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From Keg to Six Pack

Start Date: 8/31/2010
End Date: 11/30/2010
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Lori F-4.312911/30
Amy W-2.010611/30
AndreAnna M-0.610511/30
Tricia B-0.210211/30
jess g4.06009/21
Wendy A5.03809/07
Jude M7.23309/02
Michael M21.22910/26
Anthony C16.02009/22
Pam P16.51810/17
Eric W11.21411/30
Jill H20.0008/31
John M15.0011/30
Frank C30.5009/01
Jen B9.0-611/30
Michael W52.0-4911/29
Message Board
Amy W: I stopped caring. I stopped caring about the scale, about a number, and about every little thing I put in my mouth. If I'm hungry I eat, sensibly - mostly gluten free with lots of protein and veggies - , until I'm comfortably full and then I stop. If I want a cookie, I'll eat a cookie and don't let myself feel bad about it afterwards. Since I stopped stressing so much about numbers and food, the weight has just been coming off. Being happy apparently does wonders for your waistline. [11/30]

Eric W: Congrats to Lori F, Amy W, AndreAnna M, and Tricia B for kicking our butts! Care to share your secrets? [11/30]

Eric W: 13.8% toward my goal. Lovely. *sigh* [11/30]

Michael W: Bad here too. I'll add my weight..... gain. [11/29]

Eric W: This fatbet, miserable failure that it's ben for me, is almost over. If you'd like to join me for another (longer) one, go to It ends March 15 (the Ides of March). [11/29]

John M: Oh, this isn't a weight GAINING contest? I had it backwards. Okay...lemme get to work on turning this thing around. [11/23]

Eric W: I suck. [11/22]

Lori F: Hey Eric, it's been all about the calorie restriction for me, increasing protein and reducing carbs. I'm starting to add in exercise now, too. [11/12]

Eric W: What happened, Amy W? [10/19]

Eric W: Hey, Lori F, what's your secret? [10/14]

Eric W: I have no idea what the hell is going on. Ugh. [10/01]

Amy W: Down 22lbs in one month! [10/01]

Michael W: Y'all better tighten up. I have. :) [09/24]

Eric W: Amy W must be doing something right. Wowsers. [09/23]

Michael W: Anthony, you can't. [09/23]

Anthony C: How do I get the pull-down menu to list tomorrow's date? [09/22]

Michael W: Been eating a lot, but still slowly losing. Guess I'm doing something right. Need more veggies though. [09/10]

Michael W: Yay! I'm back even! haha I guess the few beers helped me retain water this weekend. Last night's soccer practice had me sweating. [09/08]

Eric W: I've started another fatbet to run along with this one but last longer. It goes until 03/15/11. Join here: Watch here: [09/07]

Eric W: I'd speculate that an occasional fast (bread and water, not complete) might be good for resetting your hungry/full signaling. I'm thinkin gof writing a blog post about applying Catholic Lent rules to weight loss. Starting with a day of fasting, having meatless Fridays, and emphasizing moderation the rest of time might work well. [09/07]

Michael W: Eric, I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one that went up. :) [09/07]

jess g: hey michael... be careful with fasting. it tricks your body into thinking it is starving and shuts your metabolism down! [09/07]

jess g: hey michael... be careful with fasting. it tricks your body into thinking it is starving and shuts your metabolism down! [09/07]

Eric W: I went to a wedding and an amusement park this weekend, so I'm not surprised my weight bounced back up. I also haven't run since Thursday. [09/07]

Michael W: Intermittent Fasting. [09/03]

Eric W: What's IFast? [09/03]

Michael W: I kinda started an IFast yesterday at 2PM, right after lunch. I'll be doing so till 2PM today or if I can, I may extend it a little longer. Till dinner maybe. Slowly but surely! [09/03]

jess g: oh man, i drank too much wine last night AND im going away this weekend. grrr.... [09/02]

Michael W: Only down a pound this morning. I think I'm at my true weight, so it's all going to be pretty slow for myself. Been IFing off and on for the last couple months. [09/02]

Amy W: Water weight loss - Already down 5.5lbs lol. Now I'm probably at my "real weight", so we'll see how the next 89 days go because I won't be seeing any more 5+ plus overnight weight losses after this. Hope everyone is doing well and eating healthier!! :) [09/02]

John M: First weigh-in. Down two pounds. You losers are going DOWN!!! [09/02]

Michael W: If any of you use IRC - and join channel #fatbet :) [09/01]

Michael W: My best friend Frank, I just invited him on. He's frankc420 on Twitter. [09/01]

Frank C: Best of luck to everyone, but I'm going to win this bet. [09/01]

Eric W: BTW, Michael has a good idea. You can find me on Twitter as FunkyDung. [09/01]

Eric W: We could define loss as having the lowest % of goal reached. [09/01]

Michael W: So anyone that doesn't make their weight foal are considered the losers, right? Maybe I should've not shot for so much weight lose. haha Eh, no worries, I'll make it. :) [09/01]

Michael W: Hello all. Fat boy here (mwhities@twitter) (follow me if you aren't) and ready to rock it. [09/01]

Eric W: Since there's such a large and diverse group, perhaps we should wager some kind of embarrassing act that the loser(s) can perform in front of a webcam. Thoughts? [09/01]

AndreAnna M: Did we decide on a wager? [09/01]

Eric W: Suggest that to the site owners, Jess. That'd be a welcome addition. Social media tools for Twitter, etc. would be cool, too. :) [09/01]

jess g: i wish we could have avatars on here... [09/01]

jess g: bring it!! im ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [09/01]

Amy W: I will take that SISSY dowwwwwwn!!!! [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Ok, so my sister (Amy W) and husband (Mike M) are both on here trying to lose 30 lbs. The next three months will entail much name calling round these parts I predict. [08/31]

Eric W: Tricia, it'll be hard to put stuff off when you see your weight dropping (or not) in comparison to others and the provided goal line. :) [08/31]

Tricia B: My 1 concern is that 3 months seems like a long enough time to put stuff off... I'm going to need some taunting! [08/31]

Wendy A: I would like to lose 8 lbs... [08/31]

Eric W: Here's an idea for a wager: ;) [08/31]

Amy W: Looking forward to the challenge. Good luck everyone! [08/31]

AndreAnna M: Woot! I'm actually in TWO fatbets now - nothing like humiliation and rewards all over the place!! I like the idea of the bad sweater - that IS awesome. [08/31]

Anthony C: Loser wears an ugly sweater to a non-ugly-sweater holiday party. [08/31]

Tricia B: I am very excited to hear folks' ideas for rewards/punishments. I was just telling someone I'm so much more motivated by terror than treats. [08/31]

Eric W: I'm planning on weighing is as often as I can remember, but let's shoot for at least weekly as a group. Sound good? [08/31]

Anthony C: In every way, this is sure to be better than fantasy football. [08/31]

Tricia B: Sigh. Cannot figure out how to edit my end goal. That should be 14, not 4 lbs. [08/31]

Eric W: Welcome to all. I hope we can encourage each other (or nag/tease, as needed/desired) so we all reach our goals. :) [08/31]

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