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Start Date: 8/31/2010
End Date: 11/30/2010
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
$50 buy-in, paypal to Winner receives pot. Losers must wear bad holiday sweater out in public and take photo for evidence. I will post said photos to my blog! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Tina W-3.812211/30
Barbi D-3.211811/30
Barbara D-1.610811/30
Anna W-1.010711/30
Amy W-2.010611/30
Wendy R-1.410611/30
AndreAnna M-0.610511/30
Tricia B-0.210211/30
Zeller A3.68411/30
Andrea Y4.46711/24
Shana D6.06011/30
Nenette A8.05011/25
Sarah Lena B6.05009/30
Elizabeth S8.84111/30
Ashley D13.82211/06
Liz (The Insane) R17.01510/05
kate d18.0009/01
Message Board
Ashley D: Good job everyone! I'll weigh in later today but I'm pretty sure I stayed exactly the same. Which, really isn't that big of a deal. The last 10lbs are just being retarded (but, so am I). Time to find an awesome/ugly sweater! [12/01]

Nenette A: Congrats to everyone who made goal!!! I'm so proud of all of you. xoxo [12/01]

Elizabeth S: Congrats to everyone who made their goal! Instead of being mad that I didn't lose 15 pounds, I'm gonna be happy that I lost eight. Now, to go shop for an ugly sweater! (One that makes me look thin.) [11/30]

Zeller A: Congrats to everyone who made they're goal. I sadly hit a plateau and these last few wouldn't budge, even with daily hikes of 3-5 miles and eating well! [11/30]

AndreAnna M: Yeah, kate was going to do it so she signed up but never committed, so it was just the 16 of us. [11/30]

Amy W: Shouldn't it be $850, since there were 17 to sign up?? Or I guess kate d never put in money, since it looks like she never weighed in again??? [11/30]

AndreAnna M: Okay, so have everyone weighed in? By my estimates, 8 of us have made it to goal and since there's 800 in the pot, that's $100 to each of us!! Will wait till end of day just to make sure. [11/30]

Amy W: Why I am losing weight, and not a crazy stressed out obsessive freak-a-zode about it: I stopped caring. I stopped caring about the scale, about a number, and about every little thing I put in my mouth. If I'm hungry I eat, sensibly - mostly gluten free with lots of protein and veggies - , until I'm comfortably full and then I stop. If I want a cookie, I'll eat a cookie and don't let myself feel bad about it afterwards. Since I stopped stressing so much about numbers and food, the weight has just been coming off. Being happy apparently does wonders for your waistline. [11/30]

Barbara D: No fugly McSweater for me!! Congrats to all, and Happy Holidays : ) [11/30]

Tricia B: Hooray to everyone for working so hard! Also, on a side note, I seriously just had to pee to make sure I made weight! .2 under! Wahoo! [11/30]

Anna W: WOOHOO!!!!! Not obsessing over the scale worked for me! I was freaking out so bad all the time about my weight that I'm sure my cortisol was sky high. Admittedly, lately I also just haven't been hungry and I bet that helps. But I made it! I was so scared of having to get that ugly sweater! Whew I am glad that's done! I'm NOT doing this again until after New Years! :) [11/30]

AndreAnna M: I hit goal (and a bit under) on Thanksgiving last week and had to work to make sure I got back there and I did and beat it by .4 lbs!! Lowest weight I've seen in almost 6 years!!! [11/30]

AndreAnna M: Shana - thats 3 pounds a month, a perfecly healthy normal average - you did GREAT!!! [11/30]

Shana D: 9 lbs in 90 days isn't much to brag about, and isn't nearly close enough to my goal, but I'll take it. congratulations to the winners. see you next year for round two?? [11/30]

Amy W: Juuuuuuust made it!! Congrats everyone that made it to their goal, and congrats to all of you who made the effort to change your life for the better - winning IS NOT everything!! [11/30]

Barbi D: Still lost 21.2 pounds in 90 days. [11/30]

Barbi D: ....and DONE!!!! I've gained the past 2 weeks from being super sick but I'm still over 3 pounds UNDER GOAL! [11/30]

Elizabeth S: You know, if I hadn't been so ambitious, and only bet that I could lose EIGHT pounds, I'd be okay! Alas, I bet 15, and unless I cut off my legs, I ain't gonna make it. [11/30]

AndreAnna M: Tomorrow is the final-weigh in guys!! Keep it up, we're almost done! [11/29]

Amy W: Aaaaahhh only .5 to go!!!!! [11/29]

Tricia B: Um, I'm JUST UNDER. If today is the last day, does that mean I can post my photo now? (Don't want to take any chances!) [11/29]

Barbi D: One more day! GO FIGHT WIN! [11/29]

Amy W: Up some lbs because of pie-a-palooza 2010... I want to be at least .5 under my goal come the 30th, so here is to getting myself down 2.5 in two days LOL. Salad and grilled chicken and/or scrambled eggs until then [11/28]

Nenette A: Happy Thanksgiving! Even though I celebrated my Canadian Thanksgiving last month, I just thought I'd share what I'm thankful for: me shrinking! Yes, my pants that used to be tight are now loose. Unfortunately for the sake of this challenge, MY WEIGHT IS GOING UP!!! It doesn't matter -- I'm taking it! Because of my current health problems, it's been hard to lose weight, so, hey, whatever gets me healthy, right?! Hope turkey day is awesome for you all! xo [11/25]

Wendy R: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! [11/25]

Elizabeth S: Oh goody. TOM is here. Not a surprise, of course, but still. [11/23]

Amy W: Sooooo somehow, I am -1.5 of my goal today - I beat it!!! HOWEVER, I some how need to KEEP IT OFF until the 30th, with Thanksgiving, aka Stuffing and Pie day, smack in my way!!! I wonder if I can do it?!?! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!! [11/23]

Andrea Y: Today I'm battling my own negative talk, with the realization of how far I have to go, in so little time. This realization is pushing me to go and walk some stairs during lunch. At this point, every little bit helps. [11/23]

Wendy R: I think I am going to be very, very close. The good news is that we are just staying home for Thanksgiving this year and will make a nice but not insane dinner. [11/22]

Andrea Y: Ok, in 8 days I must loose 6.4lbs. Yes, that is a lofty goal, but by golly, I'm going to give it hell trying. My strong start has fizzled out a bit, but I refuse to give up yet. Have I mentioned how much I loathe holiday sweaters??? Yeah, I do. [11/22]

Barbi D: Eight days left until next Tuesday's final weigh in! Time to finish strong! [11/22]

Zeller A: I'm fighting the reality of it. 7 pounds in 12 days is doable right? RIGHT?! I mean, just by going back to eating how I should (primal), I've dropped 2 in the last day and a half. I might need to start looking at ugly christmas sweaters. ugh. [11/19]

Shana D: somewhere around 7lbs left and 12 days in which to lose it. I think I need to start accepting defeat too... I'm still going to hang in there and see how close I can get to my goal before the final weigh in - close is better than nothing, right? [11/18]

Nenette A: I'm with you ladies. I think I'm done. My health problems are too insurmountable for me to even continue. My surgery in September didn't solve my problems, and now my hormones are going crazy and rebelling. In retrospect, I shouldn't have joined knowing that I had other health issues going on. Damn. [11/18]

Anna W: Yup. I"m right there with you Elizabeth. I'm going to find the ugliest damn sweater on the planet if I have to wear one. I am pretty sure that this 7 pounds isn't going away since it hasn't budged in literally 6 weeks. Screw my body for choosing to stall when I've made a bet. [11/17]

Elizabeth S: 13 days to lose 11 pounds. Ahahaha! My ugly holiday sweater will have little lights and play music. [11/17]

Nenette A: 2 weeks left?! crap! I feel like I've really just been doing this thing for November what with my surgery in September and getting a nasty flu that lasted for 2.5 weeks in October. And now I've found out that it's been a severe hormone imbalance that's made weightloss near impossible for the past 2 years and was the reason why I needed to have surgery in the first place. I guess we'll see what I can pull out of my ass these last 14 days. [11/16]

Nenette A: Barbi D - thanks, it was a great birthday! :) [11/16]

Tricia B: 2 weeks. 1.5 lbs left. LET'S DO THIS. [11/16]

Tricia B: Amy W - I just read your comment re stress/keeping food down. I had something similar several years back, where I couldn't eat at ALL from the stress and my stomach was going crazy. Fast forward a few years and I had developed a full-blown eating disorder (bulimia). Please feel free to email me if you want to chat. I've found having a community has helped me considerably, and I know how frustrating it can be. (((hugs))) [11/16]

Zeller A: super discouraged. was down and doing well, and then TOM came and I'm up 4!? Now I'm getting sick from the little one. Congrats on all you doing well! [11/16]

Elizabeth S: Up and down and up and down... frustrating. [11/15]

Wendy R: I took my weigh-in shot this morning but can't find my stupid cord to download the picture. Will keep hunting but might not be able to upload pic to flickr till tomorrow. Grr. [11/15]

AndreAnna M: I went back to NJ and drank all weekend (though I did make good food choices) and am the same as two weeks ago, so i only have 0.4 lbs to goal. I just have to be super good between now and T-day and the few days after and I should kick ass! WTG, Barbara: so glad you got back down!! [11/15]

Barbi D: Up a little from last weigh in but still over 5lbs under goal. LOL [11/15]

Shana D: 139 this morning! I'm out of the 140s!!!! For today at least... ;P [11/13]

Elizabeth S: Crap. After a week of hauling heavy stuff out of an old farmhouse and eating considerably less than i usually do, how the heck did I *gain* weight? [11/12]

Barbi D: Good Job Nenette! Hope you had a great birthday! [11/11]

Nenette A: due to crazy birthday stuff yesterday, I forgot to update my chart. I finally broke the 130 mark (yay me!), but due to crazy birthday stuff yesterday, I think I may be back up again. I'm afraid to step on the scale and see where I am now. eep! oh, and the birthday present no one wants: TOM. yay. [11/06]

Elizabeth S: OK, so it took me a week to get back to where I was before vacation. And tomorrow, I'm going away again. And then Thanksgiving is coming up. Maybe we shouldn't have done this during the holidays... :-) [11/05]

Shana D: oh, TOM just came too, so hopefully that departure will be an easy 1 lb down... we'll see what happens... [11/04]

Shana D: ok, finally uploaded my scale pic and weighed in... 9lbs left... not sure I'm going to make it, but I'm going to try... keep up the awesome work, ladies! [11/04]

Nenette A: Wow, you guys are doing great! WTG! I've had a very frustrating 2 weeks with this flu, chest congestion, and sinus infection. I've been eating well and should've lost much more, but I have so much water weight right now. My fingers are bloated and I can't put my rings on. So I finally caved today and went to the doctor for antibiotics. Frankly, at this point, I just want to feel better and to be able to breathe again. xo [11/02]

Tricia B: Apparently a combination of Shark Week and sickness will lead to a significant weight loss. [11/02]

Ashley D: I kind of suck at this game. :) [11/02]

Andrea Y: Barbara, that scale creep can be a real bummer, no matter how great we feel. It takes a long time to care less about the number and more about the healthy person....I'm certainly not there yet. Barbi, you have done such an amazing job with your dedication! I think I was thinking more about channeling your dedication for the next few weeks to kick this fatbet goal in the butt! [11/01]

Andrea Y: Barbara, that scale creep can be a real bummer, no matter how great we feel. It takes a long time to care less about the number and more about the healthy person....I'm certainly not there yet. Barbi, you have done such an amazing job with your dedication! I think I was thinking more about channeling your dedication for the next few weeks to kick this fatbet goal in the butt! [11/01]

Barbara D: I know that my muscle mass has increased like crazy, and my fat mass is now in the 40s (which is HUGE for me). I also can run up and down the stairs without feeling like the Grim Reaper is breathing down my neck lol. I feel stronger and better than I have in a really long time for sure, but I'd be lying if I said seeing the scale creep up isn't devastating to my soul : ( [11/01]

Barbi D: Andrea - My blog can show you what I ate. I didn't do the diet just followed the rules and ate the foods (in greater than 500 calorie quantities). I also didn't take the drops or injections as I think they are both snake oil. It is a combo of eating very clean and eating specific anti-candida type foods. Oh, and if you don't plan to stabilize your losses afterwards for a couple of weeks (eating no sugars/starches) it will likely just come back on really quick. It is a a whole process. [11/01]

Andrea Y: I had a pretty bad two week stretch since our last weigh-in, so although I'm only down 1 pound, I take that as a serious win. Awesome job everyone with your progress! Barbi, I may be asking for some of your HCG secrets here in a few days because I would really like to make it to goal before I go away for my girl's weekend in three weeks! [11/01]

AndreAnna M: Great job everyone!!! [11/01]

Amy W: Back down to what I was a month ago - considering all the candy and junk I ate this weekend, wtg me! Though I did do A LOT of walking and moving around between Trick or Treating with the kids, and walking in a Parade with my son's scout troop. [11/01]

Barbi D: Good idea to buddy up and get this done you guys! AndreAnna - Great job!!!! I'm in maintain mode this month having pushed really hard for near 6 weeks. Time to stabilize. I'll be cheering y'all on for sure though. [11/01]

AndreAnna M: I'm only 0.6 lbs away from goal!! My 30th birthday is on Fri, and then next week i'm going back to NJ, and then it's Thanksgiving. I hereby declare November "The Land Mine Month" It's not hard for me to maintain ever, but I have to have a few really intense days to lose the extra 0.6 I need! [11/01]

Zeller A: I definitely need to get back on track and be strict again. I fell off the wagon hardcore this weekend. Anna, I'd be down for keeping each other accountable. [11/01]

Anna W: Yeah. So my body must hate me, since things aren't working for me. Guess it's time to go super strict. Anyone want to be my food diary/scale picture check in friend? Looks like I need it, since the way I've done things before isn't working for me. :( [11/01]

Elizabeth S: Barbi! GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLL! [10/30]

Elizabeth S: OK, didn't gain as much as I feared I would on vacation. Still - got one month to lose ten pounds now. [10/30]

Barbi D: Been awfully quiet around here. Hope everyone who is sick is getting well! Hope no one is in the Halloween candy either! Weigh in Monday! [10/29]

Barbi D: Get well soon Nenette! [10/26]

Nenette A: Hi all, you're all doing well, and I'm so pleased for all of you! Right now, I don't know where I'm at, and at this very moment, I don't care because I'M SICK!!! Chest is congested, I feel weak, and I'm thinking I really should've invested in Kleenex because I'd be freakin' rich by now!!! We still have 5 weeks, so for the next couple of days, I'm not going to think about anything else but getting better. xoxoxo [10/26]

Barbi D: Tina - great job! I think about how much candy I ate last year and shake my head. This FatBet came at the perfect time of year. [10/26]

Tina W: Even though I haven't been eating very well this week, at least I'm not shoving Halloween candy in my pie I would have been w/o this fatbet! Baby steps :) [10/24]

Barbi D: Thanks Zeller! Hope you love CrossFit! [10/24]

Zeller A: way to go Barbi D! I've had family in town and haven't been strict. I'm back at it! Starting CrossFit on Monday, I hope! [10/23]

Barbi D: Thanks Tina! Now to push for a few more pounds so I don't have to stress Thanksgiving. LOL [10/21]

Tina W: way to go Barbi!! [10/21]

Barbi D: .....................and GOAL! [10/21]

Barbara D: Amy, you've been my BFF forever, and I'll always support any decisions that you make, even if I'm not particularly fond of them (moving to Iowa for example lol). It's like my name doppelganger says you'll know when you're ready to focus on this stuff. Enjoy your life now, you def deserve too!!! Love u girlie : ) [10/20]

Barbi D: Amy - Everyone has to do this (or not do this) in their own time. A year ago I was just as frustrated as you are now. I didn't want to focus on it. I watched others zip to their goals while I gained and lost the same 5lbs. What finally changed for me was realizing that I had a choice to make. At 270 lbs, I had trouble breathing at night, was too winded to chase after my kids, and I was starting to get chest pains. I knew I was bound for an early death. A light went on and all of a sudden it didn't matter how hard it was (and I have had to fight for every pound), it was necessary for me to have the life I want to live. Everyone has to wait for their personal AHA moment. [10/19]

AndreAnna M: I'm with Andrea (must be the name). You do what you gotta do for you - what makes YOU happy at this moment. I'm sorry if I make it harder on you because of my interests and decisions but I love you for who you are, no matter what. [10/19]

Andrea Y: Amy W, this is your own journey. Only YOU know what is best for YOU. Rock on, girlfriend. [10/19]

Amy W: Sorry it took so long for me to post my weigh-in. I'm up 6lbs, so yeah - fun times. Honestly, though I do care I'm not losing, I don't at the same time. I have so much going on in my life right now, and I really am at a point where I just can't let my weight and every little thing I put in my mouth stress me out even more. This constant, everyday & every hour obsession with weight-loss cannot be emotionally healthy. I am now getting to a point where if I eat something bad I literally make myself sick to the point of where within a half an hour I'm throwing it back up - and not intentionally - just from stressing myself out because I ate one freaking cookie. I have an eating disorder. It may not be full blown Anorexia or Bulimia, but compulsively over-eating is a mental disease. It's not just going to go away because I want to be thinner - because of course I want that. I hate the way I look, and I hate the way I feel. But at the end of the day... I don't know. I just don't know how to deal with this other then give up again, like I have so many times. And honestly, though I appreciate the support, other people telling me "you can do it" "keep going" is just not going to help right now. I have been overweight my entire life, and I am just sick and tired of my weight and food being the center of my universe. The problem with trying to lose weight, is that I can't get that part to stop because then everything I eat I worry, was this healthy enough - how many calories - this has gluten - this has HFCS - this that this that food food food food. Gah! No matter if I'm overeating, or trying to be healthy, it all comes down to your entire day being about losing that weight and the food that you eat - it's all we talk about and think about. It's ridiculous, and I am not going to deal with it right now. What I'm going to do, since I put in money and made a bet with all you wonderful ladies, is still try to at least get to my goal. I don't want to be some downer for this whole fatbet, because you are ALL doing so amazing, and I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of my best friend Barbara D for kicking that goals ass, and still losing - I love you girl, and miss you! But I'm done. I'm done letting food rule my life. So I will weigh in, I will cheer you all on, and I will try my best to eat as healthy as I can without stressing myself out about numbers on a scale, and number of calories, blah blah blah, but I'm done talking about food. I'm done with it being the center of my universe. I'm just done. I have a boyfriend that loves me for who I am and what I look like, and is finally living here in IA with me after over two months of being apart, I have an awesome son, and in about two weeks all three of us are moving into our own apartment to start our lives together as a family, and I finally have a good job again. And right now, I'm happy. I'm going to go now, and focus on all of that. [10/19]

Barbi D: Wendy, you can probably go back to the date you entered your weight wrong and change it. [10/18]

Wendy R: Oh goodness, my graph looks insane now. [10/18]

Wendy R: Oops. Decimal points are my friend! I don't actually need to lose 2000+ pounds. [10/18]

Shana D: Barbi D, congrats on making it to your goal. Anna, I hope your walk went well! AndreAnna and Zeller, thanks for the encouragement, the walk was beyond amazing! Despite having a swollen ankle and Achilles tendon, I'm down 1 lbs. Hopefully my body doesn't kick me in the gut now that I'm back to normal living and the weight either drops more as the swelling goes down or stays the same. [10/18]

Barbi D: Looks like Amy, Sarah Lena, and Liz The Insane still need to check in! Come on ladies....fess up! ;) [10/18]

Barbi D: I feel your pain Elizabeth. I'm down .2 lbs since Friday. Oh, need to fix your weigh in. Surely you don't need to lose 2,000+ pounds. ;) [10/18]

Elizabeth S: Man, I've just been stuck the last week. Frustrating. And I'm going on vacation next week. That'll help. [10/17]

Anna W: I'm doing an Out of the Darkness Suicide Awareness Walk on Saturday with a friend who just lost someone in her family. I figured there aren't very many more worthy things that to support someone even if I've never had to walk that far in one day before. [10/17]

Zeller A: I may have just had a plate full of bacon. just maybe. And it was delicious :P [10/16]

Barbi D: Yea Shana! That walk sounds amazing! [10/16]

AndreAnna M: Go Shana!! Motrin! [10/15]

Zeller A: AndreAnna, yeah.. I'm trying to decide whether I start CF now or in 2 months when I move up to Boston. I'm sure I'll be down more this weekend. Running around taking care of a sick little 9 month old bundle of cuteness. And how about a shout out to Shana! I'm so proud of you for doing the 3-Day walk for Breast Cancer! [10/15]

Barbara D: I'm so proud of all of us!!! I still have a super long way to go bc I need to lose at least 70 lbs for my health, but I figure of the next 6 weeks I'm going to make my goal another 10 lbs. [10/15]

Ashley D: Good job everyone!!! [10/15]

Nenette A: Wow, you are all doing so well!!! I've had a bad 6 weeks, but did manage 6 pounds in total. Should've been better, but I'm in the middle of TOM. With the surgery and Thanksgiving (I'm in Canada) behind me, I just have my birthday (same day as AndreAnna!) to contend with. Hopefully smooth sailing from here. Fingers crossed. xo [10/15]

AndreAnna M: Though I saw a nice drop this weigh-in, I'm still not 50% there yet. And of course my 30th birthday and T-day falls in the last month. Super. I can do this. I will do this. Physically, I'm MUCH leaner looking than I was so I know things are shifting. Slowly. Great job everyone!! [10/15]

Tricia B: As much as I'm behind on progress, I'm actually pretty pleased to see my number dropped. I felt ridiculously full today (like I hadn't digested), and have been eating like a maniac from stress, but apparently that's ok as long as I stick with protein and veggies. Yay! [10/15]

Wendy R: Wow- Just saw the update from Barbara D! Great job! [10/15]

Wendy R: Big drop for me this time! I think the no Diet Coke is helping. [10/15]

Andrea Y: Another weigh-in on Friday....which I can't say that I mind! Look at you Barbara, already making it to goal! Rock on with your bad self! [10/15]

Barbi D: Down a tiny bit more today. I'm really close to goal but also really stalled. I think my body is catching up though with all I've lost recently. I'm being patient. [10/15]

Anna W: Yuck. Almost at 50% for the half way point, and I still think I can make it. At least as long as I don't stall again, since the last time took almost a week to break. Here's to trying! [10/15]

Tina W: Wow Barbara-Way to go!! So awesome! What's your goal for the next 6 wks? [10/14]

AndreAnna M: Zeller, you have to be careful because as awesome as Crossfit is, it will cause a bit of gain in the beginning. You will be inflamed and retain water from that. You will also gain weight from the muscle you build in all likelihood. Which is a GOOD thing overall. Just wanted to make you aware of it. [10/14]

Zeller A: I'm back down to exactly -15. Being sick and stuck at home means I haven't been eating much and just trying to rest. 7.2lbs to go! As soon as I'm better, I'm checking out Crossfit. [10/14]

Shana D: going to be away from the computer all weekend starting tomorrow so I'm posting my pic today. 11lbs to go... [10/14]

Tricia B: Sigh. I'm doing an crossfit challenge starting on Monday, so maybe that will help me out. ARGH. [10/14]

Barbi D: I'm pretty stalled this week but since I'm close to my FatBet goal I'm not stressing, just irritated. [10/14]

Tina W: I'm gaining some back just like I thought I would.. (No more gastro side effects from the antibiotic!) Bound to happen, I guess. [10/13]

Wendy R: I'm breaking out the big guns up my beloved Diet Coke. [10/13]

Zeller A: Being sick has made me gain a little and make no progress. Hopefully I'll get some good meds tonight and be back on track in no time [10/12]

AndreAnna M: Yeah Shana, I agree with Barb. Just make sure you eat the day before the walk and otherwise you should be fine. Also, that much walking while likely inflame your joints and you may see a slight gain due to your body;s reaction to the inflammation. Just keep an eye out (and Motrin on hand!) [10/12]

Barbi D: Oh, I bet one day would be fine. I thought you meant fasting until the walk....I would die. haha [10/11]

Shana D: well, I was wondering if I did it tomorrow and then gave my body Wednesday and Thursday of no fasting... [10/11]

Barbi D: Shana - no clue but figure fasting before that much activity wouldn't make you feel very good. [10/11]

Barbi D: Very doable Wendy. I started this year at 270 and am at 219.4 today. It will take consistent work though. [10/11]

Shana D: for those of you with fasting experience... I'm doing the Philly 3Day this weekend (60 mile walk over 3 days). Would it be unwise to fast beforehand? say, starting tomorrow? does anyone have one awesome "go to" article for how to do it, when to do it, how to break it, etc.? [10/11]

Wendy R: Just had a semi-depressing realization: I can't remember the last time I weighed under 200. It has been 10 years, at least. Thinking about setting that as my goal: be under 200 by my next birthday (Aug. 8). I was at 255 this morning, does that seem realistic? [10/11]

Barbi D: Wendy -Hope TOM leaves soon! [10/11]

Wendy R: Finally got my TOM (it has been 8 weeks! Crazy cycles) and am way up. Grr. [10/09]

Barbi D: Tina, as long as you can just maintain the big drop that's great! You still have a long time to lose those pesky last 4.2 pounds! [10/09]

Tina W: Barbi, I am really not expecting it to last. Think I just lost most of it this week after being sick. So in the next couple weeks when I plateau, remind me not to be crabby about it!! HA! [10/08]

Barbi D: Go Tina Go! You are smoking all of us! :) [10/08]

Barbi D: Almost down 50lbs for the year. Wahoo! [10/08]

Tina W: You know what's kind of a bummer? When you get sick and lose some weight, but know it won't last cuz you only lost it cuz you were sick and couldn't really eat. :) How's everyone's week going? [10/06]

Liz (The Insane) R: Ooops I keep forgetting to log in! I took a photo of the scale on 9/15, haven't uploaded any pics though! And I was ill this weekend, oh that was fun. I'll take another set of photos tomorrow and post em. :) [10/04]

Barbi D: You're on Zeller! Our goal weights are different but our lbs to goal are pretty much neck and neck! [10/04]

Zeller A: AndreAnna, I loved loestrin when I was on it! Barbi, I fell off the wagon yesterday with football watching. But you're on! Let's do this! [10/04]

Barbi D: Hope everyone has stayed on track this weekend! I did. Hard with TOM!! [10/03]

Barbi D: Tina - Illness causes inflammation which causes fluid retention. Hang in there. When you get better, so will the scale. :) [10/02]

Tina W: Anyone have any ideas as to WHY I'm gaining weight when I can barely eat anything? So annoying! Usually I have a pretty good idea why I've gained some weight (too much salt, eating late, etc), but I really don't have any idea this time. [10/02]

AndreAnna M: Liz is my friend who lives here; I may see her today. If not, I'll shoot her a text. [10/02]

Barbi D: Anyone heard from Liz? She hasn't weighed in since 9/6. [10/01]

Tina W: Anna-you look like you're exactly where you should be, 32% of the way there. If you're already there w/ "cheating", you're golden for making your goal!! I say good job! [10/01]

Anna W: OMG I've got a visitor right now too! I have the worst time avoiding things while I am PMSing, so I am partially blaming my lack of success the last 2 weeks on that. Well, that and my trip out of town, since I had just recovered from it when PMS hit. Yuck. On the plus side, I am about to go cook enough food to last me all next week, so I have no excuses to be bad. No more faileo for me! [10/01]

AndreAnna M: The only good thing about having to be on hormonal birth control for PCOS is that my new pill (loestrin) means I like never get my period. I spot maybe a day or two every couple of months. LOVE. [10/01]

Andrea Y: I too am struggling with TOM! The universe must be laughing at all of us right now!!! ;-) [10/01]

Barbi D: Hope you can get some rest and recovery going this weekend Tina! Zeller, that is amazing!!! Great job! [10/01]

Zeller A: Way to go everyone! I'm up a little, but 14lbs in one month is okay with me! [10/01]

Tina W: Thanks for all the well wishes. I'm not doing any better, but am going to give the antibiotic 1 more day to start working before I go back in. Am really hoping my kids don't get this, cuz it is not pleasant! Everyone looks like they're doing so well-great job!! [10/01]

Amy W: Down to 250lbs, from starting at 272 - 22 lbs in one month... I think I can rock 10 more lbs in two months!! Everyone is doing awesome, congrats! [10/01]

Barbara D: The TOM force is with me as well! I've heard of syncing cycles, but virtually, yea that's new LOL! [10/01]

AndreAnna M: WAHOOO, the bastard scale finally moved a bit. Still have miles to go but 2.0 is better than the thing not moving again. Down to 205.4 from, 207.4 at last weigh in. My original weight was 207. GO SCALE GO. [10/01]

Elizabeth S: Dang you, TOM. [10/01]

Barbi D: So glad you are doing better Nenette! [10/01]

Barbi D: Our cycles must be joining together as one large TOM force. LOL I just started today (5 days early). Oh my. [10/01]

Nenette A: okay, just checked the scale, and I'm seeing improvement. phew! [10/01]

Nenette A: Oh yeah, TOM. I wonder when mine will be. The D&C screwed me up. Not sure if what I'm experiencing is PMS bloat. Dang. [10/01]

Nenette A: OMG, Tina, I hope you're okay! Please keep us posted on how you're doing. [10/01]

Nenette A: thank you so much for the reassurance and well wishes, Barbi, Tina and Zeller! I'm doing a cleanse right now, and hopefully that'll help get all the drugs and other junk out of my system. I haven't done a cleanse in a while. Should be interesting what happens to me. I'll keep you all posted. :) [10/01]

Barbi D: Methinks this whole board might be on Diurex on November 30. LOL My goal is to lose below my goal so I can enjoy Thanksgiving and not stress the weigh in. [09/30]

AndreAnna M: Ladies, one word: diurex. Get thee to Walgreens post haste. [09/30]

Shana D: Those of us with TOM hitting around now, just think how much fun it is going to be dealing with him around Nov 30th when we have our final weigh in! I thought about that earlier today and panicked a little. Gotta get my act together during this time or I'm going to fail around the time of the final weigh in... [09/30]

Shana D: thanks ladies, I'll get back on track eventually, just hit a hill... Tina, I hope you feel better! Please keep us updated! [09/30]

Elizabeth S: Yikes, Tina, good luck! Shana, don't give up, you can do this! And now I realize why my numbers just jumped up again: TOM is hitting me right at weigh-in, the bitch. [09/30]

AndreAnna M: Wendy, great job! I knew you had it in you. Shana: Get back on that horse!! We have two months left and you can DO THIS! Tina: OMG so scary!!! Um, protein shakes? [09/30]

Tina W: Went to the ER this morning-have acute pharynxitis. (My throat feels like it's swelling shut-ummm, not good!) Can't really take anything cuz I'm nursing. So I can barely eat cuz nothing fits. This is not the way to be on a heathy diet! [09/30]

Shana D: so, I know the weigh in is tomorrow. I can tell you already that I haven't made any progress. These past couple of weeks have just left me with no drive or reason to care. TOM is due soon which is half my problem, hopefully the motivation will return after... great job with all of your progress! [09/30]

Wendy R: You all made me workout tonight. I was debating working out or doing something else and I thought about how awesome you guys are doing and got off my ass and did a kettlebell workout. [09/29]

Barbi D: So sorry Nenette! Tina is right though, the bloat from surgery takes a couple of weeks to go away. Hang in there! [09/28]

Tina W: Nenette, I retained so much fluid after my c-section surgery that I came our weighing only 6 lbs less than when I went in. (and that's after delivering over 11 lbs of babies and whatever goes w/ that)! I was BUMMED, but it didn't last too long! Hang in there and you'll be back to where you were in no time! Hope you feel better soon. [09/28]

Zeller A: Glad you're recovering well, Nenette. I noticed when I was recovering from knee surgery that pain meds make you bloated or retain water. Hopefully you'll notice a difference once they're gone and back to normal. [09/28]

Nenette A: hi lovelies! I've returned from the world of day-surgery, codeine, IVs, and polyps, and have found myself a little heavier than I'd like to be. I have to recover for another week before I can start exercising again. this totally blows. glad to see you're all doing well. I totally envy. [09/28]

AndreAnna M: I'm starting to get really frustrated with this plateau. I mean, could the timing BE any worse (said in my best Chandler voice)? Seriously, I ALWAYS get bummed during a plateau but in this case, MONEY is on the line. How the hell can I lost 12 lbs in 60 days if I can't even lose 1 in a month? [09/28]

Barbi D: I think it is the 1st and 15th. [09/28]

Elizabeth S: I thought the weigh-in was Thursday! Well, that's good, one day more! I only have to lose 0.6 of a pound to be at 33%. Sounds doable... knock on wood! The more I lose, the more I want a cookie. [09/27]

Amy W: Ha, I thought weigh-in was Wed.... glad to know it's Friday and I have a few more days to try and get below what I was before I left for NJ last weekend.... 1 more lb to gooooooo! [09/27]

Barbi D: We have 64 days left. In just four days we'll be 1/3 of the way done. So that would mean we need to be at 33% to be on track. That's my goal for Friday. [09/27]

Tricia B: Ack, that 25% call out just made me think I may not make it by Nov 30th. I've been eating really clean, just a wee too many cals to drop more quickly. Sigh. [09/27]

Barbi D: Oh duh, that's right, the weigh in is Friday. Apparently my brain is killing more cells WITHOUT alcohol. [09/27]

AndreAnna M: You guys are all doing great. I, of course, go to Crossfit five times a week where I work my body to tears and puke and eat perfectly and the weight still holds. Sigh. My body does this: holds for weeks, then drops a few, holds, then drops. I KNOW it happens and yet it frustrates me every time nonetheless. Hoping to be a few lbs down by the Friday weigh-in. [09/27]

Barbi D: Anna - Mmmm....brazilian grill. Love that stuff. This weekend sucked but being uber-disciplined paid off. Dropped 3.5lbs since Friday. Haven't seen this weight since 2007. [09/27]

Anna W: On another side, it's been decided that we aren't going to visit family for Thanksgiving which means no traveling to derail me. I will have to be good on my birthday and the actual day, though. I'm planning on going to the Brazilian grill for one - with all that meat I should be fine! And since I am now cooking for Thanksgiving, it'll be much easier to plan out what I am eating. Silver lining, right? [09/26]

Anna W: So yeah, my discipline lately has sucked. But I plan on doing much better now! I've lost 25% of my goal and we are at 25% of our days gone... guess I'm out of wiggle room. I really don't want to lose that money! [09/26]

Zeller A: woke up this morning to the number I found when I left for Boston! I'm trying out some new primal recipes I'm creating and will definitely be posting them on our blog. Also trying AndreAnna's biscuits! [09/26]

Barbi D: I figure since this is a 90 day challenge, I want to be 50% to goal when we have 45 days left. Not quite to 25% yet so the uber discipline must continue. [09/26]

Barbi D: Good job Zeller! I am finally down a bit (about 1.5lbs) from the last FatBet weigh in and hope to be down a little more before Wednesday. [09/26]

Zeller A: Getting back to where I was before my vacation. It was hard saying no to pumpkin pancakes and D'Angelo's sub. But I'm back and better than ever! [09/25]

Barbi D: Oh well, if we count the Thankgiving weekend buffer weight, it would be good to be down 21 by the end of November. So, I'll just keep that number in mind. [09/24]

Barbi D: I blame the Hunger Games. The lack of sleep from reading them obviously has me in an unintelligible state. [09/24]

Barbi D: Oh Lord, I can't count. I have 16 pounds to lose, not 21. I apparently can no longer count. [09/24]

Barbi D: I'm taking a very hardcore approach to getting my weight off because let's face it, I have to at this point. I have 67 days and 21 pounds to lose. That is a pound of weight loss every three days between now and November 30. That's not even considering the wiggle room I want to have since Thanksgiving is right before our final weigh in. Ack! [09/24]

Amy W: Almost back to where I was before I went to Jersey for the weekend. Only taking a week to get back on track. Two more lbs to get back to where I was on 9/15, which SUCKS that I let that happen, BUT I enjoyed every minute of my weekend and every bite of NJ food I got to have. [09/24]

Shana D: thanks ladies! I think it went really well! fingers crossed! [09/22]

Wendy R: Good luck with the interview Shana! [09/22]

Zeller A: Good luck Shana! ;-) [09/21]

AndreAnna M: You rock it Shana!!!! [09/21]

Tina W: Shana-that is awesome!! Good luck w/ the interview. [09/21]

Shana D: Job interview tomorrow morning, and guess what I'm wearing? An outfit I haven't been able to fit into in 5 years! Talk about power suit ;) [09/21]

Zeller A: AndreAnna, good to know! I haven't been using splenda in my coffee, but I'll probably have the occasional soda. Been using agave in my coffee and it's damn tasty! [09/20]

AndreAnna M: Zeller, I occasionally have a soda (and still put Splenda in my coffee) but try and stay away from most artificial products. [09/20]

Tina W: So excited. Went out of town w/ my hubby for the weekend and lost weight! That NEVER happens. I always gain weight when I go on a trip...all the free cookies @ the motel! :) I resisted this weekend-thanks for the motivation ladies. [09/20]

Zeller A: Back from my trip to Boston. I'm wishing I was still there! Happy to see that I'm only up a little from the trip (lobster rolls!!) and TOM. Back on track today! Question for anyone doing primal.. do you still drink diet sodas at all? I used to drink them a ton and stopped when we started the bet. Trying to decide if I should let myself have some at work. [09/20]

Anna W: It's hard being out of town, and since I know that my sister will never read this I feel free to say that she is being a right bitch. However, I hope that my dad will be able to switch over to this WOE so that he can get healthier.... Take the good with the bad, right? [09/18]

Barbi D: Still very much on track today but didn't look at the scale. Pretty sure I would be up a little because I woke up with my kid's cold. Quite certain I'm filled with ten pounds of congestion. [09/16]

Zeller A: AndreAnna, I can't wait! I'm making the cheese-its again next week! I'm off to Boston for a vacation! I woke up this morning and was down more, even though I had some ridiculously good lamb chops last night. Crazy! I wonder if going primal reset my body in a way, ya know? All that processed food and junk I was eating is gone, so it's able to shed the unwanted? Maybe just wishful thinking! [09/16]

Shana D: Thanks AndreAnna, thinking about it like that helps! Also, I need to stop weighing myself at night - my weight was back down this morning. =/ [09/16]

Tricia B: FINALLY over the sugar cravings! First day back at the gym. . . I feel like I'm ready to get this party started. [09/15]

Shana D: Oh and I can't remember my login info for flickr. My evening is full of fail. Will post scale pic tomorrow morning... [09/15]

AndreAnna M: Shana - you JUST startd the 30DS this week, right? Any new major shift in workouts will cause a slight gain. Your muscles release lactic acid when pushed and torn and then water is sent to the area to help in healing. It will all even out. Keep up the good work!!! [09/15]

Shana D: Awesome, as of this evening i'm back up. Ugh... [09/15]

Anna W: OH good! My birthday is the 22nd, and it's always a hard week for me. Last year I was doing so well, I had been down to 195 (my current goal) but then my birthday/Thanksgiving hit and I caved. After that, I played around with being on diet, but not well enough since I went back up to 213. I really want to stay good this holiday season! That was the main thing that made me decide to make this bet, since I know I'll be motivated since there's $50 on the line! [09/15]

AndreAnna M: Zeller - I have a whole week dedicated to Thanksgiving recipes coming up soon in October!! (including pumpkin pie!!) [09/15]

Zeller A: Thanks Nenette! I've never had this much success before. I just went jeans shopping for my trip to Boston tomorrow and I'm down a size! Good luck on your surgery. I definitely want to get lower than my goal by Turkey Day. I need to look for some good gluten free pie crust recipes! [09/15]

Barbi D: I don't know about everyone else but I really want to get well below my goal before Thanksgiving. I don't want to be sitting there eating celery and turkey breast only. I need leeway for a little primal pumpkin pie and wine. [09/15]

Andrea Y: Has it been two weeks already?!?! :) I'm down 2.2 since starting, which is acceptable I suppose. Hopefully once my thesis work is over I can dedicate a little more energy to working out again. Gold star to everyone. And to those struggling, at least this wasn't the Nov. 15th weigh-in! :) [09/15]

Barbi D: I've got some older Jillian workouts and can't stand to listen to her. Good workouts but she tries to act so tough while flipping her hair at the same time that it gets distracting. [09/15]

Tina W: Shana- that's so true about Jillian. After doing each workout a couple times, I turn down the volume and just listen to my own music. Much easier to keep doing her if you don't have to hear her talk! :) [09/15]

Wendy R: Right back exactly where I started. Given the fact that EVERYTHING is annoying me today I suspect I'll be getting my period soon, so hopefully back down after that. [09/15]

Elizabeth S: And how did I gain back 2 pounds?! Dang it. I guess I have to do this "exercise" thing after all. [09/15]

Elizabeth S: Photos? That would require me to figure out how my camera works. Um, I'll work on it. At this point there's no visible change anyway. :-( [09/15]

Amy W: Down to 254.5lbs this morning. I was 257.5 two days ago, but was struck down with a stomach bug for 24hrs, so I guess that's where the 3lbs down jump came from. I'm sure as soon as I eat something today, it'll go back to where I probably am right now, around 256/257. Keep up the great work everyone! [09/15]

AndreAnna M: Just a quick note: When you post your photo to Flickr, try and put your last week's weight in the description and the pounds +/- so we can easily see how great everyone is doing!! [09/15]

Shana D: Nenette, good luck with your surgery! [09/15]

Shana D: AndreAnna, by the last set of bicycle crunches last night I totally wanted to punch Jillian in the face just to make her shut up! [09/15]

AndreAnna M: Granted I was only up 0.4 lbs, which is like 3 drops of pee, but STILL. I need to focus!! I work out so hard all week at Crossfit and eating well all week only to over-indulge on the weekends. I still stick to primal eating but I tend to have a few drinks which apparently makes my stomach BIGGER so I eat more. Hence, I am AWESOME at maintaining weight! [09/15]

AndreAnna M: Oh, look at me - the Group Organizer - being UP. SUPER. [09/15]

Barbi D: So glad to see everyone doing so well!! Down 2.6 lbs so far which is not great but I'm back in the game. I'll upload my pic after I get my daughter off to school. [09/15]

Nenette A: Wow, everyone's doing so well! OMG, Zeller, you're totally rocking this! Good luck to everyone doing the Shred. I'm only down 2, but I've had Aunt Flo come to visit. Bad periods should end soon -- I'm going in for surgery next week (just a D&C) to get rid of a couple of polyps. Not sure how that event will affect my weight, but I'll be doing a cleanse afterward. Good luck, everyone! xo [09/15]

Anna W: There. Photo uploaded. Now I can go to work. [09/15]

Anna W: Woo! Up a little from my last weigh-in, but still under where I started! I can take that! Plus, in 1/6th the time I'm at 1/4 my goal! I want to get way under before Thanksgiving so I can enjoy that week a little (my birthday is the Monday before)! [09/15]

Amy W: Everyone ready for the first weigh-in tomorrow?? I was down 15lbs as of yesterday.... but I've had a stomach virus last night & today, so I don't know what tomorrow is going to look like, it could go either way: Lower weight, or my body is holding on to everything including the toast and crackers I've eaten to settle my tummy) and I'll be the same or even above. We'll have to see. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!! [09/14]

Barbi D: Good luck on The Shred!! Day 2 back on track. I feel so much better/healthier on plan. Someone remind me of that next time I pitch myself off the wagon. LOL [09/14]

AndreAnna M: Eye candy that you'll wan to punch in the throat! lol. Good luck guys! It's a great workout for people who are just easing into working out. [09/14]

Zeller A: Shana, we can master our vacations this week! I'm stoked to try the 30 Day Shred tonight. Jillian is some nice eye candy too :P [09/14]

Shana D: Barbi D, I hear ya' weekends are my weak moments too and I have a vacation scheduled with my mom this weekend, so we'll see how it goes. On the plus side, it's after the weigh in, and Zeller and I received our 30Day Shred DVDs yesterday! Will be doing the first one this evening. Excited and filled with dread at the same time! [09/14]

Tina W: Ok Amy, gotta ask. How in the world did you lose 15 lbs already? I feel like I'm having to work so hard just to get the 2-3 I've managed to lose. Need your tips! :) [09/13]

Barbi D: Stayed on track all day! No upcoming temptations this week. If I can just start surviving the weekends! [09/13]

Barbi D: I'm up too and seriously need to get my shiz together. [09/13]

AndreAnna M: I was up as of this morning but I am confident a lot of it had to do with the booze I drank yesterday watching football. the NFL is going to kill me. Back on strict track today. Going back to NJ in Nov and want to look more awesome than I do now! [09/13]

Amy W: That's awesome Wendy! Hopefully I'll be fit enough to do things like that one day too!! :) [09/13]

Tina W: Wendy, way to go!! That's awesome. I did a workout this AM, but defeated the purpose, I think, when I ate my weight in trail mix this afternoon! :) [09/12]

Wendy R: Did a triathlong today. According to my Garmin I burned over 2000 calories. Very tempted to break out the Ben and Jerry's but have resisted so far. Workouts will be light this week, I suspect, as I am way sore. [09/12]

Zeller A: I agree with you Anna. I want to ultimately get down to 160. I think I can lose more than my goal if I keep this up. I had no idea primal would make such a huge change! I've only worked out once since we started, because of busy work schedule and school, but this is intense! I know going up to Boston this week will be very hard, but I'm incredibly happy at how it's going! Keep it up everyone. We can do this! Stay strong and model through it! :P [09/12]

Tina W: I miss having a snack at night after the kids are in bed. I think this change will take the longest to get used to. :( [09/11]

Anna W: Had a small chocolate bar today. I needed it. We're making plans for just-in-case which may end up being our plans no matter what. I'm trying to stay strong, since I really want to beat this bet and even though I'm at 30%, I want to lose more than my goal if I can. I want to be skinny again! [09/11]

Andrea Y: Oops....sorry everyone. I have no idea how it posted the same thing twice, but it did. Probably operator error [09/11]

Andrea Y: You can do it Barbi! This is a marathon, not a sprint. One night of bad eating and drinking won't set you back in the long run, as long as you get back on the program and keep going afterwards! We can all do this!! :) [09/11]

Andrea Y: You can do it Barbi! This is a marathon, not a sprint. One night of bad eating and drinking won't set you back in the long run, as long as you get back on the program and keep going afterwards! We can all do this!! :) [09/11]

Barbi D: Well, I'm back right where I started and very irritated with myself. We have 80 days left and I let that talk me in to overeating and a couple of cocktails last night. Stupid, stupid, stupid. We have four days until the first weigh in and I WILL show some progress by then. Very clean eating the rest of the weekend and until then. Good job to all of you who have stayed strong! [09/11]

Elizabeth S: Okay, so I lost like 0.2 of a pound, but I'm marking it down because I have fallen so far off the wagon the last two days, I'm amazed I lost anything. I will be good again tomorrow. (I expect that to be on my tombstone. "I'll do it tomorrow.") [09/10]

Zeller A: I'm have a day of suck today. I want to stuff my piehole! Oh emotional eating, how I missed you.. not! Trying to stay strict. [09/10]

Shana D: hang in there, Anna! you can do it! [09/10]

Anna W: Wow. I've been so busy! Our roommate just lost his job, so I am stressed out and between that and work, classes and regular finance worries I am wiped out. Luckily the hubby knows about this bet and isn't letting me cheat at dinner. He's cooking me sausage and eggs since breakfast-for-dinner is his main specialty. They're having hashbrowns with theirs.... oh well. Wish me luck guys, the next few days we'll need it. [09/09]

Shana D: thanks, Tina =) [09/09]

Amy W: Down another .5 today... only 21 more lbs to go, and 82 days in which to do it. You ladies are all doing so well, congrats! You're all certainly a great motivation - we ALL can do this!! :) [09/09]

Tina W: Shana-you can do it!! I repeatedly say "it's just 20 min, it's just 20 min..." And the 20 min does go pretty fast, and you have the rest of your day to feel proud of yourself for gettin it done! [09/09]

Shana D: Thanks for the feedback Nenette, I hope you feel better soon! BarbiD, I hear ya'. I have been very lax and this next weigh in is going to suck! I decided to get the 30 Day Shred DVD, with so much positive feedback and great reviews and great price on Amazon I couldn't resist (maybe it was retail therapy, but better than a brownie, right?) I'll be blogging about it on pairopears to try to keep myself accountable, though it will be a tough commitment. My only choices are to do it at the butt crack of dawn or late in the evening (4 hr commute on top of 8+ hr workdays doesn't allow much time for anything else) and as I woke up to the chilly air this morning I thought to myself, "these 30 days are gonna suck" [09/09]

Barbi D: TOM is still here. I know I'm not losing this week and due to fussy kids, car trouble, etc. I haven't been on my game like I was last week. Oh well, today is a new day. [09/09]

Barbi D: Oh Nenette. Ouch. Wishing you a speedy recovery! [09/09]

Nenette A: Shana, I too have done the Shred, and i loved it. I'm thinking of getting back into it again. In other news, I too have been plagued with TOM. It's been bad for the past few months thanks to a couple of uterine polyps. Oh, and speaking of, I'll be having a DnC on the 23rd to get rid of the polyps. Ah, life... [09/08]

Shana D: hmm... you two ladies and the price on Amazon may have just convinced my investment. [09/08]

AndreAnna M: Shana - its a great, quick workout! Personally, I have found I have to be out of the house to workout (hence, Crossfit) but I know a lot of people love DVDs and I've actually tried this one and like it! [09/08]

Tina W: Shana-I really like 30 day shred. It's a quick 20 min work out that's pretty challenging. If I have time, I like to do 2 levels back to back. I've never actually done 30 days in row, though-anyone tried that? [09/08]

Shana D: Hope everyone is having a better day today than they did yesterday! I'm considering trying out Jillian's 30 Day Shred. Anyone have any experience with it? [09/08]

AndreAnna M: Between helping my parents unpack for hours without drinking enough water and crying all night oer this stupid daycare debacle, I was somehow up 2 pounds which I assume is my body holding on to every ounce of water it can, considering I'm sure my my caloric intake was far below my output the past few days. Wah. I won't "officially" weigh in till the 15th though... [09/08]

Barbi D: I've determined today will be a better day. Yesterday sucked but today I won't let the bastards get me down. ;) I screwed up last night and ate more than I needed for dinner and then ate a 2oz shot glass full of dairy free chocolate chips. TOM, stress, and general whining got the better of me. I didn't weigh today and won't until TOM leaves. Back on track today. [09/08]

Zeller A: Today is full of suck for me. stuck in class all morning with a bunch of freshman, work, and then watching my nephew instead of working out this afternoon. I am a live-in babysitter for my brother's adorable 8 month old. aand I just found out I have 2 exams next week! joy! [09/08]

AndreAnna M: This day is full of suck. Our kids dayhome dumped us since her assistant quit and she couldnt keep all the babies. On the otherhand, I got in a lot of exercise today with Crossfit and unloading my parents PODS for SEVEN HOURS! [09/07]

Tina W: Sarah Lena-looks like you still lost despite the fall, so that's great! [09/07]

Sarah Lena B: I officially fell off the wagon this weekend; birthday festivities, in-laws visiting, and dining out means I stuck to no guns in the diet arena. BUT! I'm renewed! [09/07]

Elizabeth S: Down 3 lbs despite being less-than-strict over the long weekend! I am surprised, esp since "Aunt Flo" is visiting. (Bitch. She brings the worst presents.) It's encouraging reading everyone's stories! I'm glad I took the bet - this should keep me on track! [09/07]

Andrea Y: It was good for me to read everyone's success stories (gold stars everyone!) this morning so I can kick my lazy butt into gear! I had a picture taken at the fair this weekend and I didn't cringe at the sight of it so I must keep pushing! [09/07]

Tina W: Way to go guys! I've been trying to be so good this week, but the afternoon munchies got the better of me today. It's never good when you get to dinnertime and you're not even hungry! :) [09/06]

Barbi D: Great job Zeller! I lost about 5 this week but with TOM's arrival today I'm sure I'm up a couple so I won't weigh again until Saturday or so. [09/06]

Zeller A: I can't believe I've lost almost 7 pounds this week! I'm floored. I've had more bacon in the last week than I have in months! But I do miss crunchy things and bread. I picked up some GF veggie chips yesterday, which helped a lot, and some beet and sweet potato chips. All of this and I haven't worked out all week! [09/06]

Barbi D: Well, hello TOM. Thanks for coming early so that you can be gone before my next weigh in on the 15th. [09/06]

Barbi D: Kids had me up at 5:40 a.m. (yawn). Hubby was out running 14 miles. Scale held steady today for which I'm thankful since I had some Chardonnay last night. Planning to eat breakfast, a slightly larger than usual lunch and then IFing until breakfast tomorrow since I'm taking my 4 yo to a birthday party tonight where there won't be any healthy or gluten free choices. Hope everyone did well last night. Saturday nights are hard! [09/05]

Zeller A: AndreAnna, thanks! It's $13 a pound at the health food store here. I am a prime member too! [09/04]

AndreAnna M: Zeller - the cheapest source of almond flour I've found is Honeyville Grains on Amazon. 36.99 for a 5-lb bag, free shipping if you're a Prime member. [09/04]

Zeller A: AndreAnna, I'm going to try that and your pizza dough, just need to pick up almond flour! Barbi, I definitely will. They didnt tell us they were ordering lunch, it just appeared today. Going out to dinner tonight. It'll be interesting to navigate it primally. [09/04]

Anna W: Since my hubby is out of town I am having a hard time! I went out for lunch by myself today, and even though I did good on the salad (no croutons) and had veggies with my steak and shrimp instead of potatoes, I did cave and have some bread. :( So far I feel fine but you think I'd learn my lesson! I also had an icecream this morning for breakfast. I was a bad girl!!! But, I'm going out with a friend tonight and we should be doing some dancing! And I'm the DD, so no drinkies for me.... gave them up last month and I'm not going back. Sigh - thought this would be easy since I have money on it, but I guess I'm not as smart as I thought.... [09/04]

Barbi D: Ask them to slap a salad on that lunch order next time. They are good and likely cheaper than a sub, chips, and drink. [09/04]

AndreAnna M: Zeller - eat them sammiches without the bread!! Use lettuce. Better yet, make my onion rolls and keep them at work so you can build your own sammich when the innards! ;) [09/04]

Zeller A: My work just brought in Firehouse subs for lunch... one of my former favorite sammich places. This is a hard day! I had to break my fast to eat some greek yogurt and almonds, but I'm resisting! I know that bread will just make me regret it. [09/04]

Amy W: Oh Celiac disease, you evil evil bitch. I woke up feeling great this morning from having no gluten/carbs the past few days. Then, I went to the Farmers Market and had just THREE crackers to sample some homemade jellies, and now I am bloated and cramping. Gluten is the devil. But it tastes so good lol [09/04]

Barbi D: Oh, and I know our official weigh in isn't until the 15th but I'm still entering my weights here occasionally now just as an easy place to track them. [09/04]

Barbi D: I dropped a miraculous 2.4 lbs since yesterday. I was more than due for a good loss. Oh, I've also been either skipping or eating a very light dinner (just vegetables or a little fruit) the past few days and have really felt better in the mornings. Also, only eating when truly hungry. Such a difference. [09/04]

AndreAnna M: You guys are all going so great!!! I'm IFing most of today considering I went balls out last night at dinner and not only threw up from feeling so overstuffed but spent most of the night and AM in the morning. Lesssn learned, body. Lesson learned. [09/04]

Tina W: I missed my workout this morning. It's sooo hard for me to get the motivation to work out at night after kiddos are in bed. Good thing I have this to help find that motivation! [09/03]

Wendy R: Yesterday I signed up for a 6 hour race, held on Oct. 30th. Here's hoping the training and race will help me blast off my 22 pounds. [09/03]

Anna W: Did a 25 hour IF today, had sushi for dinner (I know, not low carb but still good and no wheat) and then did my "lift heavy things" work out (namely, myself). My arms are so tired it's hard to hold them to the keyboard. Think I'm going to shower and then just watch TV in bed. [09/03]

Zeller A: I'm thinking about IF'ing tomorrow. I have to go into work for most of the day, and they're providing lunch which usually consists of fast food/pizza/fried chicken. I haven't felt as good as I do today in a very long time, and I want to keep it that way! Dinner tonight for me was a mixed greens and arugula salad with grilled dijon chicken (boneless/skinless thighs), and grilled portobellas. I couldn't finish it all for the first time ever, and I'm stuffed! [09/03]

Nenette A: Oh, I should've IF'd too! I think I'll do it this Sunday -- which is Treat Day for the rest of the fam. It's just not a workout day though, and I like doing weights on an IF day. Oh well. [09/03]

Amy W: Carb free "Spaghetti & Meatballs" for dinner - My mom made a homemade pasta sauce (that was simmering allllll day), using shredded carrots to sweeten the sauce (so it's also sugar free) and used the carrots and cheese as the binder in the meatballs instead of breadcrumbs. Served over Spaghetti squash - it was sooo good, and full of veggies and protein - without the gluten and carbs! [09/03]

Shana D: if I don't make it back on here before the end of the weekend, have a great one everyone! [09/03]

Amy W: Bad allergies this morning + 3 benadryl to stop this sneezing = Me falling back to sleep at 9am and not waking back up until 2pm. Sleeping burns a lot of calories though right? LOL Plus, sleeping also keeps me out of the kitchen and away from unnecessary snacking when I'm not actually hungry. [09/03]

Shana D: ok, who am I kidding. I'm going on a mini vacay to CT, attending a state fair and hanging with a girlfriend... if I stay strict this weekend it will be a miracle. [09/03]

Zeller A: I'm staying strict this weekend too. I feel tremendously better today. Did a 14hr fast last night until about 10 today. I'm going to stop weighing myself every day, or I'll go crazy too! My plan this weekend is to hydrate more! [09/03]

AndreAnna M: I'm only weighing myself on the 1st and 15th, otherwise I'll go bananas. Or eat them. With chocolate. YUM. [09/03]

Tricia B: I'm definitely staying strict, but I need to eat less and drink more. So dehydrated. Plus, as you can see, my scale went back to my more accurate weight today. I'm reading this for motivation: [09/03]

Shana D: Barbi D, definitely sticking to strict this weekend! 80+ days is going to fly! Congratulations on losing 40lbs this year! That's incredible! [09/03]

Andrea Y: Just caught myself up on all of the message board chatter! Like Anna, my phone won't let me scroll the message board so I have to wait to read everything until I am connected to my laptop. I am planning a slight sway away from my Primal program on Sunday when we go to the State Fair. Because fried oreos rock my face off. Other then that, I am going to limit alcohol and try the iFast on Sunday before the fair. [09/03]

AndreAnna M: Well, my fast was only 18 hours because I was literally shaking from lactic acid buildup and glycogen depletion from Crossfit this morning so I had some blueberries and cottage cheese. Going out for a nice (primal) steak dinner with hubby tonight! [09/03]

Amy W: I did an 18 hour iFast and I feel great - no bloat today!! Having some cheese and fruit for breakfast, and a Larabar... Just not in the mood to cook. Skipping lunch, and dinner will probably be the egg and spinach omelet I had planned to make this morning lol. Also, today's plan of action is WATER WATER WATER!! I tend to drink enough in the morning/afternoon, but by 3pm on I wind up reaching for the diet soda/coffee, and I wake up feeling dehydrated in the morning. Today's goal is to drink nothing but water. [09/03]

Barbi D: I plan on being very strict this weekend. The bet is part of it but the bigger motivator is having only two pair of jeans and 4-5 shirts that fit me right now for fall. I've lost 40 pounds this year so 2x's swallow me but my 1x's are skin tight or won't button. I have to lose 6lbs to have more clothes. [09/03]

Barbi D: Friday! Everyone planning to stay on track this weekend for Labor Day or are you taking the "Eh, there's another 80 days left to get this thing done" approach? LOL [09/03]

Anna W: I haven't eaten since 4 yesterday. I just committed to a 24 hour ifast on Twitter, so looks like I won't be eating until around 5 tonight. Seems to be doing good for me though. [09/03]

Anna W: Whew. My headache is gone! Still having cramps and bloating, though. It's always nice when the gluten starts to work its way out of my system, I start to feel so much better. On the side - I can't check this site at work (the school filter blocks out "gambling" sites) and when I check it on my phone it won't let me scroll the message board, so if I don't respond to someone until later in the day that's why. :) [09/02]

AndreAnna M: Yes, Tina, I would definitely not recommend it nursing but it is something to keep in mind for later down the road; it's really interesting!!! [09/02]

Tina W: AndreAnna-thnx, I'll look it up. Probably not too appropriate if I'm nursing twins, though, huh? A lifetime of not reducing calories sounds great, though!! [09/02]

AndreAnna M: Tina: I use IF every once in a while to let my body rest and heal damaged cells. It's also a great "reset" to listen to hunger cues. Done lone-term IF offers the health and lifespan benefits of CR (calorie restriction) without actually reducing calories. Just google it and there's a ton of info. I have some great articles if you're interested. [09/02]

Zeller A: Feeling better tonight, but still have a lingering headache. Dinner was a scramble of eggs, smoked salmon, red onion, chives, and bacon. yumm! Down 2 already! [09/02]

Tricia B: No workout today and a pan of primal zucchini bread -- I'm guessing there's going to be a weigh-in fail tomorrow! [09/02]

Tina W: What's the benefit of an 18 hr intermittent fast? [09/02]

AndreAnna M: Hey - just a quick note: Did everyone get their money over? I wanted to take a screenshot of it all once it was in to ensure that we're not stealing your money. LOL [09/02]

AndreAnna M: I'm starting an 18-hr Intermittent Fast. Last meal was at 2 pm, but had a few bites of food around 5pm. Going to fast till Lunch tomorrow. I wish I could go longer but if I so Crossfit in the morning, I have to eat within a few hours or I hallucinate. LOL [09/02]

Barbi D: Had an orange and asparagus for dinner. Wasn't very hungry and I've actually made it all day watching for true hunger. I had several opportunities to stuff my face today but thought of the bet and my fellow Twitter Bitches! Hope everyone stayed on track today. [09/02]

Zeller A: dear primal migraine, please go away. you're making me feel like poop. kthx. [09/02]

Shana D: ah, Aunt Flow, how nice of you to stop by, and oh look, you brought cramps and headaches with you, how darling. Next time try bringing brownies. [09/02]

Shana D: thanks, AndreAnna, that's what I figured. oh well, maybe I will look into just cutting out gluten and lectin. [09/02]

Barbi D: Amy, I have Celiac's Disease too. Stay off that gluten girl. We've got a bajillion percent higher chance of getting colon cancer in our older years if we don't stay strictly gluten free. Colostomy bags aren't sexy girl! ;) [09/02]

AndreAnna M: Shana - to be honest, no. It's not really possible to be Primal and vegetarian because in lieu of grains and legumes, protein comes from meat sources as well as the saturated fat. That being said, you CAN stay with vegetarianism and remove most irritating grains like those that contain gluten and lectin. Also, for me. Eating "primal" is not a detox or a diet. It's just how I eat and have been living for 3 months and have never been healthier!! [09/02]

Amy W: Barbi - Not necessarily Primal, I would have to research it more I guess before I decided to go that route. Mostly I am just cutting out gluten/carbs because I have Celiac's disease, and I'm not suppose to eat them anyway. I was diagnosed about three months ago, and always feel so much better when I stay gluten free. But I think to be completely primal you have to cut out all grains as well? Which I don't really plan to do... at least not yet. One step at a time haha. Hope you're doing well today :) [09/02]

Amy W: Oh how I love water weight loss. Already down 5.5lbs today.... which is like .5 lbs to a thinner person lol. [09/02]

Andrea Y: Is it Friday yet?!?! [09/02]

Shana D: Morning ladies! Is everyone who is detoxing using the primal diet as a detox or are you doing something else? Anyone who is primal, would you happen to know if it is possible as a vegetarian? Was kind of put off by the anti-veg tirades on Primal Blue Print. I've been veg for 10 yrs., always hated meat, can't stomach the thought of eating it again. [09/02]

Nenette A: G'day everyone! It's going to be a busy day today. I have to go grocery shopping or this will have to be a fasting day! And like Tricia, I had so little sleep last night that I need to eat something, and I don't want that something to be an emergency piece of toast! [09/02]

Barbi D: Morning all! Sounds like everyone is fighting the good fight! Detox headaches are nasty. Amy, are you doing Primal now? [09/02]

Anna W: I went to bed without eating last night because I wasn't hungry enough to cook dinner. We'll see if my drop is going to stay or not, though. :) Tonight are my grad classes - we'll see if I can avoid that cafe! Wish me luck! [09/02]

Tricia B: I wish there was a column to put sleep time -- I am without. This week is going to hurt. [09/02]

Amy W: Detox headache can suuuuuuuuuuck it!!!! Ahem. Sorry for the outburst. I'm trying to watch "Castle" & not even sexy beast Nathan Fillion is making me feel better. Sigh. This too shall pass, and than I'll feel better and can hit the gym. Those of us "detoxing", will ALL feel better soon. Goodbye nasty sugar/carb/gluten toxins.... you may or may not be missed - ask me again around Thanksgiving when I want to stuff pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes in my face-hole! :) [09/01]

Zeller A: Anna, I'm with you on that detox headache. [09/01]

Tina W: Just got a new digital scale today (had to take the 6 kids w/ me to Walmart to pick it up!), so I'll post first pic tomorrow morning. [09/01]

Anna W: I'm hoping my detox headache is short-lived, and my "issues" due to dear Aunt Flow visiting pass soon. This is crap. :( I hate it when my body gangs up on me. [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Yes, and it was creepy. I may have buried it. (We're sisters for those who don't know us) [09/01]

Amy W: Barbi - AndreAnna can confirm, but I'm almost positive that I had a stuffed Noid doll that I carried around when we were kids LOL. Food was with me, even then haha. [09/01]

Barbi D: Avoid the Noid! Wasn't that a pizza commercial in the 80's?? :) Good job! [09/01]

Anna W: OMFG I'm at the shop and the guys just got pizza delivered! It smells amazing! This is a damn good motivation, and it better be worth it for me to forgo pepperoni pizza! [09/01]

Anna W: And I updated my weight to reflect my weigh-in this morning - I didn't want to be the only one with a % to goal! The new scale is nice though! [09/01]

Anna W: Thanks Zeller! My hubby's a tattoo artist, so the ink is kinda required! [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Tricia - check it, I think I found you and sent it! [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Nevermind, Tricia - it says it cant find that username but found a "tcita" is that you? [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Twice a month - on the 1st and 15th! Tricia - sent! [09/01]

Tricia B: Hey AndreAnna, my Flickr account is TCita006. Can you add me? [09/01]

Tina W: Did you want pics posted twice a week or twice a month? [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Yep, sent the invite! [09/01]

Tina W: does work? Sorry, I really am not very computer savvy! [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Hmm. Tina, it says username not found - is hat the whole Flickr username? Sorry this is giving you trouble. [09/01]

Tina W: OK, my username is twolvet and my email is Hope that works! [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Hi tina! Just go to and create an account and then let me know what your username is so I can send you an invite to the group [09/01]

Tina W: I'm excited for the motivation, but have to confess that I don't even have a twitter account or a flicker account either! I know-where have I been? [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Tan lines? What tan lines? ;) Zeller - you're on!!! 22.2 lbs to Orlando! LOL [09/01]

Zeller A: Barbi D, I'm just under 5'9"! and AndreAnna, I can meet you guys in Orlando. I'm 2 hours away! [09/01]

Shana D: AndreAnna, turn that IF into a WHEN, girl! You and Andrea will have to post pics of your tan lines when you get back from this celebratory trip ;) [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Nen - you got this baby!!! [09/01]

Nenette A: Thanks, Andrea. :) This is so exciting! [09/01]

Andrea Y: Welcome onboard Nenette! [09/01]

Andrea Y: AndreAnna, that is a deal. A big enough deal in fact that i will stop dreaming of milkshakes and start dreaming of the gym! [09/01]

Nenette A: :( I don't think there are any cheap flights from Canada to Orlando. [09/01]

Nenette A: hi guys! I just joined... and I'm scared because I've never done this before. I'm @NenetteAM on Twitter and flickr. [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Andrea - I'll make a pact with you: IF we both hit goal, we WILL meet up in Orlando (only city on the eat coast my stupid airport flies direct to) sometime in December or January for a quick warm celebratory weekend. Deal?! [09/01]

Barbi D: Looks like Zeller and I are within 0.8lbs of each other. How tall are you? I'm a shade under 5'8. [09/01]

Andrea Y: Orlando in December is a plan I can get behind :) [09/01]

Barbi D: Good idea Amy. I went back to yesterday's weight and made it the same as today. That way my goal says 0% and not -1.1% haha [09/01]

Zeller A: just posted mine! Lovin your ink, Anna! [09/01]

Ashley D: My twitter is: @ashdanz [09/01]

AndreAnna M: I say we all catch a cheap flight to Orlando or something for a night! Ha [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Kate - do you have a Flickr acct? I need that username to send the invite [09/01]

Andrea Y: Even though we all live in different places, we will have to plan some kind of Twitter celebration for when we have all rocked this challenge! :) I am always looking for an excuse to celebrate! [09/01]

kate d: I will send my money when I get home tonight. My email is for the flickr page [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Amy & Anna - it doesn't really matter if it off from yesterday since the point is the goal, not total loss. So no worries. [09/01]

Amy W: Make sure you guys are updating yesterday's initial weigh in with whatever the scale said this morning. That way it doesn't look like you've already lost/gained since yesterday, since today is the official start date!! :) Just use the drop down next to where you are adding in your weight, and change the day to August 31st. [09/01]

Anna W: My estimate was off 3 pounds- should I try to change my start weight (hard to do on my phone) or just leave it? Since point is to hit goal, not to lose the most, it doesn't really matter does it? [09/01]

AndreAnna M: My pic is posted and somehow, it was exactly the same as my guess yesterday. So, that's a plus! Ready to rock this guys?!?! [09/01]

Barbi D: Thanks Shana. I have both Twitters in the list now. [09/01]

Amy W: Took my pic this morning. I was two lbs off from what I guessed yesterday, so now I officially have 32lbs to lose in the 90 days. This is going to be an interesting ride!! [09/01]

Shana D: so my 90 days are off to an excellent start - forgot my camera and therefore my scale picture at home and trains were running late this morning so I couldn't get my morning walk in. ugh... will try to post pic from home tonight, but can't guarantee anything. home comp hates me. [09/01]

Shana D: my twitters are... @pairopears (with Zeller) and @sadattilio [09/01]

Barbi D: Thanks Liz. I'll get you added. [09/01]

Barbi D: Well, I weighed .2lbs more than I did yesterday so I'm -1.1% to goal. Way to start off, huh? haha [09/01]

Liz (The Insane) R: My twitter = gaevren Disclaimer= I never check my twitter lol. [09/01]

Barbi D: Welcome Anna! Hey guys, I'm working on a Twitter List of everyone involved under my @KeepRealSimple called FATBET. Still need Twitter names for the other Barbara D, Liz, Ashley, Elizabeth, and anyone who adds last minute this a.m. [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Welcome Anna! Sent your Flickr invite to the group! Dudes, the pot is at $700!! Hopefully a few more ppl will join up tomorrow! Man, a 1K pot would be so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!! [08/31]

Anna W: Hey all - just sent my ante in, ready to go with a new scale! My email is (and I already have a flickr) and my Twitter is *you guessed it* lady_daraine. I am really looking forward to this! [08/31]

AndreAnna M: What Amy said [08/31]

Amy W: Wendy R: I guessed as well, so I plan on updating with correct weight tomorrow when I take the picture of the scale, but leaving my goal weight the same. So it is possible that your "lbs to goal" may be more or less if you have to adjust tomorrow. [08/31]

Wendy R: So, question...if I guessed my weight wrong today when I signed up today (like I weigh more tomorrow at weigh in) do I change my start weight? Is tomorrow the "offical" start? [08/31]

Wendy R: I'm @wathleticmonkey on Twitter [08/31]

Tricia B: I'm @tcita on twitter, and email is Yay! [08/31]

Tricia B: Twitter bitches may be the best group name ever. [08/31]

Barbi D: Oh, and duh....I'm @KeepRealSimple [08/31]

Zeller A: @zellerpress in twitter! [08/31]

Amy W: Twitter = @AmyMelz :) :) [08/31]

Andrea Y: I am @andrea1437 on twitter! [08/31]

Barbi D: So what is everyone's Twitter name so I know who to follow? [08/31]

Liz (The Insane) R: Rawr, this is awesome! [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Since I just stuffed my face with meat sauce, I have a feeling the goal may be a bit steeper at weigh-in tomorrow. Ha! Everyone should have a Flickr invite to the fatbet account - check it if you haven't already! [08/31]

Zeller A: I can't believe it either! So much motivation!!! [08/31]

Amy W: Yay!! MY bff BarbDizzle signed up!! You may be my bestie, but I still plan to kick your budunkadunk!! LOL :) [08/31]

Barbi D: Cannot believe we are at $600!! [08/31]

Barbi D: Oh cool. That is too funny. [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Two Barbara Davis' here!! [08/31]

Amy W: Just wanted to give a quick, and of course friendly, heads up that I... plan on taking ALL of you dowwwwwwn!!!! ;) [08/31]

AndreAnna M: So glad you guys could join us!!! Sent the Flickr invited to both of you!! Pot is at $550 now and I know of at least 2-3 more people who will hopefully join in by tomorrow!! [08/31]

Zeller A: Hey guys, I'm "Jasper" from @pairopears. I'm wicked excited to do this. My e-mail is and I'm 'zellerpress' on flickr. I'll also be blogging my way through this challenge on our blog [08/31]

Shana D: ah, nevermind, Zeller helped me.. money sent. email: [08/31]

Shana D: Hey ladies, I'm excited to join ya'll in this. For a little FYI on how I found you, I am "Peregrine" from @pairopears. (when "Jasper" and I started pairopears we were a little embarrassed about putting ourselves completely out there so we chose other names. Dorky, I know... we're kind of kicking ourselves for it now). Anyway, AndreAnna, thanks for the extra motivational kick in the butt, I'd certainly rather lose 15lbs than $50! How do I put my money in? Sign in to paypal and just enter the email address for Michael? [08/31]

Elizabeth S: Sarah Lena, babe, you want to lose Justin Beiber! [08/31]

AndreAnna M: So far the pot is at $450!!!! [08/31]

Elizabeth S: I think the Christmas sweater is a bigger motivation for me than the money! [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Sarah - you need to update the goal. says you want to lose 150 lbs. LOL I would be, like, an Olsen. [08/31]

AndreAnna M: sent to your Flickr profile!! [08/31]

Ashley D: Whoops. That will not work. Use this email instead: [08/31]

Ashley D: [08/31]

AndreAnna M: I have created a private Flickr group: I will need your email to add you as a member. We can upload and post comments and such on the photos there. Everyone post your email addresses and I will add you to the photo group. [08/31]

Ashley D: Where do we post the photos for the scale accountability? [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Because it has come to my attention that some people may not own awful Christmas sweaters, the other option is to wear a DJ Lance costume. Think orange spandex people! ;) [08/31]

Ashley D: Yay! I'm excited for this challenge! [08/31]

Barbi D: 30lbs is an amazing goal Amy! You can do it!!!! [08/31]

Amy W: I challenge myself to lose 30lbs over the next 90 days. It's funny that this came up today (thanks to my lovely sister for organizing), because my own personal plan was to start a self weight loss challenge of 40lbs down over the next 4 months starting tomorrow, for New Years Eve (So I could rock a hot/sexy outfit of course lol). This fatbet challenge is a great way to keep me motivated for the next 90 days, and then hopefully WHEN I reach my goal, I'll be able to get that last 10 or so lbs down over December to reach my NYE goal!! Money, being an awesome motivator for an unemployed broke biotch like myself of course LOL. Good luck ladies!! :) [08/31]

Andrea Y: Apparently I am a little touched in the head when it comes to filling in my info. I am ready to rock and roll! And I too was sitting here feeling lame for my 12 pounds, but every pound I loose has ALWAYS been a challenge, so 12 pounds will kick my ghetto booty! [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Also, I figure if there are more than one winner, we'll just split the pot yes? Maybe we'll all be awesome and just get our $50 back which I demand we use to buy ourselves a hot outfit, deal? [08/31]

AndreAnna M: I feel lame that my goal is only 12 lbs but trust me when I tell you how hard that's going to be (unless I catch the #flowbows). I build so much muscle with XF that I'm going to have to relaly step it up to get body fat down! This is gonna ROCK! [08/31]

Barbi D: Let's do this! Set a challenging goal of 215. That's 17.8 pounds from what I weighed this morning and a little over a pound a week. This is going to be a very good motivator! [08/31]

Wendy R: I love competition and I love money. Let's do this thing. [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Woooo, Wendy is here!!! [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Andrea, you have to modify your weight loss goal, unless you REALLY want to weigh nothing. ;) You have to enter your goal weight and it will do the math for you. [08/31]

Andrea Y: This will be good motivation to keep me from turning into Jabba the Hutt over Thanksgiving! [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Oh and I chose 12 lbs because it would bring me from 207-195 which I think is a nice square number and I'm psychotic. [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Ok, guys, ya ready for this? Bi-weekly weigh-ins on the 1st and 15th of each month until the final weigh-in on Nov 30. Photos of scale for accountability, EAT THAT FROG BITCHES. [08/31]

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