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You have been challenged to a Fatbet.

Here are the details:

6/8/2009 to 8/31/2009 (84 days)

A BBQ at Picnic Point, mostly provided by the losers or I guess we could call them the 'ones who did not lose'! The winners or the ones who did lose can bring a dessert, since they will definately deserve it! After the feast, there will be a lovely swim in the comfortably cool Puget Sound! No dry or wet suits allowed! Anybody scared into running away from the cookie that you are holding?!?!

Amount of weight to lose:
Your choice

Do you accept the challenge?

Current Fatbet Group Members
 Weight Loss Goal (lbs)
Diane L29.0
Sally H30.0
Nicole H13.0
Emelie S18.0
Jeff H10.0
Amy S13.0
John G30.0
Andrew E18.0
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