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Congratulations to Greg, Brian, and Tom: all made their Fatbet goals! Thanks for the drama and the new vocabulary words from your message board. Now what are we going to do with the hip waders we bought to watch the cold, cold swim up close?
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The Fat Buoy Swims

Start Date: 4/2/2008
End Date: 6/6/2008
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
swim to the first buoy at Camano Island (at high tide)
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Tom D-5.012506/06
Ben D-3.611806/06
Brian D-3.011006/06
Message Board
Tom D: I will watch you guys swim to the bouy, I will be sitting on the bulkhead eating a Pizza and drinking a beer. I have nothing to prove. I feel much better since I have lost the weight, have more energy, and I am challanging myself to lose another 15LBS in the next 3 months. This is one time that I am happy to lose my ass at something and I have to thank the website for creating such a good medium for posting and monitoring the challenge, the competition inspired me to shed the weight. [06/06]

Ben D: Wow - we all did it. Congrats to all of us! I've lost about 25 pounds on, and 30 pounds since the week after Easter! I'm also thinking I may swim the buoy anyway, just for the heck of it, but now it is my choice. Tom, this old man will especially enjoy his birthday today - steak dinner tonight! [06/06]

Brian D: 33.5 pounds total on the I bet my ass and have big losses to show for it. Among the Fat Buoys, I am the BIGGEST LOSER. Congratulations to Tom and Greg. We all made our Fatbets. YooHoo! I may just have to swim to the buoy anyway to celebrate. [06/06]

Tom D: I hope you enjoyed the Ice Cream Greg..... BTW Happy birthday old men [06/06]

Brian D: He'd better have a large growler in the a.m.! [06/05]

Ben D: Tom had beers and burgers for dinner tonight - he's getting a little overconfident! He also tried to poison me with ice cream! [06/05]

Brian D: Cowzy tweet and sowzy tweet And liddle bairzy tunny. A piggley tunny too, wouldn't you? [06/05]

Brian D: It aint over until the Fat Buoy swims! [06/05]

Tom D: Last Day... Have not taken my morning Growler yet and lost 4lbs on the road. Just got home ans stepped on the official Scale. YIPEE!!!!! I was very good on the road. [06/05]

Brian D: Tom: Ramzy pie and Lamzy pie And liddle toadzy taffey A pullpley taffey too, wouldn't you? [06/05]

Brian D: I think I'll leave that bet to our friends at ChildHaven. Just ... one ... more ... diet ... day...they maybe beer for breakfast. I see Tom is doing well on his road trip. Good job! [06/05]

Ben D: Last big diet day today. Anyone care to make a side bet on who is furthest below their thin blue line tomorrow? [06/05]

Ben D: Congrats, Brian - pretty amazing! What the heck is a Hoodia tablet? Something made from horse hoofs? Starvation and running like a horse will always do the trick - eating like a horse will not! [06/04]

Brian D: Oh, and I forgot to mention the haircut - I think that's what put me below blue! [06/04]

Brian D: I wasn't getting quite the results I wanted, so my "final days" strategy includes basic starvation, lots of running, a $4 box of green tea with Hoodia tablets from Wal Mart. I'll pass on the brats, but help yourself! Hello to the good folks at ChildHaven. Hope you're not betting against me! [06/03]

Ben D: By the way, in celebration of our weight loss, I though I'd throw a brats and burgers party for Tom and Brian at my place this Thursday evening. Are you guys interested? I'll even buy the beer! [06/03]

Ben D: Wow - that's great, Brian!!!! Was it the "fat loss top secrets" diet, the "Live in Weight Loss Camp", or the "2007 Diet of the Year?" that did it for you?? [06/03]

Brian D: I'm feeling kind of blue today [06/03]

Ben D: Good thing you're below your goal weight, Tom. Now, on the road, you can eat pizza and donuts and drink beers without concern. [06/02]

Tom D: on the road again, during the last push.... Will be back on weigh in day [06/02]

Tom D: Brian on the message 5/27 that we will have to wait for his weight.... [05/30]

Ben D: By the weigh, where's Brian's weight?? [05/30]

Ben D: Tom, congrats! The tables have now turned, as a result of too much on my table! I'll have to sign with some of these advertisers now - I see that I can lose 18 pounds in 4 days, so I'm not worried! [05/30]

Ben D: Tom, I tried your method yesterday, and it worked! Up 2 pounds! The reality is that I'm going to have to be comfortably under the blue line in order to be assured of buoy avoidance! [05/29]

Tom D: Greg it ain't over till it's over. The date is the 6th, that is the day that you have to be at the target goal, not today. Who knows what 9 days has in store. My advice for you, is to eat a lot this weekend, drink gallons of beer, and eat ice cream like your freezer broke. [05/28]

Ben D: I made my fatbet!! 20 pounds lost on the bet, 25 pounds lost since Easter. I'll give myself the coveted honor of being first, which means I can row and jeer Brian on as he encounters that long, cold swim in Utsalady cove. The big fat challenge now is to keep it off until the morning of June 6th! [05/28]

Tom D: Congrats Greg [05/28]

Tom D: NO Food makes Tommy a grumpy buoy [05/27]

Brian D: You'll have to wait for my weight but the samples of ribs, salmon and turkey were great! [05/27]

Tom D: no comment, I went off the wagon [05/27]

Ben D: I was just ribbing! What is your weight entry today? [05/27]

Brian D: I had only a tiny taste of ribs! [05/27]

Ben D: Brian, you posted a comment but no weight today? What hath Memorial Day weekend wrought? I think you should have done that practice buoy swim about 3 extra times to make up for those ribs. As for me, 1.2 more pounds to go.. [05/27]

Brian D: I think. Therefore I swam. [05/26]

Ben D: The race to the finish is on! Who will be the first to make their fat bet - will it be Tom, with 2.1 pounds to go, or Greg, with 2.4 pounds, or Brian, with a whoppin' 7.5 pounds (but with the most overall weight loss)? The opera ain't over 'till the fat buoy sings! [05/26]

Ben D: I'm going to move our Memorial Day party to the beach at Camano - having the buoy in plain view will hopefully keep me from overeating! [05/24]

Brian D: I'm 7.5 and at 75. On my birthday I don't wish to dive. [05/23]

Ben D: Two weeks - don't blow it now! I say the first one to make their weight goal gets the honor of rowing in front of the bouy swimmer(s?)! [05/23]

Tom D: Last two weeks Bouyz... Brian, don't get discouraged, with global warming, the water must be a balmy 39 degrees this time of year [05/23]

Brian D: Wow, I feel so lonely above the blue line ... but no weigh today. [05/22]

Ben D: A solid 2 pound loss! I guess Tuesday's haircut really paid off. I'll clip my nails tomorrow.. [05/22]

Ben D: Well, to make it fair, I may need to give blood also! I'll wait until the last week, though - maybe I'll give on my birthday! [05/21]

Tom D: No that was prior to the weight involved "S" . I donated blood last week, and also got a hair cut last week. So these are not calculated in todays loss.... [05/21]

Ben D: Did you do all of the three S's, Tom? We'll see how it goes on Tuesday. My (temporary?) congrats! [05/21]

Brian D: Way to go, Tom! Were you surprised as well as suprised? On similar note I've decided to give blood today. A pint's a pound ... [05/21]

Tom D: Stepped on the scale and was pleasently suprised this AM.... Had to weight my self 5 times to believe. I did shave my back hair last night though and trimmed my finger nails [05/21]

Ben D: We're all back in line - that's good! In fact, my spirits are bouyed! Another lb today. [05/21]

Brian D: My new motto: Eat beans or SWIM in the Sound. [05/20]

Ben D: Brian, according to my calculator that's .5588235 pounds per day! I'd suggest eating only shark soup. [05/20]

Brian D: Footnote: Now have lost more than Tom and Greg's goal weight. Bad news: still 9.5 pounds to go to reach mine! [05/20]

Brian D: Tom, to quote Grandpa Smith: Eat beans and live on the Sound. [05/19]

Tom D: BBQ, BBQ, BBQ, which means BEER, BEER, BEER.....Yesterday afternoon I was 2 lbs lighter then I was this AM.......probably water weight. Final stretch.. time to shed the weight. [05/19]

Ben D: Starved myself all weekend, walked 7.5 miles, total loss: 1 pound. Argg! This running ban is killing me! Let's just hope it's water weight, or the Camano water is waiting! [05/19]

Ben D: Good headline in today's Seattle Times: "Local Waters Still Dangerously Cold" (p. B3). The sharks are waiting! [05/16]

Tom D: Things are getting interesting..... we are all above the line, with 21 days left to go [05/16]

Tom D: NO worries... I drank the water, expecting a good bout of disentary any moment. [05/15]

Brian D: Glad to see you took my advice, Tom. Oh the shark has ... pretty teeth dear... [05/15]

Tom D: That last trip was a killer.... To much food and drinks, I Have some work to do now. To many chips and Guacamola in MX... Don't dring the water does not mean just drink beer.. Anyhow to much food, too little exercise makes tommy a fatbouy [05/15]

Ben D: feeling a little blue, Brian? Take two diet pills and call me in the AM. Managed to avoid all of the fat food at the Giants Stadium in San Francisco on Tuesday - down 4 pounds down from Sunday! [05/15]

Brian D: A little better today .. but the blue line is still at least a weigh's away. [05/14]

Brian D: Bad news for Brian, the blue line isn't lyin,' if I don't find it fast I might as well quit tryin! I made the mistake of chowin' Chinese AND steak/potato AND too much wine in celebration of Mom's Day so now I'm paying for it. Tom, have a few beers, you've earned it. [05/13]

Ben D: Two pounds up this weekend - guess I didn't sweat quite enough at the Camano work party this weekend. I tried other forms of exercise this weekend to no avail. I'm worried that I'll suffer the ultimate exercise - a long, cold, swim! [05/12]

Tom D: I was planning a practice swim tomorrow morning. [05/09]

Brian D: Bring your shorts to Camano tomorrow, Greg. Would be good to practice getting into the cold water. [05/09]

Ben D: Crisis! The Doc says I have to lay off running for awhile - I need to quickly find a new form of exercise. Swimming in the Puget Sound, maybe? Tom, Kirtis tried to tempt me at the Cactus yesterday - I stuck to the tortilla soup! [05/07]

Brian D: Good job, Tom. I just got off the road too (morning run). Still trying to find the thin blue line! [05/07]

Tom D: Just got off the road, did OK. [05/07]

Brian D: And you and Tom are going down! Today I went to the gym for cardio and swim so didn't get a chance for morning weigh-in. [05/06]

Ben D: another pound, the world's less round! [05/06]

Ben D: A pint's a pound, but wine is fine. A few glasses of wine, some cereal, and some veggies at a BBQ is about all I had to eat yesterday, but it paid off on the scales this AM. Back on track! Tom, if you're going to cheat on your diet, might as well do it at Palicades.. [05/05]

Tom D: Terrible weekend.. We ate at Palicades, great food, but we ordered apps, and dessert. Ran 2 miles yesterday, to try and run it off but did not help. Back on the road today [05/05]

Brian D: Where is Tom in this dialogue? Tom, we miss you. [05/04]

Brian D: As John said: A pint's a pound the world around! [05/04]

Ben D: Last night's pint of beer was not my friend. Otherwise, a good diet day! Up 2 pounds. [05/04]

Ben D: Another pound, a little less round. I'm feeling good this AM after running 5.78 miles at an 8:42 pace - my best yet! [05/03]

Brian D: Way to go, Greg. Tom, looking good. By following my own E.A.T. formula, I'm nearly back to blue, yoo hoo! (Could also be A.T.E., as in I only ate think tortilla soup at the Mexican joint last night. [05/01]

Ben D: Brian, that's pretty good, but EAT reminds me of eating, which is something I'm trying to do less of these days. How about BEAT, as in "Been Eatin' a Ton" (now I'm paying da price). Sounds like a good blues tune, which goes well with our new "blue man" theme. Speaking of that, I'm below the thin blue line! [05/01]

Brian D: Okay, I've come up with a new acronym that describes this process: E.A.T. where E=Exercise (more) A= Abstinence from the stuff we know we shouldn't eat and drink and T=Tracking, like we do with Fatbet. © 2008 Brian Dirks :-) [04/30]

Ben D: I hope we don't have to rename our bet to "The Blue Man Group"! Up a pound! Tom, you're amazing. [04/30]

Brian D: Darn - got a little careless over the past five days, hence the spike. Still ahead of the buoys in overall tonnage loss, but got to fight back to blue or I'll be blue in the water. [04/30]

Ben D: Ah, the big drop! Days of focused dieting have finally resulted in scale movement. Or maybe I was simply sweating from all of yesterday's publicity! Whatever the cause, it's great to be back on track! [04/29]

Tom D: At least I am on the line...... Run,Fat Bouy, Run... I had Salad 1 piece of pizza (That pizza could stop anyone from eating, YUCK) and about 30 Shrimp.. Greg as far as the veggie appetizer, I think you were using the veggies as an excuse to eat the dip... Come on be honest, it was more then just Veggies. [04/28]

Brian D: No way I was going to weigh this morning after last night. Am in denial. I attended two heavy eating functions over the weekend. I was good at the one Saturday and 'bad' last night -- too much goop on the shrimp salad and three slices of the pizza, plus tried Tom's methodology with the vodka. I have my doubts that it helps. [04/28]

Ben D: yeah, I ate only salad and veggie appetizers - still put on a pound! Must have been contagious! [04/28]

Tom D: Ate to many "healthy" Appetizers last night. [04/28]

Ben D: Tom, you missed the point of my entry - Steve wanted Haiku for his birthday today. Maybe commas will help: Sunday morning scales, I lost two pounds of blubber, In honor of Steve. [04/27]

Tom D: The scales were very kind to me this AM........ I will go back up today I am sure [04/27]

Ben D: Sunday morning scales I lost two pounds of blubber In honor of Steve [04/27]

Ben D: Oh no! Two days of no running and two nights eating out makes Greg a fat buoy! [04/26]

Brian D: Very nice, Tom. By the way, here's an update on the road food story: [04/25]

Tom D: This could happen to one of us... [04/25]

Brian D: I'm resisting two leftover Winchells .. [04/25]

Tom D: am sitting here eating a bag of potatoe chips... I am feeling really guilty, but they sure taste good [04/25]

Brian D: It's amazing how unforgiving one bad night can be! Problem is you have to spend a day or two working off the excess before you're back to where you were. If you think of excess food and drink as work, real hard physical work, that helps. [04/25]

Ben D: Well, both the big bowl of rice and noodles and the M's stunning loss killed me last night (as well as not running due to insomnia). Up 3 pounds! Hopefully temporary. [04/25]

Tom D: I have changed my diet... I eat only salmon and bloody marys. Figure I get both my veggies and fish. [04/24]

Brian D: Must be back on the the vodka-only diet. At 55 calories a shot he can down 10 of them plus a carrot stick or two and still count it as a good day. [04/24]

Ben D: Wow - look at Tom's traveling weight! He must be eating nothing but Costco tofu burgers! [04/24]

Brian D: Good Golly Gregor! [04/23]

Ben D: Another pound! I'm not worried about getting injured by running too fast, but I may be injured when I trip over my pants! [04/23]

Brian D: Greg, 9:15 isn't a bad training pace. That's about what I train at too on average. You'll injure yourself if you push much faster. [04/21]

Ben D: Better stay away from that Chicago deep dish pizza, Tom! 4.75 mile run this AM.. my pace improved to 9:15 - goal is 8.0 by May 19th [04/21]

Tom D: In the road again..... We will see how I do [04/21]

Tom D: Wow Brian, you are doing great.... 47 days left [04/20]

Brian D: Nice to see you're using your gadget, Gregor [04/20]

Ben D: Back in the game! The 5.78 mile run this AM was very helpful, but I'll need to do better then the 9:17 pace for the Rhody run next month. Still, I'm sure the 869 calories lost during the run helped! I ate well in Berkeley yesterday, but tried to avoid liberal portions. [04/19]

Brian D: Good job, Tom. How much vodka did you drink? [04/19]

Tom D: Traveling was good... Kept to small portions and all fish, fruits and vegtables..... Back on top [04/18]

Brian D: Greg, glad you're having a good time and don't sweat the gain - it's inevitable on road trips. The good news is that Tom is traveling this week and next and may well be in the same gravy boat. I'm up a tad (or at least not down a tad to meet the goal line) as well and suddenly have sore knee and back so may have to curtail my running some to recover. [04/18]

Ben D: egads! The trip to Chicago, with no running, took it's toll! Or was it the 2nd slice of "Maui Zaui" pizza at Round Table last night? I've been eating mostly salads! Off to Berkeley today, with a lunch and dinner invite in hand (or in belly?). Unfortunately, is only graded on a sliding scale! [04/18]

Brian D: Fortunately we were able to give away most of the brownies and cookies to a grateful young relative but was left with half a cake, a quarter of which is sitting on the lunch counter at work (I didn't have any). I did have one of the beers you made me buy, Tom! I don't like being at the bottom today but have to keep reminding myself of the 3:2 loss ratio I signed up for when I cast my bet goal. [04/15]

Ben D: I'm back in line - skipping Brian's ribs paid off! My MIL served ribs last night, but they were lean and scrawny, just like I'm going to be! Brian, I'd suggest donating those brownies to your bike club! [04/15]

Tom D: Fell off the wagon.... Had a couple of beers, bad for you food at the game. I am still in the line but not happy with myself this weekend. Today, back on the diet.....Should have skipped the ribs. Brian, enjoy the beer in your fridge, the extra cake and brownies that are laying around the house, they sure looked good. [04/14]

Ben D: Tom, I think I'll sign up for your diet! I skipped the ribs last night, ran 5 miles this AM, and have otherwise been eating nothing. Down a pound today, but I'm hoping for a sudden drop tomorrow! [04/14]

Tom D: Weighed myself three times this AM and I was 243.7 I Ate terrible yesterday..... So I expect to be back up after today.... [04/13]

Ben D: the scales were not kind this AM - up one pound! A light dinner out last night plus my Sunday day of running rest, I guess. Brian, better not plan on serving me more than salad at your dinner tonight! [04/13]

Ben D: Ah, a 6 mile run today felt good. As I ran along the water, I gazed at whales circling around buoys far from shore - a scene to be repeated at Camano? [04/12]

Brian D: Advice for Tom: Forget water. Stick to vodka. And when you swim don't free willy. [04/11]

Tom D: Yes, but it ain't a real Pound.... I wieghed myself when I woke up and I was 247.7, I went for a 1.5 mile run and reweighed and I was 247. Once I drinks some water and rehydrate I am sure I will be up a little more. [04/11]

Ben D: Tom, if you get your leg torn off by a killer whale you'll make your weight goal! We'll have to ask John if the rules allow for that. Another pound today! [04/11]

Tom D: I am not..... I am too scared that Killer whales will come up and think that I am a lame seal. I will not lose this bet. [04/11]

Brian D: Please don't give up, Tom. There are hundreds of good things to eat on the road. For instance, read this article in the Olympian today: [04/10]

Tom D: I am going to the pool and starting to practice, I have to travel the next two weeks and Road food is Bad food. [04/10]

Brian D: Nothing like a good martini, Greg. My preference is a Manhattan. I slept like a rock last night! Unfortunately, no further weight loss despite careful eating and more than 11 miles of running. [04/10]

Ben D: Tom, I tried the Vodka part of your diet yesterday. Two martinis drew me to the bar food, but I managed to stay away from most of it. Brian, no use losing sleep over this - if you swim, you swim! [04/10]

Brian D: Greg, good job in Vancouver! I've been fluctuating a little this week but if you look at my chart you'll see it was only 2.5 pounds, not 4 in one day. I always weight myself w/out clothing and first thing in the morning for consistency. Here's the story: Around 3:30 this a.m. I stepped on the scale and was disappointed to be at the same weight as yesterday, despite a lunchtime jog and fairly healthy eating. So at 4:30 a.m. I ran my 7.2 course, came back and stepped on the scale again to record a 2.5 pound difference. I doubt that will stay off today, but hey, it feels good. [04/09]

Ben D: Brian, how did you lose 4 pounds in 1 day? Oh, that's right it's a nude day - you're the same weight, but weighed yourself without clothes to improve results! I'm proud of myself - I was in Vancouver BC with lots of caloric opportunities, but managed to limit myself on everything except beer. [04/09]

Tom D: This morning, ran/walked for 1.25 miles, a little protein shake. I think the blockage finally cleared. Lunch yesterday a 6" turkey sub, at least 160oz of water yesterday. Dinner a little bit of chicken and some fruit.. [04/08]

Brian D: Wow, Tom's off to a fast start. The Vodka/Exlax diet must really work! I did a little better with my dieting yesterday so let's call it a new day. [04/08]

Ben D: Back on track! Brian, I'd suggest eating nothing but catch up! [04/08]

Tom D: Vodka/EXLAX is working. After eating the ribs at gregs house last night, I do not think that I will be eating meat any longer..... My Colon will be blocked for a week...Greg was that really Pork, or a old wild boar? Ate really well yesterday. Protein shake for breakfast a Jarrred 6" sub for lunch, Turkey, no mayo, and a small piece of the mystery Ribs...Fast Walked a mile on the treadmill.... [04/07]

Ben D: Well, my I was pretty good this weekend. I carried home 7 boxes of pizza for a party on Saturday and didn't eat any. I cooked a big barbeque last night and didn't eat any meat (just salads and fruit and a few crackers). I avoided alcohol, and generally was determined to be two pounds lighter then I was on Friday. Mondays are always my official weigh in days when I diet. So, this AM, I stepped on the scales with great anticipation. The result? Up one pound, to my starting weight! I think Tom tampered with my scales when he was over for dinner last night (by the way, he had some meat!). [04/07]

Brian D: The good news is that I lost three pounds over the weekend. The bad is that, thanks to one careless night (Sunday) I gained it all back! [04/07]

Brian D: Tom you mean the truck scales are not registering as high as they should? That may be impacting our state's tax stream. Being a public employee, no wonder I haven't gotten a raise recently! [04/06]

Tom D: bought a digital scale yesterday. My old scale was not set right.. the new scale is registering a little higher then the old, oh well. that just increases the challenge. [04/06]

Brian D: Greg, there are two bouys - your bet: "swim to the first buoy at Camano Island (at high tide)" says nothing about not using a wet suit! I'm fine with the second bouy though, if you insist, and you may borrow my wet suit because I won't need it. [04/06]

Ben D: Brian is really in denial about all this. A buoy that we set out in the summer? A wetsuit? No, my bet was a long, cold swim! [04/06]

Brian D: Tom, I think Greg means the first bouy, which may not be out yet as it's a seasonal bobber. A little vodka is better than a lot of beer with the same effect so that's a great start. Not sure of the caloric content of Exlax - better read the label (or use your finger). I was a little lighter this morning after a long jog and a short sit but won't post weight again until Monday. See [04/05]

Tom D: I am going to buy a real scale tomorrow as well, Right now I am using the truck scale at the weigh station. My Current bathroom scale we use as a fan in the summer time, It is kinda my way of doing a stair stepper... [04/05]

Tom D: I was up at wonderful Camano Island sizing up the distance from the Shore to the Bouy.. It looks like a cold long swim.... I am officially starting tomorrow.... I am going on the Vodka/EXLAX diet... I figure that is good for at least 5lbs. Still trying to figure out the rest. Ate really terrible this week.. Pizza, Ice Cream, little bit of Lucky Charms for breakfast. [04/05]

Ben D: Ah, lost a pound after a good diet day and a 6 mile run this AM. Back on track! [04/05]

Brian D: Now that I'm back home I finally got to weigh myself - pretty near what I'd expected. Tom I know which approach Greg and I are going to take to our "plan" because we've both been down this road before, but what about you? [04/05]

Brian D: Nice breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes at Whistler this morning. Still don't know my base weight. [04/04]

Ben D: Back to my starting weight. According to the fancy graph, I'll need to lose 2 pounds over the weekend to stay on track. Let's see, dinner out tonight, parties on both Saturday and Sunday nights. Can I do this? Stay tuned! [04/04]

Brian D: And I'm on vacation! How can I possibly start a diet when I'm on vacation? Tonight we have to cook the rest of the meat in the condo so the five of us will have a choice of salmon, pot roast, chili burgers or bbqd burgers. Big tub of ice cream in the freezer to finish too. Plus a half tank of Canadian merlot to finish as we don't want to sneak it back over the border. And there isn't even a scale here. Glad to hear Greg is up. Not too worried about Fat Bouy Tom. [04/03]

Ben D: Up 2 pounds today! Was it the Swiss chocolate Mocha, or the teriaki beef and pasta last night? Oh bouy! [04/03]

Tom D: nothing makes me happier then to challege the YOYO twins in a little competition.... [04/02]

Brian D: Not an issue for me as long as I can fit into my Wet suit. Glad to see FatBoy Tom has joined in [04/02]

Tom D: That may attribute to some Shrinkage..... [04/02]

Ben D: 30 pounds by June 6th? That my buoy! [04/02]

Ben D: well, for me the cold water is a losing proposition! [04/02]

Brian D: So who has to swim - the winner or loser? [04/02]

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