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A father and son bet coming down to the wire. You can tell Don is dad just by looking at the chart (kids these days just don't get it)

Congrats to Don and Dan for making their goals. But don't try this at home- historically, intra-family bets don't work (due to the unconditional love thing).
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Fit by Fall

Start Date: 5/31/2008
End Date: 9/30/2008
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Loser buys a golf weekend at Bear Mountain and Desert Canyon. If both meet goal, golf is still on but biggest loser has dinner cooked and catered.
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 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Dan M-6.012009/30
don m0.010009/25
Message Board
Dan M: Unconditional love, fatbettors? Our unconditional love of a father and son is only tempered (and strengthened) by our unconditional desire to kick the other's butt! Thanks again for this service, which allowed us to do so! [10/11]

Dan M: Thank you so much, FatBet! 67 pounds less of the Myers boys! I haven't weight this little since I was a sophomore in high school! Both Don and Dan are very grateful to have this resource, and have talked it up big time here in Wenatchee. [10/01]

don m: the eagle has landed! Ok, more like the condor or the albatross, but we both made it as of this morning. Hoo ahh! And yes, there shall now be no more posting. Sealed envelopes with final weights as of Tuesday night, handed to Tim on Wednesday for final determination. Hope you enjoy the KFC megabucket that I'm going to send to your house on Saturday, and the growlers of M&J that will go with it... [09/25]

Dan M: We agreed not to post weights that were below 30 lbs until the end, right? OK, just checking... [09/25]

don m: braggart [09/23]

Dan M: Hadn't heard that yet, but I did notice that you can only run for 60 minutes on the treadmill... Yesterday I had to do 60, go get a drink, and run some more! [09/23]

don m: and did you know they have installed voice units on the ellipticals at the Y? I had mine up to 90 rpms this morning when it started smoking, a bell started ringing and a voice yelled "cut it out!!!" [09/23]

don m: ok, let's be clear here. Yes, you have arrived ahead of me. but it's only after 112 days that you caught up... Pretty clear we're both going to be the big losers, and now it remains to see who's the biggest. I'm running hard to the end, but very aware that I'm spotting you 23 years worth of metabolism! [09/23]

Dan M: Woo-Hoo!!!! And still a week to lose a few more!!! [09/23]

Dan M: coming for ya! One week left! [09/22]

don m: Close but not quite. Hope that big breakfast is sitting well with you... and i thought you said you were BELOW the blue line. Looks like fence sitting to me. Let's compare time spent below and above the line in the last four months... [09/19]

Dan M: Better throw up a big number tomorrow, tubby, cause I'm at the line and gunning for you! [09/18]

don m: a hard hour on the elliptical this morning - back on track baby! it's a race to the finish! I'm sending pizzas to your class room today - during your prep period! [09/17]

Dan M: As Rick Reilly would say, "Tttttake a sssssssuck a that!" [09/16]

Dan M: yeah, you might be below the line, but look at the trend since 8/1... You've lost 5. how many have I lost? Almost 3 times that! And I still have almost 3 weeks to keep going! I ain't backin' down, baby! [09/12]

don m: BTW, big thanks from me (and I'm pretty sure from dan) to the Wenatchee YMCA for being such a good place to sweat. Friendly, accessible, great equipment - thanks for faciliating the "new us"! [09/12]

don m: Read em and weep, sherlock. Correct side of the fated blue line again, three to go. Pretty sure that puts me WAY ahead of you, and I plan to be at 30 by end of next week. that leaves me ten days to lose at least four more, be under the next decade mark, and have plenty of time to think through me menu for the catered dinner. Do you have a set of whites to wear? I'd like to see you in one of those tall white paper hats... [09/12]

Dan M: You can't stop this weight-loss freight train! [09/10]

don m: lol - just noticed for the first time the subtitle next to the logo. funny! [09/08]

don m: thanks for rubbing that in as I eat a rice cake... [09/08]

Dan M: I guess that "burning metabolism" you alluded to is finally showing up. We had fair food on Saturday, but still lost another pound! [09/08]

don m: aarggh - wrong side of the line for the first time. but inching down - 6 to go in 20 days. [09/08]

don m: Yes you are - way to go. I'm going to have to knuckle down these last weeks - I want us both to win at -30, but believe that I'm going to beat your butt in the totals! [09/04]

Dan M: 240! Someone's catching up! [09/04]

Dan M: I was there this morning. Saved you a spot next to me on the eliptical. Then I saved you a spot next to me on the bike. Then on the stair master. Where were you? [09/03]

Dan M: I was there at 5 this morning, you turd! I'll meet you down there tomorrow morning, if you're man enough to wake up that early! [09/02]

don m: ok, so it hasn't been a good couple of weeks. I've got 7 to go for the 30, and as you can see I've managed to put myself right on the line of "way to go" and "oh well..." Four weeks, and I want us both to make it! Get your butt down to the Y! (I was talking to myself there...) [09/02]

Dan M: Five weeks left, 15 lbs to go. I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve, but they might fall out seeing as my sleeves are getting looser! [08/25]

Dan M: still moving down... [08/10]

don m: hah! guess a great way to lose weight is to carry all your food for a week up and down mountains. let's see, mr science teacher - can I NOW say I'm more than half way? Oh look, I'm 2/3!!! And if my feeble math is correct, I've lost twice as much as you. Hmmm - must hurt to be losing so bad to an old man. I thought it was the kids that had the burning metabolism... Time to catch up, Big Boy! [08/04]

Dan M: back on track, baby. too bad it's just in time for Lisa's birthday party! Guess that means no eating all day so I can have me some ribs tonight! [08/01]

Dan M: okay. i suck. gotta kick some flabby butt in the last 2 months. [07/31]

Dan M: you might want to check your calculations, mr. mathemagician. Since when is 14 more than half of 30? [07/22]

Dan M: it was weird to offer some flowers to the eliptical machine this morning to apologize for ignoring it so much last week. Then it slapped my ass... Back on the wagon. [07/21]

don m: ok, so i've stalled a bit. I'm still over half way, still below the line, and unless i miss my guess I'm still ahead of you! Let's get back to posting regularly, and get back to being disciplined! I want us both to succeed at this thing... that said, I am excited about a paella dinner on my patio, served by you!Q [07/21]

don m: I was at the Y this morning, and my cardio machine asked me where you've been... [07/14]

don m: oops - you're obviously a better man than me. gained 4 - but it was sure worth it! I'm still kicking your butt, and will do so until both of us have a lot less butt to kick! Started lifting this morning - we'll see if I can walk tomorrow. [06/30]

Dan M: week and a half at the beach and only put on one pound! Ha! [06/28]

don m: you can enter weight every day - or you can wait a while and put in the impressive numbers! [06/06]

Dan M: Let's get it on! [05/31]

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