second the motion? [01/25]

Adam O: I went ahead and made the agreed upon changes to the wager. [01/25]

Adam O: Since I haven't heard from you guys I am assuming you are ok with the proposed restaurant. Ok - it is decided then. [01/25]

Adam O: How about we decide on the restaurant now? I vote for Taco Del Mar. Sound good? [01/25]

John D: My axis flattened because the snack and gravy train was rolling into my pie hole through most of the holidays and I gained 5 lbs. Now? Ice cream moratorium, fruit and protein smoothies for breakfast, jogging 5-6X per week. No beer, no bon-bons. [01/21]

Rob L: John's y axis has a different scale. You are at a disadvantage while losing weight. Your changes look less significant. I also find the while weighing every day is critical, loggin in less frequently creates a more appealing graph points. My graph points reveals a moth ready to turn into a butterfly after Adam takes us to dinner. [01/18]

John D: I can almost smell that beautiful blue line. Or maybe it's Bill's butter melting. [01/18]

John D: Alas, poor Adam... [01/12]

Bill S: Fat melts from me like hot butter. I am Adonis. [01/11]

John D: How could I possibly be at the top of the leaderboard? Trying to decide...rare or medium rare? [01/11]

Rob L: I have nothing clever to submit to this blog. [01/09]

John D: How much kale can one eat in 43 days? [01/06]

Bill S: If only these were stock tickers. [01/04]

Rob L: 45 days no problem. I don't even feel like eating. [01/04]

John D: Bill and Rob: afraid to face the music? [01/04]

Adam O: "Make friends with pain, and you will never be alone" - Ken Chlouber [12/30]

John D: At least I'm back down to where I started. Where are you guys? [12/30]

John D: Oh-oh [12/28]

John D: Close to the starting point again, but here comes the figgy pudding and roast beast. [12/19]

John D: 70 days left, 14.2 lbs to go. Anyone in doubt? [12/10]

Adam O: one post-work beer = no restraint at dinner table [12/08]

Bill S: Negative percentages are cool. [12/06]

Rob L: I have been fasting since my return from Vegas. Wynn buffet = fatbet nightmare. [12/02]

John D: 50% pumpkin pie, 50% "giblets." [12/01]

Adam O: John - what percent of your body weight is pumpkin pie? [11/30]

John D: Oh dear. [11/30]

Bill S: I am fascinated that "lap" carries two meanings. [11/24]

John D: Cheer up, holiday shoppers! Only two days until you can all lap up extra helpings of potatoes and turkey gravy. Looks like I'll be doing laps at the track... [11/23]

Rob L: I thought all americans equated the holidays with looming dread. Does a fatbet compound it? [11/18]

Bill S: thanks Adam: i now equate Holidays with looming dread. [11/15]

John D: Is everyone cool if we just turn my graph upside down? [11/11]

John D: I usually go with the steel-belted Underarmor. Feeling great today about 7% achievement toward my goal, and who wouldn't? [11/09]

Bill S: john, i think you're right to interpret those looks as compliments. [11/08]

Rob L: John - what is your underwear style choice [11/08]

Rob L: I have a backup - if things work out, I look forward to a real weight tomorrow. [11/08]

John D: Tried to weigh in this morning but my greater problem was inability to fit into any pants in my closet. Thank goodness for Ellen's old maternity pants. Super comfy and I've already received compliments, or at least that's how I interpret the numerous looks my way. Only problem is I can't find the zipper on these things. [11/08]

Rob L: I believe that Adams weight loss has a direct correlation to the number of new house republicans. [11/05]

Adam O: I like to get my work done early [11/04]

Rob L: John D is a Bad Ass! [11/03]

John D: Adam, what did you cough up yesterday? [11/03]

John D: Mon Dieu, Bill! What happens in Paris stays in Paris. As I feared, I have returned tres chunque. Good thing there's no competition here. Time to get on my bad-ass program. [11/02]

Bill S: go easy on the coq eater, adam [11/01]

Adam O: post your weight frenchie [11/01]

John D: Baguette, croissant, fromage, coq au vin, fries with mayo: the post-France weigh-in will be ugly indeed, fellas. And just in time for bags of Halloween candy. I am dressing up as a fat Frenchman. [10/30]

Bill S: You got that right. Friend came in from out of town. [10/26]

Rob L: The french don't use scales - they have cigarettes. Bill must be ashamed after a particularly chunkifying weekend. [10/26]

Rob L: guys - I fed Adam a stick of butter on Saturday night and he still drops 3 lbs - I gained two - the difference is a ten mile run - looks like excercise is needed after all - shoot. [10/25]

Adam O: John, your left thigh could lose 10 lbs.. [10/22]

Rob L: You have us as a featured bet - Will I be experiencing an elevated version of your sparkling wits? [10/22]

John D: I am currently fattening up on sauces and fois gras in Paris. And pastry. [10/21]

Adam O: 9.0? Please re-calc. This needs to be an even battle. [10/21]

Bill S: good timing, i was on an upswing. [10/21]

Adam O: while the rest of the world celebrates the holiday season... we choose to suffer [10/21]

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