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Five moms battling to lose some poundage before their big trip to Vegas. They claim to be terrified of karaoke. We are skeptical. Good luck Showgirls.

Nicely done! You gals (except for Ann Marie) are an inspiration to Fatbettors everywhere.
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Vegas Showgirls

Start Date: 5/5/2008
End Date: 8/5/2008
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Whoever does not make their goal weight will sing a karaoke song in Vegas in public. Winners choose the song.
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Dalene H-1.611108/05
Shawna S-0.610408/05
Holly B-0.410308/05
Diana C0.010008/05
Ann Marie S6.13908/05
Message Board
Diana C: Gotta have part of the bet to sing so Ann Marie has another possiblity to have a singing partner.....maybe round of drinks? Boring! Humm............. gotta be something embarrassing in Vegas. Holly~ Think of something so embarrassing that you would do and bet it! What about sing, dance and wear something outrageous! [08/06]

Holly B: I AM NOT SINGING! After all the stress in the last 24 hours NO WAY! Even my kids said it was a good thing I made it because I am a terrible singer. Thanks girls. I will be happy to snap pictures of you fools though! I will send off a Vegas Showgirls II bet tomorrow, you can either maintain or lose, what should the bet be? [08/05]

Dalene H: If I have enough to drink Ann Marie I will sing with you!! I'm looking forward to the next challenge...5# sounds a lot easier and that will help us all maintain the 15# loss. [08/05]

Ann Marie S: Congrats!!!! I bet you all look wonderful, and I'm glad you all made it and it sucks that I didn't!!! So Shawna it sounds like you might want to sing a tune with the big loser?? I could definately use the company!!! [08/05]

Diana C: Whoo Hooo! Let Ann Marie will be a great scrapbook page! Another 5# in two months, I could do that! What's the bet, Holly? Are you gonna start it tomorrow, 8/6...weigh in every Wednesday and final day in October 1st before we leave! [08/05]

Shawna S: Okay so the miralax is moving all kinds of s-----! Literally. Ha. I am eating a nice dinner tonight and starting again tomorrow. I think we should do another for 5 lbs before our trip. And I don't think Ann Marie should sing alone.............whos in??? Oh and Diana I did not even have to get naked. Ha. Keep moving ladies. [08/05]

Diana C: Too Funny! Good luck. Holly took some Midol that has a diuretic in it and lost 1.8 since this morning. I wasn't actually naked at work, but undressed in the bathroom at work for an accurate weight. Checked that it was locked 3 times. Welcome home, Shawna! Are we meeting for a drink tonight or are we all wasted from our drastic measures? I'm off at 7:30pm and brought clothes. What's our new bet to keep it off, Holly? [08/05]

Shawna S: Naked at work scares me.....................I've had a fiber bar and some coffee and now am going to run on the treadder. Have .3 to go.......... I'll check back later....... [08/05]

Holly B: Yeeehaaaaaaaw!!! Made it, going to have a Bigmac! [08/05]

Diana C: Shawna emailed and said she is not giving up but might be singing. She wants to extend the bet and do double or nothing! She is heavily drinking coffee to loose water and elimination weight! Good luck girls. At least I have eaten and are less shakey. [08/05]

Holly B: I have one pound to go by Midnight.....I am following Diana's plan, Caffeine overdose and hope for some positive results. I will be a mess by this evening! [08/05]

Diana C: I made it!!!! Desperate times for desperate measures. Starving, dehydrated, diarrhea, shaky.............going to eat some food! Got naked at work. ha ha [08/05]

Dalene H: So glad to be done!! we meet up and weigh in today in front of anyone?? Good luck everyone....Diana your 4 oz I'm positive will be off by midnight!! :) [08/05]

Diana C: Plus I started my period 5 days early..........probably all the stress and more water weight! Damn it! Curious to see if Holly's Citracil and Watermelon diet worked yesterday. [08/05]

Ann Marie S: I can't believe you're going to make me wait until tonight to see if I'm singing alone!!! I cant stand it!! [08/05]

Diana C: It's 5:45am and I have .4 to go so I am brewing up some strong coffee and hoping it will help! I have until midnight to get off a 1/2 lb.......................I am not giving up! Heading to work with my scale. [08/05]

Holly B: I have not given up!!! I am starting to consider a few desperate measures........any ideas? [08/04]

Shawna S: Not weighing in today.........drank beer all day yesterday. I will weigh in for the finally tomorrow! Diana says I'm in denial! [08/04]

Dalene H: I didn't eat much but I didn't drink much too...hoping to get it off my morning!!!! [08/04]

Diana C: I am not sure if I am gonna make it, but I am now in the 140's and can get my goal pants on............... still a winner with a great voice. [08/04]

Ann Marie S: I guess I'm out!!! BBQ'd Brauts last night and had a few sips of a beer. Thought it would be okay, but it put me way over!!!!! DAMN!!! [08/04]

Shawna S: I had the best bacon burger ever with 2 vanilla vodka drinks last night!............back on it! [08/03]

Diana C: Good luck, Dalene! We are heading in that direction on thursday to meet our Boise family 1/2 way to go camping. Looking forward to weighing in weekly............"the stress" [08/03]

Dalene H: On a roadtrip for 11 hours...I'm going to try and get my water in...yikes!! [08/03]

Diana C: ...........two more days and I feel like I am trying to climb this HUGE hill. It's down to the wire. Gonna see if I can pull 1.4 out by tuesday! [08/03]

Dalene H: Yeah Shawna!!! :) [08/02]

Shawna S: I made it! Still walking 12 miles today. Gotta keep it off [08/02]

Diana C: Same weight! Yikes.... Is anyone giving my hubby some sabotage $$$? He ordered my favorite pizza and brought me a Cornona w/ lime while I was sitting on our deck................It was yummy! [08/02]

Dalene H: Okay I brought my scale with me and I just found out the hotel has a computer so I can log in everyday now. I am back down...Thank god...I'm really getting tired of fish and veggies! Everyone is doing great and maybe no one will be singing...Yeah!! [08/01]

Diana C: Per Shawna, Dalene is down 1.7 from her last weigh in which would give her .5 to go. [08/01]

Diana C: What's a little're only 0.1 away from not singing. Don't go too crazy..........we only have "4 days" Good Luck, girls. [08/01]

Shawna S: I am eating more normal today cuz my belly is killin' me....... [08/01]

Ann Marie S: Not sure why I went up .8 today. Stayed away from all booze and food at the concert last night. Try again today!!!! Not giving up yet!!! [08/01]

Diana C: .........getting closer. No carbs yesterday and 100 oz. of water! Waiting for Shawna's text message today to log her in. [08/01]

Diana C: Humm........... Ann Marie does know EVERY title so she's probably right. Why are we questioning her? Working hard in the next 5 days...........hope I can make. No carb, exercise, lots of veggies [07/31]

Shawna S: ................already ran 10 miles today...ohh la la [07/31]

Ann Marie S: Sorry "Two" teenage boys [07/31]

Ann Marie S: Okay ladies you are so funny, the title of the song is "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot. I got to teenage boys remember!!! I still have a shot at this. Working hard at not eating!!! [07/31]

Diana C: ........There's still hope NOT to sing [07/31]

Holly B: The song is "I LIKE BIG BUTTS" and I so do not! Dont give up ladies, we can do it.....well maybe not you AnnMarie, but I like to think we all still have a shot! You know what they say....It's not over til the fat lady sings. [07/30]

Shawna S: That's confusing............. I am using Shawna's email....Diana! [07/30]

Shawna S: Via email/text from Shawna..........she's down and heading on her camping trip. I will log in under her and let ya all know. She is NOT out of the race [07/30]

Diana C: No, it was "I got big butts!" Had to modify after morning ritual and I need all the help I can get.................... [07/30]

Ann Marie S: Keep going Dalene, I heard you look great! You're screwed Shawna if your camping all week!!! I'll be here waiting for you, cause I don't think I'm going to make it. We can pick out a song together. Holly suggested "Baby got Back" [07/30]

Diana C: Don't give up, girls! Still waiting for all that f$%#%# water weight to go away to keep me motivated...........6 more days! [07/30]

Dalene H: I was so good in Texas...Mad about the weight gain and now I'm leaving at 4am for Idaho and won't be back until Monday...I'm bringing my fish and veg with me...hope it works!! [07/29]

Shawna S: Dalene is home and has not weighed in???????? [07/29]

Shawna S: I'm right there with ya Ann Marie.... 3.7 is too much for Miralax to flush out......and I'm camping all week. [07/29]

Ann Marie S: Who's singing with me????????? [07/29]

Holly B: Sore muscles swell and retain water..... AnnMarie should get some kind of award for the wildest spikes, how many hot dogs did you have????????? [07/29]

Shawna S: Did absolutly no exercise yesterday.....whatever. doesn't even make sense. [07/29]

Diana C: Ann Marie~ you have left me back in last place.....good work! [07/28]

Shawna S: Can not wait to hear those stories crack me up. [07/28]

Shawna S: Not sure what my excuse is. I worked out every day I was gone. But the 35 coors lights each night and three Margaritas must have done it. Today is a good day. Doing the Lemonade Diet today. Hope Dalene is having better luck in Texas........... [07/28]

Diana C: ...........yep~ pretty painful to log in today. My water weight is from my friday night fall down the hill and a HUGE right ankle, my bruised and swollen inner thighs from riding the mechanical bull and my edema from water skiing all day yesterday.................water weight sucks! Here's looking at a new week [07/28]

Holly B: Yeehaw! Its like a rodeo. Too much rum punch, ribs and crap to eat! Hoping it is just swelling and water weight from my 40000 mosquito bites. Once they go down I may be back where I started. Getting ready to lick that raw chicken! [07/28]

Shawna S: Had two pieces of bread last night. Whatever Ann Marie I will drint that Yuka with you and we will sound great. I'm done stressen over this crap....... [07/25]

Diana C: Same again............ heading off to Crescent Bar and I am sure my spike will be up on Monday and then the no carb, laxative, raw chicken, diarrhea, induced vomiting weight loss will begin......... [07/25]

Ann Marie S: Okay, not sure why my weight keeps going up and down so fast in one day. Still not giving up though, but I'm getting tired of this crap!!!!!!! Too much pressure!!!!!! Of course I want all of you to succeed but I'm hoping that one of you will be just a hair above the blue line. Gonna have to shake a yuka for me to get up and sing by myself. [07/25]

Ann Marie S: i can still be under the blue line in 12 days. 1 pound per day!!!!!! [07/24]

Diana C: Hope I am not at another plateau cuz we only have 12 days left. Ann Marie is up, up, up and I will make her log in today. She, of course, looks fabulous. She would really like some singing company in Vegas................ not if we can help it. [07/24]

Diana C: Holly.........whoo hoo! So proud of you...... Have fun camping~ with you settin' everything up with hubby'll be sweating and workin' out. Looking forward to seeing everyone's spike on Monday. [07/24]

Shawna S: F*(&^(*&%*&$$# an A..........I hate this thing. What the hell Holly? Was Dave steppen on the scale with ya the other day. Glad to see you lower sister. I'm making you guys sing with me & AnnMarie............. [07/24]

Holly B: I dont know what the hell is going on....I weighed 3 times to be sure it wasnt a mistake! Dont worry, it will go staight up when I get back from camping:) [07/24]

Diana C: Holly~ whatcha doin'? Are you counting?, eating chips, beer, pink cookies, jamba juice, jack in the song?...13 days! [07/23]

Holly B: Up up and away! [07/23]

Diana C: One beer, UP .4#.........yep! [07/22]

Shawna S: OMG - I want to be below that damn blue line. I just ran two miles and ate a Fiber1 bar..........running another two later..... [07/21]

Ann Marie S: Good Job Dalene!!!! Sorry for not weighing in this weekend. I'm still here, [07/21]

Holly B: Way to go Dalene!!! You are the champ! I seem to be going the wrong damn!!!!!!! [07/21]

Diana C: Ann Marie~ where RU? Put down those nighttime snacks and weigh in. Are you ready to sing "2 SONGS"? If you loose those last 5#, you only have to sing 1 song if we all loose our 15# or someone may not be able to keep it off for the next 2 months.............what I'm saying is don't give up hope! [07/21]

Shawna S: Yeah Dalene! You look fabulous. Be very very careful in Texas missy. I know you can do it. I will be done by Friday.......I hope and then some to give me some room for camping. [07/21]

Diana C: Way to go, Dalene! I am so proud of you and your dedication. I am sure you look fabulous. Have fun in Texas! Treat yourself, you deserve it. We are all coming up behind you.................... [07/21]

Dalene H: I DID IT!! Yeah...Now I have to keep it off and lose more! The big test is leaving for Texas tomorrow!! [07/21]

Diana C: Whoo hoo............. catching up to you'all. Thanks for the motivation. No booze last night and down a lb....knew it, damn it. [07/20]

Diana C: We are all doing great! Are we all gonna be around on August 5th for dinner, drinks and weight loss proof? I will be jacked to be in the 140's........... let's go bikini shopping on August 5th, Holly's due for a new bikini (Remember Palm Springs!) [07/17]

Shawna S: Fortgot to tell you the best down to a 36D yes that is a single diget letter. Yeah! [07/17]

Shawna S: Arrrgghhh! It's about that time of the month though. Have to kick it in high gear ladies. We are seriously running out of time. Very nervous for the final weigh in. Yikes. Run Run Run! [07/17]

Diana C: ......Nearly back to my precamping weight. Man, that's killin' me! Went on a 8 mile bike ride last night with the family with a stop for ice cream......just had a bite. I got Holly, Dalene and Shawna to keep me honest. Only 19 days ladies............. Ann Marie, you can do it [07/17]

Shawna S: I would like to lose 10 more............ i know Dalene would too. And the stripper??? Now your talken. We did 7 miles at the track today. And Dalene has been going there with her family at night to do more. Did I mention how much I don't like fish.... Holly the bet is on. I'm running after you. [07/15]

Diana C: Dalene~ You're body needs to get used to the sudden weight loss, unlike mine who's pissed off cause I starve it for 10 days and pork out for 3 days..........ha ha. 21 days left. Definately, a weekly weigh in for 2 more months. Most of us want to loose more, but should we keep the 15# loss? Gotta have a prize....naked vegas stripper for the biggest loser..........this could get interesting! [07/15]

Holly B: We need to start talking about the second bet to follow the first.... either keeping it off until Vegas with a weekly weigh in or maybe even losing a few more LB's! [07/15]

Shawna S: Dalene and I did another 8 miles yesterday in Everett up and down hills. So sore today we are heading to the track.......flat ground. Love my new muscles in my thighs....yeah. Let's keep it going girlies....21 days left. Yikes. [07/15]

Dalene H: I've stayed the same the last three days...I need to get the rest off before I leave for Texas on Tuesday!! I'm going to try and maintain while I'm there...a little nervous!! [07/15]

Diana C: Yep! Lots of sun, booze and snacks..... You guys are doing great. I need the motivation! [07/14]

Holly B: Looks like a great camping trip!!!!!! [07/14]

Diana C: Ahhhhhhhhhhh Crap! [07/14]

Holly B: So fun to watch Dalene's line! I am so happy for you and I will be chasing you on that downward slope! [07/13]

Shawna S: AnnMarie are you getting your voice tuned up??? [07/12]

Shawna S: Diana I know you are camping and I'm running my ass off to beat you before you get back. I need something to motivate me. And by the way Dalene looks skinnier and skinnier.......Yeah Dalene!!! We did 2 hours of hills in Downtown Snohomish yesterday. [07/12]

Dalene H: Not much and working out twice a day...I'm taking drastic measures to get this done! [07/12]

Holly B: Dalene.....are you eating?????????????????/ [07/11]

Shawna S: Okay, back on Track. I hate that camping thing. Only 26 days left ladies. Good job Dalene. [07/10]

Diana C: Let the water weight begin.............see ya'll on Monday. Givin' Shawna and Ann Marie time to catch up. Ha Ha. [07/10]

Dalene H: OMG...I Can't believe I'm in 1st!!! I'm so EXCITED!! I finally made up my mind and I"m doing it!! I'm not singing.... :) [07/09]

Diana C: Dalene~you're #1.......whoo hoo. Ann Marie~Ya big porker! Mix in a salad and get 'er done.....count your points. Shawna~ Camping tomorrow so I feel your pain and Holly~ You Rock and look great! [07/09]

Holly B: Wow Dalene! How are you feeling???? Superstar! [07/09]

Ann Marie S: I think my scales off!!!!!! It cant be me can it??? [07/09]

Shawna S: Arrrggghhh! It's that damn camping. Yikes. I AM NOT SINGING!!!! [07/09]

Diana C: Way to go, Dalene! First time over the blue line since the first week. Holly has a buddy now............ Keep pluggin' along. I'm getting nervous with another camping trip/irritable H20 retaining uterus this weekend. Ann Marie better pick it up or she's singing! [07/07]

Dalene H: Almost toughing the blue line...Finally...and staying below it once and for all...... [07/06]

Diana C: Whoo Hoo............... 10# mark and touchin' that blue line! [07/06]

Dalene H: There is no way you look like that Ann Marie...I think you look good! You still have one month...I know you can do it!! You will look HOT in Vegas!!:) [07/05]

Ann Marie S: Okay, I went from a cupcake top, to a muffin top, (Costco size) now I think I'm at a souffle top!!!! Shit!!!! [07/05]

Shawna S: Yeah girls good job. Lets see how we all survive the weekend. I told Pete we are up and running every morning. I can skip the food for the drinks right..........last time didn't go so well when I tried to drink my calories...... Remember LaJolla?? Thanks Holly for taking care of me. Ha. [07/05]

Dalene H: I know...I'm not falling out of my bra anymore and my pants are finally fitting the way they are suppose to...not tight...even lose!! [07/04]

Holly B: I think I may have a tape worm..... [07/04]

Diana C: Whoo Hoo................we are all so close to that blue line........except Holly who's running away with it and Ann Marie who's gotta be committed for she SINGS! [07/04]

Ann Marie S: Okay, I am sick of this!!!!! I'm in a slump, funk, denial, whatever you want to call it. Not sure what to do!!!!! Two birthday parties today so you know what that means, diet tomorrow!!!! [07/04]

Shawna S: Dalene good job missy. Yeah. Got into my closet and found new clothes to wear..............Amazing what tank tops you can wear when your boobs are smaller..., not that mine should be considered small by any means but the Bazooka Boob is not a fitting name anymore. Ha. [07/04]

Diana C: Ann Marie gained 1# yesterday and is in denial and ate a huge helping of dessert last night................more heckling if you don't weigh in today. [07/04]

Diana C: Gotta aim for the 10# mark before my NEXT camping trip in a week.......... 1.4#. I can do it! We are all doing AWESOME. We are going to watch others sing in Vegas, right? [07/03]

Diana C: Way to go, Holly! Yes to smaller size and to clothes fitting better. It will be great to hit the 10# mark...............only 2.2 to go! [07/02]

Holly B: Finally broke the 10lb barrier!!!! Woohooooooo! [07/02]

Shawna S: Holy shit we only have one month left. I'M NOT SINGING!!!!!!! I better run today. Good job Dalene and everyone. Looking good ladies. [07/02]

Holly B: I am down a size in pants and even those are getting about you guys? [07/02]

Dalene H: I just want under that blue line for once!!.... [07/02]

Diana C: I can see that blue line in the horizon............ [07/02]

Diana C: Holly........back to the Thursday weigh in! Whatever! At least, we are all 8# or less to go............. August 5th is coming up fast! [07/01]

Holly B: Kissed the line I am so happy to see it! [07/01]

Shawna S: A couple days of clean eating and then it's 4th of July,,, this is like the worst time to be good. But I guess I would rather fight it then gain 20 pounds not even knowing it. [07/01]

Diana C: Thanks, Ann Marie for taking the last place spot! [06/30]

Ann Marie S: Sorry, I weighed yesterday but forgot to sign in. Same ole crap, different day. Worked in the yard all day yesterday, sweated at least a gallon but went up a few pounds. I'm sick of this !!!! [06/30]

Diana C: Crap that puts me back in last place............Ann Marie~ where are you? More counting, more water, need to diuresis with all the beer/salty foods. I would be able to tell with regular soda except for my drunking stupor on Thursday. Could of been gasoline mixer and wouldn't be able to tell? [06/30]

Dalene H: Finally our computer is working...I was doing really good running and rollerblading and then came a BBQ yesterday!! Back on today!!:) [06/30]

Holly B: JUST KIDDING!!!!! [06/30]

Holly B: Oh yeah, I also used regular 7-up every time I made YOU a drink and diet in mine.......heh,heh,heh. [06/30]

Holly B: Yeehaw! It WAS worth it!!!! Back to the grind today though...... [06/30]

Diana C: .......take a running start and leap over the blue line. I blame my FRIEND for the whoppers, chips, beer and M&M's........sabotage! Had a blast! Hoping to be back down in the next few days....... [06/30]

Shawna S: I will be out until Tuesday morning. Only a month to go ladies. Let's get er done..... [06/28]

Shawna S: are my idol. Good job. We are running out of time ladies. Get up off your hineys and move your body. Dalene good job on your working out. Hope to see your numbers down. I'm off to Lake Mayfield but I'm staying away from the Margaritas......I can do it! I can do it. [06/27]

Shawna S: You suck!!!!! I have hit my plateau............I'm busting through it this weekend while you are going to be camping and eating and drinking. Watch me run away with it.............. [06/26]

Diana C: Yippee~............Tied for 1st until Holly weighs or my weigh in after camping on Monday. [06/26]

Diana C: Same, same, same! Damn it! I weighed when I woke up, after the 5am gym visit, after my expulsion and same!..........Hope this isn't another 11 day plateau like last month. Gotta get below that blue line..................... and camping is TOMORROW [06/25]

Shawna S: Dalene has had a crashed computer. Hoping she will be back up and running today. Let's just see where she is with the blue line....hope she had better luck than the rest of us. The true test is to see how everyone is after the camping weekend??? A lap of lung walking for every coldie girls..... you can do it. [06/25]

Shawna S: I'm chasing that blue line again. I think someone keeps moving it. Love the digital scale thing. Keeps me honest. Welcome back AnnMarie. [06/24]

Ann Marie S: What the hell happened to everyone!!!! We're all above the blue line except Holly! Diana told me you look pretty hot Holly!(bitch) Okay, its Monday, going shopping for some good food and starting to count points today. Heading for the gym. [06/23]

Ann Marie S: Hotdogs, philly cheesesteaks, pizza oh my!!!!!! Hello ladies, I'm back!!! [06/23]

Diana C: Camp biking~Could work out one hour per day for 3 points~ an extra beer! But we have to put the beer in the water bottle. Ha Ha [06/23]

Shawna S: Dalene what the hell? Where are you????? [06/23]

Holly B: We could do a camping boot camp and get a ton of exercise to earn those brewskies...... [06/23]

Holly B: I cant wait to see AnnMarie's line when she logs in....will it go up, down, out?????????? Come home AnnMarie! [06/23]

Shawna S: No Comment! [06/23]

Diana C: Whoo Hoo! Holly is my motivation! She looks fabulous. Past my 50% mark, but hangin' on that blue fence. Hope to be below by tomorrow cuz thursday more camping, more beer, more weight! [06/23]

Diana C: Dalene~ Where are you????? Ann Marie is back tomorrow~ You MUST weigh in on Monday morning. Holly~ You ROCK! [06/22]

Shawna S: Look at me go....had some gluten last night. F()&)(*^&*&%^! Weird! I will be back down by Monday and I will stay away from gluten..................Dalene are you warming up with Wii American Idol? I better come practice with you. [06/21]

Diana C: BITCH [06/20]

Holly B: Yahooooooo! [06/20]

Diana C: Humm...........didn't make the 50% today. Keep pluggin' along. Last year, I lost 12# in 6 it's possible. [06/20]

Shawna S: Okay okay..... I can do this. Below the blue line so very happy today. Only 46 days left ladies. Let's get moving. Weather looks good. [06/20]

Shawna S: Gosh friggen damnit.......... That blue line is pissing me off. Coed softball tonight I better be down tomorrow. Good luck ladies. good job Holly! [06/19]

Diana C: Our goal should by 50% by Friday at Day 45 of 90! Shawna's already there. Congrats! Back on track :) [06/18]

Shawna S: Okay no more day care kids so I'm off and running...... I hope. Goal is 2 miles per day for right now. Wish me luck. Good luck ladies. Let's get those numbers down. [06/18]

Diana C: Spoke to Ann Marie~ She's in Minnesota in a UHaul on her way to New York, eating chips/high fat foods/sitting for 18 hrs a day......hopefully she will be in last place and take my spot by Sunday. She's having fun on her only vacation~a road trip! [06/17]

Diana C: RATS! [06/17]

Diana C: Holy crap, double crap................I'm from 1st to last in a weekend! The 80 degree weather, the cold beer at the lake, the smores................ Tomorrow is a new day! [06/16]

Shawna S: Holy crap.........creeping right up to that blue line again darnit. Okay back on track today and down a pound by tomorrow. I have to stay away from gluten damnit......... [06/16]

Holly B: Ok, changed my goal back to 15 lbs instead of 20. I think it is a more realistic weight for me. Plus now I feel like there is hope again! [06/16]

Ann Marie S: Good Morning from Montana, weighed in before I left town. Didn't bring my scale with me on the trip so I'm safe until next Sunday. Talked to Diana this morning and she's up 2 pounds. Nice job Shawna, your the only one who has managed to stay below the blue line!!!!! [06/16]

Dalene H: To much drinking and snacking...Yikes!! [06/15]

Shawna S: Diana you rock! Good job. And Dalene is moving south too good job missy. I love this thing. I think before I put anything in my mouth now. Do not want to sing..........ha. ha. But I can dance!!! [06/13]

Diana C: 135#.........I think I weighed 135# in 1994. My wedding day! Ha Ha Great goal. Wonder if everything would move north if I got to 135# [06/13]

Holly B: It is great to know that all of us struggle, and all of us can succeed! You guys are inspiring! [06/13]

Shawna S: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I am going down down down. 10 more pounds to go..............Actually about 18 if I get to where I want to be (135). [06/13]

Diana C: Ann Marie~ Don't forget your scale for your road trip! Brought that bigger suitcase for ya! You're still above the blue line~Weiners aren't going to help ya! [06/13]

Ann Marie S: Good Morning Ladies~ Don't think I'll be moving up the list anytime soon since I'm heading to NY on Sunday. Gotta have some of those "Nathans Famous" hotdogs while I'm there. You know I love my wieners!!!!! [06/13]

Diana C: Dalene~ so proud of you sticking to it. Between water weight and camping this weight on Monday could be yikes! I won't have internet, but I will bring my scale camping. Torture! [06/13]

Dalene H: Almost...I'm on a roll!! I'm happy to not be in last place for once ~ working my way to 1st :) [06/13]

Diana C: Dalene~ You're NOT in last place now....whoo hoo. Got a few more lbs until you are below that blue line. Ann Marie, ya big porker! Ha Ha. You still have 54 days! Holly~ cut the carbs, no sweets and get below that blue line! [06/12]

Holly B: It really is agony to watch the zigzagging lines....I am trying to eat like a damn French woman. I feel like I am clawing my way to that 10lb mark! [06/11]

Diana C: Dalene~ You're getting got 2 more days and 2# [06/11]

Diana C: Let the water weight begin........................ [06/11]

Shawna S: Hey no crackling from Holly???? Where is she? Or are you saving your voice to sing with Dalene??? I'm not singing. I'm running my butt off today. Seriously! [06/11]

Dalene H: I'm on will be done by Friday!! I want to wear my jeans I haven't worn in over year!! [06/09]

Dalene H: I'm on will be done by Friday!! I want to wear my jeans I haven't worn in over year!! [06/09]

Diana C: Dalene~ According to my calculations, you need to loose 2.5 lbs by friday to get below the blue line. You need to drink more of Shawna's juice or call us bitches! Ha Ha. Good Luck. Camping this weekend will be a huge test of will power. It will be 80 degrees so cold beer will be in order! [06/09]

Diana C: It was fun while it lasted. Ha Ha. Still below the blue line and wore pants yesterday that I haven't worn in a year! Hittin' the gym. [06/09]

Dalene H: Good Job Diana!!! Once I'm below that blue line, I'm never going to return :) [06/09]

Dalene H: Atleast you're not above the blue line!! :) I'm still working at it...should be below it sometime this week...for sure!!!! [06/09]

Shawna S: Arrrrggghhhh! I'm not eating this week. Think liquid diet. I hate that blue line....... [06/09]

Diana C: ........Not sure how to explain: the one day writing down points, the 11 days plateau, calling you bitches, no breaks yesterday at work...............who cares! I'm in first place and dropped 2#. Whoo Hoo! [06/08]

Diana C: BI@%%TC&&H%^ES! Dalene and I need to pick it up and keep it up! [06/07]

Shawna S: Its the juice I swear......cause I had chips & salsa last night and three margaritas..............I like that. But I guess the only thing I had eaten all day was watermellon. So maybe drinking my calories does work. Whatever I'm on the way south of the blue line. [06/07]

Holly B: Better get your asses in gear, I am super motivated now! Dave accidentally told me he didnt think I was going to make my goal. grrrrr [06/07]

Diana C: Double crap! Again! I am officially counting points, yep, writing them down for Sat and Sun and see if it counts. Maybe counting in my head isn't working. [06/07]

Diana C: Crap! Same weight again. Guess if I can loose 5# each month for 3 months, I won't sing. More importantly, I wanna watch Ann Marie sing! [06/06]

Dalene H: I didn't make it...let the heckeling begin...but I will try to be below by MONDAY! [06/06]

Dalene H: I'm trying and the blue line keeps movin...Ha...I'm going on the treadmill for an hour today...I hope it helps me get below!! We will see you all tomorrow :) [06/05]

Diana C: so proud of you. Keep the momentum going....... [06/05]

Diana C: Could of broke the "same weight seal, .2 is .2....Ha Ha" [06/05]

Shawna S: Bye Bye blue are not my friend. I am over you and never coming back..... Ha. [06/05]

Diana C: All of us NEED to be below the blue line by friday or the serious heckling will begin: Dalene, Holly and Shawna and I are on the blue fence. Ann Marie looks safe, but who knows! [06/04]

Shawna S: I hate that blue line. On a mission. [06/04]

Ann Marie S: Dalene its almost Friday!!!!!! Get movin' [06/04]

Dalene H: I need to step it up today and tomorrow...I need to get below that blue line!! [06/04]

Diana C: Yikes, fat bet record. Same Weight for a week. Better step it up cuz I am sooooo close to that blue line [06/04]

Shawna S: Yeah Me!!! Ate almost 0 gluten yesterday. And the berry juice is my friend.........I wonder if there is gluten in there???? [06/03]

Holly B: AAAAACKKKK, the trauma conference food has launched me over the blue line!!!!! [06/03]

Diana C: You are so funny cuz I couldn't figure out why it said I weighed 135 on was yours. Thought someone was F$@%# with me. Ha Ha. Heading to the gym. Will officially weigh in when I return. [06/03]

Ann Marie S: So I weighed in this morning and Diana was still signed in on my computer from the weekend. Oops!! I looks like you made your goal Diana. [06/03]

Diana C: Yikes to Shawna too, but sympathy with Bubba and water weight! [06/02]

Diana C: Karaoke! Of course! Yikes....Dalene.....This is your week [06/02]

Dalene H: Okay this time for sure!! I'm sticking to this damn diet and I'm going below the blue line by promised because I don't want any heckling!! :) Did you guys decide what the High School Hotties have to do if you don't make goal?? [06/02]

Shawna S: No Commnet!!! That time of the month and ate Glutin this weekend up the ying yang....... Give me 3 days and I'll be back below the blue line or wait was it all day thursday???? so give me til friday weigh in...........Ha. Dalene you make me laugh. [06/02]

Diana C: Holly and I are TOO close to that blue line. It's a new week! [06/02]

Holly B: Yahooo Dalene!!! Look at you go! [06/01]

Diana C: ............And Dalene made a promise to get below the blue line by this Friday or the "real heckling" will begin! [06/01]

Diana C: Wholey Cow! What a fun, great weekend. Vegas will be a blast! Weighed when I got home and I'm down .4 since Friday. I weighed on Ann Marie's yesterday and today. Could of been down yesterday? Challenged Jerilee to a fatbet with Shawna/Ann Marie. We are called the "High School Hotties" Too Funny [06/01]

Dalene H: I'm getting closer...seriously, I'm really going to get movin next week!! :) [05/30]

Diana C: Same, same, same, crap! [05/30]

Shawna S: Did I tell ya I've been home with the flu...........but that was the jump start I needed. Yeah! determined to not go back up. I have to be good this weekend. [05/29]

Diana C: Way to go, Shawna. Betcha got your juice in. Right?'re getting closer to your blue line and Holly's back on track. Ann Marie and I are too too close to the blue line.......................good work, happy singing! [05/29]

Holly B: Shawna's rockin! [05/29]

Holly B: Way to go Dalene!!! You are on a roll now! [05/28]

Diana C: Humm.......good morning! Oops! Still below the blue line [05/28]

Shawna S: Looking good ladies. I'm on a mission this week. Let's get er done. [05/27]

Holly B: OK, I am officially done celebrating my Birthday! No more cake, except for the two sitting in my kitchen, no more Mexican food, no more ribs, no more ice cream!!!! Look out girls, it is going to be a great week! [05/27]

Dalene H: I hear ya...I just need to do it!! :) [05/26]

Diana C: Another new week, ladies. Gotta get below the blue line this week..........Dalene, that means you! Holly & I are too close to that line. It's always about the carbs..........Booze, chips, bread, etc.! [05/26]

Diana C: Yikes............going the wrong way! No more excuses, get on the wagon. Did you know that a glass of lemonade with vodka, of course is 250 calories or 5 points..........worth it.......humm...... [05/25]

Dalene H: Happy Birthday, Holly!! [05/24]

Ann Marie S: Happy Birthday Holly!! Eat as much cake and ice cream as you want, Please!! [05/23]

Holly B: Here it is.....I ate lunch at ZTEjas and dinner at The Cactus. Just polished off my cake and ice cream. I cant wait to see my spike tomorrow!! [05/23]

Diana C: Holly...............Birthday or not...........where's your weigh in? Shawna's out of town again until Monday. excuse! [05/23]

Diana C: I meant whoo hoo.......need more coffee :) [05/21]

Diana C: Whoo Yoo..............finally getting on the right track! [05/21]

Diana C: Hey're over the blue line. Don't drink any booze until you get your power juice! Blaming my uterus for my yoyo weight. Holly's back in the RACE. [05/20]

Shawna S: OMG!!!!!! Okay I can do it, I can do it! I need my berry juice. New shipment sent out today. Yeah! You'll see the lb's down next week for sure..........anybody want some?? [05/20]

Holly B: I'll second that. [05/19]

Ann Marie S: Shit! [05/19]

Dalene H: I need a new week! I'm hoping to start this one out right because I don't want to sing!!! :) [05/19]

Diana C: It's a new week, ladies! [05/19]

Dalene H: WOW...way to much to drink and a hamburger!! Tried to walk it off this morning...Help!! [05/18]

Diana C: Argh!!! [05/18]

Shawna S: Holly F(*&)(*^ shit!!!!!!!!@!!!!!! I am not singing......... I am up to do a walk this morning. Maybe by myself if no-one shows up. Sheri will be there but will I see Dalene???? Seriously kicking some ass this week ladies. Have to back away from the bar and stop drinking my's not working. Withdrawals already.... [05/18]

Ann Marie S: Now that I'm in the lead I guess I can Mock everyone. Ladies your red dots are pointing the wrong way!!!! HaHa, just kidding, don't be so sensitive! I know I will probably loose the bet but I'm trying to keep my hopes up. [05/17]

Diana C: Off the wagon....coulda' been the coconut shrimp, mojito's, pizza, jolly vajj drinks or the full uterus (.)............back on the wagon. Congrats, AM. Still gonna sing if we all loose 15#. [05/17]

Ann Marie S: Heading to the gym before the heatwave today!!! Keep going ladies, were going to be the hottest "older" girls to hit vegas in Oct. [05/17]

Diana C: We are all only 2 years behind you. But you are turning "41" next week and that could be it. Ha Ha. You're right below the blue line and you have 4 1/2 more months to go. I bet you have a beautiful voice. You do build muscle, is your body fat % less? Better luck tomorrow! [05/16]

Holly B: To the Gym 5 days this week, counted points.....turning 40 sucks! The weight would have flown off a few years ago. Just happy to be South of the blue line! [05/16]

Shawna S: SHIT!!! [05/16]

Shawna S: Okay so 2 margaritas each night will not show poundage loss on the scale..... I ate less. Dang it. Backt o my crazy life and better eating. I'm gonna kick some ass this week watch out ladies. [05/15]

Diana C: Holly.............I'm right behind you. Gained .8 today. Gotta have my fish tacos without the tortilla today...............Hope you lost today or I will have to heckle you! Shawna: I assume you are coming back today. [05/15]

Ann Marie S: Movin' into the Lead. [05/15]

Diana C: Holly........wholey cow! You are going the wrong way. Have your kids check your scale to see if it's accurate. Looks like you need to scrap the counting, cut the carbs and do 15 minutes longer on the cardio machine. Went to the gym at 5am before work. My weight doesn't reflect my morning ritual. ha ha. LOVE YA! [05/14]

Holly B: AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! [05/14]

Ann Marie S: Just got back from the gym and also bought my digital scale. Weighs the same as the one at my gym. [05/13]

Holly B: Yikes. Going to the gym and counting points, dont know what happened. [05/13]

Diana C: Shawna's got a hall pass. She is in LA from Sun to Wed/Thurs. Saw her tickets. Ha Ha. Congratulations on coming back. Welcome Back, Dalene. This website is going to keep you motivated to reach your goal! [05/13]

Ann Marie S: Shawna you have 52min to weigh in for the day!!!!! [05/12]

Diana C: Woo Hoo.............nearly 5# in first week. Feeling a little guilty watching Holly count all her points, but my system must be working [05/12]

Diana C: You can't say "diets off today!"'re singing a song for that. You still weigh and suffer the consequences like the rest of us. Either be TOTALLY in the fatbet or not. Dalene: where are you? [05/11]

Ann Marie S: Sorry I haven't been weighing, still don't have a digital scale but weigh myself at the gym when I go. Diets off today since I'm making Ruth's corn casserole!! yummy [05/11]

Diana C: Alright, girls! If you don't weigh in everyday as planned, YOU'RE GONNA SING! You get a pass if you are confirmed out of town (Shawna). You made the committment. Ann Marie: go by a scale! [05/11]

Dalene H: Stomache flu and only lost 1 pound...hopefully I won't gain it back today!! [05/09]

Diana C: Humm..........went up a pound. We went out to dinner for early Mother's day and had a salad, moz sticks (yum!) and 2 Margaritas....... Yep, I deserved it. [05/09]

Shawna S: Eating a piece of pizza for lunch is not a good thing right? I know I'm getting on the treadmill. We'll see what the numbers say tomorrow...... I am not singing!!! [05/08]

Diana C: You're our #1 competition. You can loose lots of weight fast. You've lost 5# in 4 days..........wholey cow! I was only down .2 today [05/08]

Holly B: I was trying to be fair since I was changing scales. I dont know why the numbers are dropping still, hope the scale isnt screwing around with me! [05/08]

Diana C: looks like you raised your goal weight. You still have the same rules:15#. Right? or do you want to sing, Unchained Melody. Ha Ha [05/08]

Dalene H: Hey girls I'm here...had a sick girl yesterday, so I weighed in today ~ yeah I'm down and I think that is a great idea about having to keep it off until the trip...that is going to be the trick!! [05/07]

Holly B: Alright, II lowered my goal weight by 5 lbs. I dont want to sing and I hope I can make it!!! Damn scale says I have 39% body fat! Dave says its all Boobs. What a nice husband. [05/07]

Shawna S: Whatever Holly! So you were off on the otherscale & that means you need to lose more.........................your signing. Shut up & Sign [05/07]

Holly B: Weighing with my new scale today, so dont be alarmed at my big drop! [05/07]

Diana C: Springing ahead.............where's Dalene? 10# for AM....... Shot of coffee, then dump, then weigh......... Ha Ha [05/07]

Ann Marie S: If I make my goal weight along with everyone else, I'm not singing! [05/07]

Shawna S: Yes weight must stay off until our trip.... I am not singing!!! [05/06]

Diana C: say that. Cuz I was thinking 15# for a song. Don't keep it off by the trip (2 more months) and we pick a stranger at karaoke for a DUET. Would be priceless! [05/06]

Holly B: I think we need to add that the weight has to stay off until our trip....what do you think? [05/06]

Diana C: Same weight, guess that's better than up! [05/06]

Holly B: Day one, the day we all look good with the little blue line! [05/05]

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