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Bet your fat away. Here's how:

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Record your weight daily or as often as you like at
  3. Start a Fatbet.
  4. Set your weight-loss goal, enter dates, and create a Fatbet wager.
  5. Send people you know a Fatbet challenge.
  6. Track your personal and Fatbet group progress.
  7. When the Fatbet ends, all who reach their weight-loss goals win. Those who don't pay the Fatbet wager.

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Why Fatbets work:

  • Who enjoys the embarrassment and humiliation of losing a bet? A Fatbet is a powerfully motivating force.
  • Fatbets are fun. You can track progress on Fatbet charts and fire up your group on its private message board.
  • Fatbets worked for us. They've worked for our friends and coworkers. That's all we know for sure at this point.
  • Fatbets keep your actual weight confidential. Other group members only see the amount you want to lose during the Fatbet timeframe. Check out other Fatbet rules and guidelines.
  • Still not convinced? Learn more.
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