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The Ides of March

Start Date: 9/7/2010
End Date: 3/15/2011
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Yvonne S-1.517503/08
Lori F3.59103/08
Dustin H16.06003/07
Meghan S13.44603/15
clay n8.83002/01
Jen B8.51502/16
John M20.01311/30
Michael S21.01312/14
William R25.5901/24
Eric W21.4703/11
Matt S23.0-4401/19
Michael W49.0-4812/22
Message Board
Eric W: Lori, Dustin, and Meghan are my new heroes. :) [03/11]

Eric W: [03/10]

Eric W: new babies are bad for diets ;) [03/10]

Eric W: *sigh* [03/10]

Lori F: One week to go . . . How's everyone doing? [03/08]

Dustin H: So I've been out of alot of cardio with a never mending ankle injury. For the record, if you guys need to deal with a sprained ankle, DO NOT RUSH IT lol. I did and ended up re-injuring it prolonging my recovery. That being said, I made it back onto the treadmill and bike TONIGHT! It felt great! Looking forward to seeing good numbers again with my cardio back online. I'm hoping to put up better numbers in the coming weeks and finish out the bet time limit in good form. What's the latest with you guys? How are things going? [02/25]

Lori F: William, slow and steady wins the race. You are doing great! [02/02]

Lori F: Meghan, that is quite an accomplishment! [02/02]

Lori F: Dustin, your chart looks awesome! [02/02]

Meghan S: Still at my lowest since at least 2007. I am 1 lb away from being in a 10lb range that I haven't seen since college! Don't think I'll make it to my target but I set it really low (what I weighed in high school) [02/01]

William R: That's great Lori. I'm trucking along slowly but surely, still a ways to go. Just got to keep at it. How about everyone else? [01/24]

Dustin H: Lori that is awesome! I'm very happy for you!! [01/21]

Lori F: I hit my lowest weight today since February 2009! How's everyone else doing??? [01/21]

Dustin H: What's the latest with you guys? I haven't seen alot of updates lately. I'm still rehabbing my ankle, which means my weight loss has slowed down DRAMATICALLY! It sucks, but it's a necessary evil if I expect to compete in 5k's this summer for the first time in my life. So come on guys, let's all get re-motivated and kick things back into high gear! [01/19]

Dustin H: Lori I did good through Christmas, not going crazy with all of the food that I was around, but I stumbled a bit with New Years. I put on a few pounds but was able to get back on track pretty quick. I hurt my ankle running a couple of weeks ago so I've had to really watch my calorie intake since my burn has been cut down alot while my ankle heals. [01/06]

Lori F: Dustin, nice steady decline on the graph. How did you do it over the holidays? [01/05]

Lori F: Not too bad, Eric. Just dust yourself off and get recommitted today. You can do it! [01/05]

Eric W: I haven't had the guts to weigh in after the holidays and illnesses interrupted my marathon training. I will tomorrow, though. This could be ugly. [01/04]

Lori F: Wow. I really let the holidays get the best of me. [01/03]

Dustin H: I've pulled into 2nd place, but Lori you're kicking butt! Was a wager ever determined for our bet? [12/28]

William R: Injury in check, back to the gym tonight. I'm avoiding that stupid rope machine like the plague. [12/23]

Dustin H: LOL By injury he means his muscles are sore for the first time EVER and he needed a day or two to recover. You got this William, get back in there ASAP! :) [12/23]

Michael W: I blame Dustin for a lot, sad thing is.... it's most usually always mine. :) He's doing great. He's the one that got me re-motivated. [12/22]

William R: I would like to thank Dustin H for an injury. Ok well it's not his fault but I definately plan on blaming it on him anyway. [12/22]

Michael W: Am I the winner since my little red dot is higher? :) Starting on it now... :) [12/21]

Lori F: oops. wrong way. [12/20]

Dustin H: Welcome aboard William! Can't wait to see you hit your goal man [12/18]

clay n: I'm hobbling in on an injured leg, so meeting this goal will be tough. But anything for funkydung. [12/15]

Eric W: Crap. I'm losing weight at the right rate, but my y-intercept is too high. D'oh! [12/15]

Dustin H: Thanks Eric, I appreciate the encouragement! :) [12/14]

Eric W: Keep up the good work, Dustin! :) [12/13]

Dustin H: I weighed in at 318 Nov 1st, and hit 299 a little over a week ago, but GOT STUCK THERE! I just hit 298 as of this morning, so hopefully I've broken through that plateau!! [12/12]

Michael S: watch out --- Ive started to lose...only a matter of time before it starts rolling off! [12/07]

Dustin H: I'm on board! Let's do this! [12/02]

Michael W: Just invited my brother. We are working out together now. [12/02]

Matt S: Thanksgiving was not kind to this endeavor. [12/01]

Michael S: Alright dudes and dudettes, Im in and ready to win! [11/30]

Eric W: Put your thinking caps on and come up with some good wager ideas. :) [11/30]

Eric W: BTW, folks, feel free to invite whomever you please to this fatbet! :) [11/30]

Eric W: You're the inspiration, Lori. Your weight loss in the previous fatbet was nothing short of amazing! :) [11/30]

Lori F: Okay, I'm in. That's for the invite (and motivation)! [11/30]

Michael W: I'm in! :) [11/29]

Eric W: Join the club. ;) [09/28]

Matt S: Well so far I suck at this. [09/22]

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