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Start Date: 1/17/2010
End Date: 3/31/2010
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Boys night out on losers' dime: expensive, gut-busting steak dinner at the Met. Yum...
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Adam O-1.111203/31
Bill S-0.410403/31
John D-0.210203/31
Rob L0.010003/31
Message Board
John D: Success all around. Good work, fellas. Looking forward to dinner... [03/31]

Adam O: Nice Bill - is that a post shower weight? [03/31]

John D: By a nose (two tenths), 196.3. I even avoided the embarrassment of having to run hills this morning in my plastic leisure suit. Now what's the shortest distance between me and a mound of huevos rancheros? Adam, wth is a beet tracker app? [03/31]

Rob L: Happy. Happy. [03/31]

Rob L: 183 before a 6.5 miler [03/30]

Bill S: Adam amputated something. [03/30]

Adam O: peaked too soon - this beet tracker app is useless [03/30]

John D: 40 hours left, 1.1 lbs to go. No double-stuffed Tuesday for me. Adam, Bill: Visa or Mastercard? [03/30]

John D: Suffering a little, but closing in. Rob's mother is stuffing him with perogis and blintzes at this very moment. No contest. [03/28]

Rob L: Heading to Cleveland tomorrow and I met my goal of being two lbs lower then fatbet goal. This will allow me to eat Polish food combined with daily runs to meet my fat bet. Boo Yah. MFs I will make a point of recording on the 29th and 31st. [03/26]

Bill S: Max likes the "sea smell." [03/25]

John D: Or an all-night sauna? Again, Aurora Ave. [03/25]

John D: Anyone know of a nearby sweat lodge? There's gotta be one on Aurora Ave. [03/24]

John D: Don't your children bathe in that tub, or do you have a dedicated man-shower/urinal? Let me know if this is getting too personal. [03/23]

Adam O: classy [03/23]

Bill S: I KNEW when I peed in the shower this morning I'd be back in the pocket. Phew. [03/23]

Bill S: I smiled, Rob. [03/22]

Rob L: 15 miles over three days and I have only lost a pound. Beer at a wedding on Saturday probably didn't help. Good thing the food was awful. Adam - again - super half - if you only dropped a couple of pounds it means you have a six minute run in you. I can't believe that I didn't get any love for my beach comment. [03/22]

Adam O: I came up 1.3 lbs short weighing in after mercer island half marathon yesterday. I was too afraid to weigh in this morning. [03/22]

Bill S: Uh oh... [03/22]

John D: I have officially entered the "sweat and fear" phase of this bet. [03/22]

Rob L: Is the beach beautiful during the camp? Maybe for Matisse or Rubens. [03/19]

Bill S: Real men will lose another ten pounds after this. [03/19]

John D: I see an ad "Fat Camp for Teens." Wouldn't that be a nice memory to bring up at the 20th high school reunion? Good times. [03/18]

John D: All on course for a glorious finish. Place side bets now on who will puff back up 10-12 lbs first. Smart money says Bill. [03/17]

Rob L: The lbs between 187 to 183 are brutal. I might have to cut back on the adult beverages - that would be desperation and I think loosing the bet would be more manly. Let's see how it goes. [03/17]

John D: Today's treat suggestion: Shamrock Shake, XL. Don't forget the fries. [03/17]

Rob L: John - jus a little weekend set back. Anne's sweet treats caused a blip. [03/16]

John D: Rob: which credit card are you going to use? I haven't decided yet. [03/16]

Adam O: So, I guess John must be out of town this week [03/11]

Bill S: dismissiveness is a sign of superiority [03/11]

Adam O: dismissiveness is a sign of guilt [03/11]

Bill S: You girls sure are chatty. [03/10]

Adam O: Bill- you haven't weighed in since the 5th. I can't imagine why. [03/09]

John D: A little backsliding, thanks in large part to Rob's terrific cooking last Saturday. 5 lbs, 3 weeks. Easy as a bucket of greasy chicken. [03/09]

Adam O: Bill - we haven't seen you in awhile and were unaware of just how much you have obviously let yourself go. Please adjust your weight loss goal to be comparable to ours. Thanks. [03/08]

Adam O: I like butter [03/08]

Rob L: Adam and John - the secret sauce - two sticks of butter. Hope you enjoyed it. I know that I did so sparingly. Unfortuneatly, I tipped back of few to many carb filled glasses of white. Yesterday's penitence involved running and starving. [03/08]

Rob L: Bill - I am privy to your recent addiction to avocado and mayo sandwiches. Boy do they sound good - especially after depriving your body for so long. Eat up "short term loan" boy. [03/08]

Bill S: 1/21: "Rob L: Does Bill know about the expensive wine and liquor on the Met bill?" [03/07]

Adam O: ran 46 miles this week and lost 0.4 lbs - next week: run and not eat [03/05]

John D: 28 days out, all within .6 lbs for the silver. That is, unless Bill blows his lead. Went for a creepy run in the rain late last night. [03/03]

Bill S: Salty chips call to me hourly. And Dick's Deluxe's (hm... just a few steps away, eh Rob? just one couldn't hurt...). Adam I find your envy pleasing. [03/02]

Adam O: Bill- you are peaking too early - school boy error [03/01]

John D: Congrats Bill, but 31 days is a long time to hold on. The rest of us sloths better get working. [02/28]

Rob L: Wow. Good work Bill. You should celebrate with a few cheeseburgers and a six pack of dark beer. [02/25]

Bill S: DONE. BAM. Now to hold on in quiet desperation. [02/24]

John D: Once again below the blue line, despite the last few days of vacation gluttony. [02/23]

John D: Shameful. [02/22]

Adam O: I guess you guys are skipping the Monday morning weigh in... Probably wise. [02/22]

John D: Where are my friends? [02/16]

John D: A weekend of unrestricted fridge access and only a .2 lb weight gain? I'll take it! [02/15]

John D: Did Adam run off to Burning Man or something? [02/10]

Rob L: Apolo Ohno motivates me. [02/08]

John D: I don't even have the Superbowl to blame. Too-close encounter with baked potatoes and sour cream. That's right: sour cream. I will be jogging later today until my feet are pulpy stumps. [02/08]

Bill S: Superbowl, cheesedip, beer, spicy meatballs, patriotism. [02/08]

John D: Now that I'm a few happy meals lighter, very pleased to look down and see the former VP again, if ya get my meaning... [02/05]

Rob L: If you have ever seen Adam sweat, the graph makes perfect sense. [02/04]

John D: And the juggernaut continues. I am officially transfering my concern over to Adam's graph. [02/03]

Bill S: What's that, John? [02/03]

John D: I knew Bill would break down and start binging. You start with a couple of extra squirts of butterscotch syrup in your morning latte and the next thing you know you've chowed down a 3-lb block of Havarti. I've seen this pattern before... [02/02]

Rob L: Made a lucious smokey roasted pepper/tomato reduction sauce with a stick of butter last night. So delicious. [02/01]

Bill S: Dang it. Need another stomach virus. Your fear is wind under my wings, John. [02/01]

John D: I meant "nor" in case anyone is about to send me a link to the Chicago Manual. Who made these damn messages non-editable, anyway? [01/29]

John D: Bill, eat already. Making your goal first will neither get you into heaven or win you the fatbet. OK, I'm just guessing about heaven. [01/29]

Bill S: Fatbet: the one silver lining to stomach viruses. [01/29]

John D: Experiencing fear of weighing in. I may need counseling. [01/28]

Rob L: A strong showing from the rookie. [01/28]

John D: If it's food you need, try a double bacon deluxe cheeseburger at Red Mill, 2 orders of Babe's onion rings, a tub o' tarter to dip them in, and--why not?--a chocolate malt to wash it down: Enjoy! [01/27]

Bill S: Need food. Can't. Go. On. [01/26]

Adam O: I had a pizza problem on Sunday night.. [01/26]

John D: Adam, looks like we both did some hard livin' over the weekend. I am concerned about you with Super Bowl Sunday fast approaching. [01/26]

Rob L: If scales were outlawed, only outlaws could join fatbet. [01/25]

John D: Dessicated after two hours of hard x-country skiing. Will yo-yo back up tomorrow I'm sure, but will enjoy leader board position today. [01/24]

John D: Bill, as long as there is a scale in your man-cave that you can flop over to, it is still game on. [01/22]

Bill S: Rob - don't know. She called it a "win/win" before the gag was tied. [01/21]

Rob L: Opps - weight not wait. [01/21]

Rob L: Was the garage treatment for wait loss or some other behavioral modification? [01/21]

Rob L: Adam - has your doctor taken into account the higher Russian tolerance for LDLs? [01/21]

Bill S: Sorry for the lack of response, boys, the old lady tied me up and put me in the garage. "Why rely on will power" she says. [01/21]

Rob L: Does Bill know about the expensive wine and liquor on the Met bill? [01/21]

John D: Amazing what a little ice cream denial will do. Yes, definitely need a video camera. Boys, I am also down to one cup of coffee a day for a few months. That should have the opposite of desired effect on weight, though so far have substituted decaf tea instead of big gooey donuts. [01/21]

Adam O: John - please bring your little video camera to the Met. I want to capture Bill's expression at the moment he opens the check. [01/20]

John D: You have an entire panel of people studying your lipids? I guess for obvious reasons... [01/20]

Adam O: comments from my doctor today on my lipid panel: These results are very good. Even though your LDL is moderately elevated, this is strongly counteracted by the very high elevation of HDL (good cholesterol) Your exercise level is helping keep your HDL up. This is good. JH [01/19]

Rob L: Is the weight displayed like a poker wager? The only accurate weight is on 3-31? [01/19]

John D: Adam: did you sweat lodge and jog around the city all night, or were you wearing army boots for the first weigh-in? [01/19]

John D: I am savoring my after-dinner snack of...gum. [01/18]

Bill S: 159.4. And yes, the .1 is very important to me. [01/18]

Rob L: Bring it on - girls. [01/18]

Adam O: I like the wager.. but we need to be more specific about what boys night out consists of. How about an expensive/gut busting steak dinner at the Met. [01/18]

Adam O: Wow! yoyo ma.. what happened? I feel bad for your little overworked heart. I am going to 186.5. [01/18]

John D: Away we go. I am a portly 208.5 and am shooting for 196.5. And yes, the .5 is very important to me. [01/18]

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