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Two type A personalities go head to head to acheive pre-college weights. Watch carefully, this is how a fatbet should be done: 1. motivating wager, 2. accountablity. [2/10]

Sarah has mercy on Becca and bails out of the fatbet. We did not see it coming. [3/05]
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Blubber Butts

Start Date: 2/5/2009
End Date: 3/5/2009
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Loser must pay the other's share of cable/electric for the month of March(only valid if there is one winner). No unhealthy/extraordinary means shall be implemented.
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Sarah V2.08003/05
becca p3.07003/05
Message Board
Sarah V: B@*($U@()U [03/05]

becca p: holla thanks to my illnesses i'm now beating you. [02/27]

Sarah V: i dont understand why im so far above the line when we both supposedly have the same amount to go? [02/26]

becca p: i've plateued. although i would say despite my current state of mental health i'm glad i havent ballooned and begun stress eating. [02/24]

Sarah V: oh NOOOOO [02/24]

Sarah V: got a wiiiiiiiittle out of control this weekend. oopsie. [02/23]

becca p: this is getting haaaard i'm not losing any weight and i am living at the gym. all my old jeans fit though. [02/20]

Sarah V: Why is your dot lower than mine even though we're even? [02/20]

Sarah V: oh nooooo, and here comes the weekend too :( bad non-pariels BAD [02/20]

Sarah V: thaaaat is not going to happen. don't give up the fight! [02/18]

becca p: i'm filing for an extension. i'm blaming rex he's making me fatter. [02/18]

Sarah V: But omg 50% Wheeeeee! [02/18]

Sarah V: we are running out of TIME!!! [02/18]

becca p: manage work flow, find a giant fish, bomb the russians. LIKE A BOSS [02/17]

Sarah V: Send some faxes. Swallow sadness. Remember birthdays! [02/17]

becca p: crapsnacks you're catching up! i'm gonna lose weight LIKE A BOSS [02/16]

Sarah V: back on line-woot woot [02/16]

Sarah V: This is terrrrrrrrible. [02/14]

becca p: HAHAH i'm winning now. stress will do that to ya. guess the PBR pizza french toast binge didnt hurt after all. [02/14]

Sarah V: WHEW that was close [02/13]

Sarah V: not the LINEEEEE [02/12]

Sarah V: CRAP how are you even with me. VICTORY MUST BE MINE. [02/12]

becca p: why havent i lost any weight?? FML [02/10]

becca p: thursday night?? my life is going to be empty, and so will my stomach! hah. i was also given lamb curry as a gift tonight and am eating an apple instead. WOOOh [02/10]

Sarah V: ok i wont be back until thursday night at the earliest, so enjoy wondering how many dozens of pounds i've lost while you can't keep an eye on me...muahahha. [02/10]

Sarah V: no loss today. BOOOOOOOOOO. [02/10]

Sarah V: Potato chips and watermelon for lunch. Nutritious. [02/09]

becca p: hah! i finally lost some weight. suck on that. while you're working i'm working out. also i don't know that enrique song but good luck with that. [02/09]

Sarah V: My M.O. = ::Don't go towards the line!:: sung in Enrique Iglesias voice. [02/09]

Sarah V: Not looking forward to hitting a plateau that involves giving up my morning bagel. I'm cherishing this one. [02/09]

Sarah V: Dont forget to stop by boca grande on your way back from the candy bar sale. [02/09]

Sarah V: I'm going to lose 3 pounds just from being too lazy to go to the grocery store. [02/08]

becca p: 2 for one dollah and now i'm suffering the consequences [02/08]


becca p: oh crap. [02/07]

Sarah V: YO I'm beating you already. Jackpot! [02/06]

Sarah V: I ate 5 donuts last week and gained 3 pounds. Never again. [02/05]

Sarah V: HAHAHA [02/05]

becca p: I'm going to lose so much weight you won't even be able to find me. Then i'll sneak up on you and shove butter down your throat!! [02/05]

Sarah V: Recap of our mutually agreed upon rules...1) no diet pills, laxatives, or other scary stuff 2) temptation is ok, sabotage is not 3) pink scale in the bathroom is the sole arbiter of final results subject to peer review 4) NO EXCUSES PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION! [02/05]

Sarah V: I'm gonna beatchu! WHEEEEEE [02/05]

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