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60 day to T-Day

Start Date: 9/21/2014
End Date: 11/22/2014
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Don't make your goal? Pay spa entrance fee and dinner for everyone else.
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Margaret W-1.010811/22
Anne T-0.210411/22
Erika S-0.210311/22
Ellen N0.010011/22
Kaela F0.010011/22
Message Board
Kaela F: By the hair on my chinny chin chin! I will be hydrating for the next few hours...then dehydrating with some bubbles! Who's with me!?! [11/22]

Ellen N: whoa-ski, that was close. [11/22]

Anne T: I made it! Pretty sure I need an IV to replace fluids, but that's easy enough. Who's taking me to dinner? [11/22]

Anne T: I checked with my in-house fatbet consultant. When you are out of country, you are still expected to weigh in. Here's how - find a FedEx office and ask to use their scale. Then convert kg to lb and hope for the best. This is the established protocol. =) [11/21]

Erika S: Hmm, .4 lbs away from goal before I got on the plane...I'll try to find a scale here but so far haven't seen one. [11/20]

Kaela F: Ending a fatbet four days after my birthday was probably a bad idea..."nothing but water and ex-lax 'til prom!" [11/20]

Anne T: There going to be some Sweatin' to the oldies happening tomorrow. [11/20]

Ellen N: Curse you, blue line [11/19]

Erika S: Hmm, so my ankles are pretty much perpetually swollen thanks to working nights... I am so close but still above that god damn blue line. Shit. [11/18]

Anne T: I hit Olympus this weekend and lost at least 1.5 pounds in sluffing. Made up for that with epic night with Kaela at Brunswick and Hunt (awesome, BTW!). I'm thinking broth, and cleansing teas. Has anyone ever done a colonic? [11/17]

Ellen N: multiple layers of full-body Spanx and higher room temperatures.... [11/14]

Ellen N: I don't use my left arm much [11/14]

Margaret W: Dehydration strategy. [11/13]

Ellen N: kidney donation starting to seem attractive... [11/13]

Ellen N: May day! May day! [11/13]

Anne T: Oooh, it's getting close now. I think this is the time the guys start talking about donating blood. It might be my only hope. I am stuck. Erika, you can weigh in on the 19th, but you have to be holding at least on Japanese guide book, preferably by DK. Swollen ankles, if possible. [11/13]

Kaela F: Do NOT google an pan! Anne is trying to break us! pan. [11/12]

Margaret W: Too much? :-) [11/12]

Margaret W: Erika- I want you to weigh in with swollen ankles. [11/11]

Erika S: Anne - no, what is An-Pan? [11/11]

Erika S: Hmm, I am pretty sure that we leave the night of the 19th. Are you guys okay if I do my final weigh in on the 19th? [11/11]

Anne T: When the scale swings in your favor, I say go for it, but no fair switching to the metric system. Erika, good luck maintaining that loss when I send you a box of Besalu goodies! When do you leave for Japan? Have I told you about An-Pan? It's soooo tasty! [11/11]

Margaret W: What?? Is there another strategy Ms. Anne? I'm out of town & hope the scale I used is right - I want to take that scale back home with me! [11/10]

Ellen N: blue line, come back to me... [11/08]

Erika S: Getting excited for some spa time with you guys! [11/06]

Ellen N: Herbfarm costs A LOT of money...but perhaps the kids don't need to go to college afterall [11/06]

Anne T: No fair only entering weight when the scales are in your favor! Come on ladies - 17 days left! [11/05]

Ellen N: ugh. too much delicious cheese at Erika's, not to mention other tastey yum yums [11/02]

Anne T: Happy Halloween, witches! Erika, I'm going to see to it that you have more than your fair share of spooky cocktails and cheesy eyeballs tonight. WAAHAAAAHAAHAA! [10/31]

Kaela F: I'm still recovering from the champagne! [10/27]

Anne T: Where is everyone? I managed to stay about even, even with Kaela's delivery of a box of trophy cupcakes. 26 days left! [10/27]

Anne T: Here's your little pick-me-up for today ladies. I am back to where I started this bet! Oh yeah. The set weight magnet takes over. [10/22]

Erika S: This rain is wrecking my running plans. Tomorrow is our 30 day mark! Keep up the good work ladies :) [10/22]

Ellen N: The fatbet she is a harsh mistress [10/19]

Margaret W: Thank you hot tub. [10/19]

Erika S: Yes, Anne a delta sub bet sounds fab...I think that my weight has already changed 3 pounds in the course of 4 hours today! [10/18]

Margaret W: Damn Ellen-please have more bread. [10/17]

Margaret W: I here! Trying to get unstuck. Thank goodness that I don't have sewing skills-my beloved child knows better. [10/17]

Anne T: BTW, If you ever offer to make an American Girl Doll sleeping bag for your beloved child, and somehow get talked into that sleeping bag becoming a multi-layer halloween party dress...take heed. You will drink and eat more than is wise after you finish that project. [10/16]

Anne T: This is basically what it looks like when I try to make my sewing machine do the zig zag stitch. [10/16]

Ellen N: yo, Maggles [10/16]

Anne T: Back on the bottom! @Erika - Should we have a sub bet on the greatest delta in a day? I think that might be my best hope here. =) [10/13]

Erika S: Ellen I can send you a utube link for that portion of the movie! [10/12]

Erika S: So does anyone else weight fluctuate up to 4 pounds in a day? Somewhat frustrating.... [10/12]

Kaela F: Yes, Ellen. Just ask any man that was between the ages of 13 and 50 when the movie can out. [10/10]

Ellen N: Did Princess Leia really wear a slave bikini with a collar? [10/10]

Ellen N: I finally lost that weight in my thumbs [10/10]

Anne T: Ellen- Looks like you're riding that blue line straight down to victory. Margaret - heavy sluffing is good for the soul. [10/07]

Ellen N: gotta get myself under control here. [10/07]

Margaret W: I'm stuck. Going to have pull out the big guns... Hot Tub vs. Sauna. I hope my skin survives this bet! [10/07]

Anne T: Bam! Nothing like weighing in after a tough run on a warm day. [10/06]

Anne T: That % of goal stat is really wearing on me. I am at the back of the pack here! [10/05]

Kaela F: I'll keep my suit on, I don't want to scare the children. [10/04]

Ellen N: thick slices of fresh bread, lavishly slathered with butter... [10/04]

Anne T: I'm hitting the sauna hard tonight. We'll see how generous I am feeling as the bet evolves. Although I guess at least one of you has the keys to this place so, I suppose I should warn Oliver naked ladies might be in the basement at any time. [10/04]

Margaret W: I'm going to hot tub every night until the end. Is your sauna also available Anne? [10/03]

Ellen N: Succumb to the siren song of pumpkin bread, cooling by the stove, taste its delectable moist nubblins, let the flavors slowly dissolve in your mouth, then scoop more -- live life, seize the pumpkin bread [10/03]

Ellen N: my nostrils and ears are now quite sculpted, this is always where the weight comes from first. Next up: thumbs. [10/03]

Anne T: I might need to go up to Olympus to get a scrub to make this bet. Pretty sure I lose about 3 pounds every time I do that. [10/03]

Erika S: hmm, tonight I am craving oysters... Walrus and the Carpenter might be fun! [10/02]

Erika S: The downward trend is beginning! How about Sitka and Spruce? Actually we could go up to Willows for a night :) [10/01]

Margaret W: Kaela, I think that may be a "yes". [10/01]

Erika S: Alright, I am back to square one but at least heading in the right direction! Wish I had thought of the cutlery tactic :) [10/01]

Ellen N: Chef's Tasting Menu and the Sommelier look good. [10/01]

Kaela F: I would love for you to take me to Canlis! [09/30]

Margaret W: No worries Annie- I do you want to enjoy this season. [09/30]

Anne T: Pumpkin bread, your autumn siren song is no match for a long run in the rain. And by that I mean, pumpkin bread is WAY better than a soggy run. Back to where I started. [09/30]

Margaret W: Canils Ellen? Is that where you are taking us to dinner? [09/30]

Margaret W: 1 week down! Erika, you have lots of time during this challenge for similar yummy meals. Go for it! [09/30]

Ellen N: I've never been to Canlis. [09/30]

Ellen N: my tactic of doing my initial weigh-in with cutlery strapped to my body seems to have worked. [09/29]

Erika S: Yikes! A weekend of eating yummy food in SanFran definitely did not make my work easier... [09/29]

Kaela F: Too much rooting for the home team! #GoMariners [09/28]

Margaret W: Always classy! Here we go! [09/27]

Anne T: Blair is busy drinking wine and eating dried fruit. I suggest you remind her that your Halloween party is only a month away. I think she is going as Princess Leia in the slave bikini with the collar. That'll scare anyone skinny. [09/26]

Erika S: Where's Blair? [09/25]

Erika S: I finally bought batteries for my scale and yes not checking your weight for several months means that your weight creeps up. Already looking forward to the spa in two months! [09/25]

Anne T: BTW, we are the Featured Bet. The world is watching. Keep it classy. [09/25]

Anne T: Ladies, I see a very jagged line in my future. [09/25]

Ellen N: hellooooo ladies. [09/25]

Kaela F: Depends on what you'll have to do to get us featured....don't do anything I wouldn't do. [09/23]

Anne T: Game on! Should I talk to the administrator and make us the featured fatbet? [09/23]

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