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You have been challenged to a Fatbet.

Here are the details:

1/1/2012 to 12/31/2012 (365 days)

Three sturdy chests of gold doubloons.

Amount of weight to lose:
Your choice

Do you accept the challenge?

Current Fatbet Group Members
 Weight Loss Goal (lbs)
Kim W56.2
Clinton L30.0
Jason L30.0
Mighty J60.0
Cathy N5.0
Amy W60.0
Lead G20.0
Monique C15.0
Cheryl W50.0
Corey S30.0
Sarah N37.8
Throkky J40.0
Rob A40.0
PaNo N18.0
Sarah C15.0
Lora A12.2
Angry S16.0
Sarah D28.0
Leslie S5.0
Sophia H-1.0
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