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Linda's $2 Challenge

Start Date: 5/22/2009
End Date: 12/31/2009
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Linda's paying $2 for every pound you lose by Sandy's birthday (New Years Eve). Meet 1/2 your goal or greater, earn $2 for every pound lost. Make less then 1/2 your goal, you pay Linda for your entire goal amount! ($2 * goal).
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Linda B-0.910912/31
Trisha M1.09012/31
Kerry B4.86812/31
Irene B5.46612/31
Megs B0.76312/31
Mark M10.06212/31
Harold B12.25912/26
Charlie S2.92412/31
Jimmy S58.02212/31
Mike M16.31808/06
Rebecca S34.01312/31
Jetta B2.0912/31
Sandy S37.8-112/31
Charlie S2.9-4512/31
Message Board
Mark M: The symmetry between Kerry and my graphs is hilarious. [12/31]

Mark M: If anyone needs a ski-ramp... [12/31]

Trisha M: I was sick x3 days but worked out twice yesterday, but I lost a total of 14 lbs for the year!! Happy New Year all, Cheers!! [12/31]

Kerry B: Trish! Well done!!! Nice :) [12/31]

Kerry B: Check out that spike! Alas, xmas goodies. [12/31]

Linda B: IT'S PAYDAY! [12/31]

Trisha M: Opps; almost forgot to log-in! so this is my weight frm Thursday am, before All the eating. Major workouts this Sat. & Sun! I love it, it's like craming for a final! [12/25]

Linda B: whew cutting it too close .... ok everyone, ONE more week to go ... GOOD LUCK TO ALL ... make me give you as much money as possible!!! [12/24]

Trisha M: Thought I would have more time to workout, but all this Christmas Stuff got in the way!...........Arg!........ [12/18]

Linda B: Joey - I'm 6'3" without my shoes on. [12/18]

Kerry B: Peanut butter chocolate bars... YUM! I remembered them from 7th grade at Fitz and found a recipe online. I'm on my second batch. So the same weight from last week is really, really good! [12/17]

Charlie S: Linda - how tall are you? We're calculating BMIs. [12/17]

Linda B: cool ... I can have some "junk food" on my way to CO! [12/17]

Kerry B: I cheated and put in yesterdays weight. It was a happier number. [12/11]

Trisha M: last week of the semester, then I'll actully have time to workout next week! ;) [12/11]

Harold B: Really hard to lose weight eating homemade pizza and bread. Only three weeks to go. (21 days) [12/10]

Linda B: guess the three of us have been sitting around EATING ... :) [12/10]

Rebecca S: Haha! Eat that Jetta! Ahead of you again. [12/05]

Harold B: Kerry has started to make homemade loafs of bread. Sure is good but may not cause weight loss. The goodie buffet is still here also!! Need to make the weight loss curve point down. [12/04]

Trisha M: Getting back on Track ;), will try to survive poker party tonight! [12/04]

Irene B: Finally going in the right direction [12/03]

Linda B: Hey Mom ... you are so close to the 50% mark ... that would mean pay day for you! ... come on you can do it!! [12/03]

Linda B: well I lived through the goodie buffet at Mom's ... glad to hear it is now a fresh/dried fruit buffet! ... ONLY 28 DAYS left ... for every pound you guys don't lose or put back on I save 2 DOLLARS ... :) [12/03]

Trisha M: I hear you Kerry! Happy Thanksgiving all; make sure Linda eat's up! [11/26]

Kerry B: I carried a frozen 12 pound turkey in the other day for mom and it was heavy. I realized that's exactly how much weight I had lost. It freaks me out thinking about running carrying that thing, just the extra pressure on my joints alone. I'm feeling more motivated now to get the last few pounds off. Try it, find something that weighs how much you lost and carry it around awhile. Scary! And motivating. [11/20]

Trisha M: 2 birthday dinners in one week-No fair! Kerry-Kinda jealous that ur having homemade fries! Yummy. We'll prob catch NewMoon next week. Drew's going right after school today for her bday.. [11/20]

Rebecca S: Dang Jetta's beating me again. But then I haven't weighed yet... [11/20]

Kerry B: oh the dilemma. I'm up a little bit up today and it will likely put me back over the line but could I get down by tomorrow... Mom is making homemade french fries with spaghetti for lunch AND we're going to the midnight showing of New Moon tonight. Could I possibly weigh less tomorrow??? I'll chance it. [11/19]

Linda B: ok everybody, be sure you get the "platter plate" for Thanksgiven dinner! [11/19]

Jetta B: Grandma ... almost there! [11/19]

Trisha M: My line WAS so close....Just water weight gain--I hope! [11/13]

Kerry B: We'll skip weighing Joey in this week. He has the "I got bit by a dog" card to play so we won't make him sit on the scale tomorrow. [11/12]

Kerry B: I'm back below the line! Fine, so I can't eat 5 chocolates at night. Mom and I decided to make a hot lunch and not a big dinner anymore. I use the small bowl for the evening snack/dinner now. Sure helped. [11/12]

Linda B: Well there is the chest again ... it has a lot of party horns in it ... all but one of them are glued to the bottom .. well what fun is that?? [11/12]

Jetta B: come on Becky you can over take me again! [11/12]

Rebecca S: Spoon in the pie keeps on turning, don't know what I'll eat tommoooorrroooow... [11/11]

Kerry B: serious boom sha-ka-lakas this week! [11/08]

Kerry B: well darn. [11/06]

Trisha M: Linda: Missed the line, as I couldn't stay away from the Halloween candy, I blame Kyle! Mike is still MIA, prob lost him for good, so he doesn't deserve a Vegas trip! BTW:Friday works best for me too.. [11/06]

Rebecca S: So Jetta, how will you pay Linda if you don't meet 1/2 your goal? Crunchies? Bonus bites don't count since they were originally hers. [11/05]

Rebecca S: Bah...keep forgetting to weigh. Not intentionally I promise. Maybe I should just bring the scale into work with me that way it's here when I remember. [11/05]

Linda B: Trisha .. so will you touch the line today? ... and where is MIKE? [11/05]

Linda B: I had better stop giving the dogs the extra food on my plate! [11/05]

Megs B: I sure have been enjoying the extra food! [11/05]

Jetta B: Becky .. here is your chance! [11/05]

Jetta B: Becky ... let me tell you, if I had my way, I would be minus %. [11/02]

Kerry B: We got Joey to sit on the scale today which is so much easier then picking him up. Guess that huge portion of Broccoli soup last night didn't help. [10/30]

Kerry B: I'm heading for that darn line again AHHH! [10/30]

Harold B: Linda-looks like you have found the ski jump that I found. [10/30]

Harold B: Will shoveling snow off the drive and sidewalks help? We will see. [10/30]

Rebecca S: You know you're doing bad when Jetta passes you on the % board. [10/29]

Trisha M: Slllloooowwllyy but Surely!! Must-stay-away-from-Halloween-Candy! [10/29]

Linda B: they need to chage the sign at Sizzler's from "all you can eat" to "eat responsibly" [10/29]

Rebecca S: OMG the AC in my office is broken. Maybe I'll sweat off some weight. [10/23]

Kerry B: Those last two messages were from me, I forgot I was signed in as Joey. [10/23]

Charlie S: I've officially moved my weigh in day to Friday. That gives the scale one more day to change it's mind plus I don't start food partying until Friday night. [10/23]

Charlie S: Glad to see you back Burt! The suckers were great :) [10/23]

Rebecca S: By the way, how were those chocolate suckers I sent? :) No it wasn't an evil plan to help you gain weight ::tries to look innocent:: [10/23]

Rebecca S: Alright I'll do the walk of shame....upped my weight a little. In my defense, I got sick couple weeks ago....lost a few lbs but put it back on when I got my appetite back. [10/23]

Harold B: 70 more days to go-do more "push-aways" from table!! We have lost a lot of weight so far-keep it up. [10/22]

Harold B: Hard to stay on the slope down-I keep going under the line. If I don't watch it, I may go way under like the top three!!! [10/22]

Mark M: Kerry's going to whup me today. [10/22]

Trisha M: Can't wait to see who's ahead; Mark or Kerry??.... [10/22]

Trisha M: Ok Linda, you can stop Alreay!! Your there! ;) I'm right behind ya! [10/22]

Linda B: So there is the chest again, as I was walking to it, I slipped on an empty potato chip bag .. I opened the chest and found inside a roll of non-slip tape, on the attached tag it read "apply to ground" ... [10/22]

Jetta B: I miss you Grandma! [10/22]

Linda B: oh look, there is another note on the old oak chest, it reads, your last tool has severed you well. Find enclosed in the chest another tool. When I open the chest I found a blow horn. The tag reads use this tool to encourage those still on their journey. [10/15]

Harold B: Well, 65% of the time has passed and I have lost 65% of the weight. I am OK with that. I plan to try harder starting now. [10/15]

Jetta B: finally I have moved up! [10/15]

Megs B: Kerry was right second place is really good! [10/15]

Kerry B: Second place! woo-hoo! Mark hasn't weighed in yet though... [10/15]

Trisha M: Darn; Oktoberfest killed me!! I need that new scale, I mean game tactic - hehe! [10/15]

Irene B: Will get back into walking and eating less. [10/15]

Charlie S: 24 hour buffet at G'mas! [10/09]

Harold B: Joey M. was typing for me and forgot to sign me in. [10/09]

Charlie S: I had a good helping of the Boston Creme Pie along with the birthday dinner and managed to stay on the downhill slope somehow. Time is getting short, keep up the good work. [10/09]

Irene B: I survived my England trip. [10/09]

Kerry B: Trish - it's a great game tactic, find a scale that weighs in less and use that at the last minute for a great boost! [10/08]

Kerry B: I meant buying the same scale as Mom's [10/08]

Trisha M: Kerry - Can I use ur new scale too?! [10/08]

Kerry B: I ended up buying the same scale as mine but it weights almost 1/2 pounds heavier then moms. I decided to just use my scale for the weigh in and take the hockey stick graph this week. Not bad if you had seen the birthday dinner and extra helpings of Boston Creme Pie (I LOVE that stuff!) last night. [10/08]

Trisha M: :) back on track! Linda; I'm confused, I want a tool(s)....... [10/08]

Jetta B: I'm tired of carrots .. I can't wait to see my Grandma!! [10/08]

Linda B: so under the welcome sign is says to proceed to old oak chest, there is a really faded note on the chest that reads: find enclosed a tool that is now required to remain on top of this hill .. so I open the chest and find a really pretty purple stake, with a tag that reads: drive stake into ground as you will find this area to be very slippery. Under the stake was another note that read .. return each week to receive an additional tool ... is that cool or not? [10/08]

Megs B: ok yes it was my fault that I could not go out for a walk! [10/08]

Kerry B: Gotta love weighing in on a new scale. I was in a dilemma, didn't know if I should add a couple pounds since there's no way I lost weight on that junk food drive out to Colorado but what the heck, we wanted a new scale anyway and plan to buy the same one as Mom has. See, problem solved and I get a big jump this week :) [10/01]

Trisha M: Well for me; not good, but not bad considering my last 2 wk's of good & lots of good eats! [10/01]

Linda B: well was hoping to nail it this week, as time has run out on this outfit .. shirt is frayed .. pants are a thin thread from having a hole and the shoes really need to be retired to yard shoes ... so next week I will be wearing my new shoes and not so new jeans and I will be spending alot of time trying to pick out a tee shirt that will hide black and blond fur. [10/01]

Harold B: Everyone-keep up the good work. We have less that 100 days to go. We can do it. [09/24]

Harold B: Becky, that is a great idea for Xmas. Count me in. [09/24]

Kerry B: A new number on the scale... YEAH! [09/24]

Mark M: Congrats Linda! [09/24]

Linda B: I can hear the music ... but not dance yet! [09/24]

Linda B: count me in ... [09/18]

Kerry B: Burt - this is a great idea from the article you sent. Basically buy food to donate equal to the weight we lose. Think how great we'll all feel when you realize how much weight you lost while carrying it around in a bag of food. Maybe that will help me actually start LOSING weight again. Very cool idea. Anyone else in? [09/17]

Rebecca S: I was hoping someone would get it! I have another but will save it for next week :) So I found this online 'article' story I think it's a great idea. Should we try this at Christmas? (Maybe this year we could do the donation idea that was mentioned awhile back instead of getting each other gifts). Josh excluded of course ;) [09/17]

Kerry B: Burt - love the song! [09/17]

Linda B: Mark - yeah I am close now .. but it is the last POUND - which is hard - but you knock out Megan - where is Joey? .. and of course Jetta is up again! [09/17]

Linda B: Mark - boy there is a lot of talk about my deviled eggs - I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO MAKE DEVILED EGGS IN CO! [09/17]

Mark M: Yeah great to have you back Burt! Let me know if you find any of those deviled eggs. (And thanks for the books btw!!) [09/17]

Harold B: Becky, keep working on the slope. Glad to see you back and entering wt. and comments. Good to have a goal to work on. [09/17]

Harold B: Hard getting away from ski jumps in the wt. loss curve. Can not afford another jump-too close to the line. [09/17]

Mark M: Woohoo Linda! I think you're going to beat me because I just can't break through 180lbs. I might try having some bone mass removed. [09/17]

Rebecca S: Cupcake in the skkyyyy with chooocolate [09/17]

Rebecca S: Deviled eggs?? Where? [09/17]

Jetta B: Trisha ... yeah you made it to the paying side! [09/17]

Trisha M: I know Linda, I blame it on your Yummy Chili and deviled eggs! [09/17]

Linda B: after last weekend ... who would have thought! [09/17]

Jetta B: I had my hair cut for nothing! [09/17]

Rebecca S: *nom*nom*nom* yummy cantaloupe [09/11]

Trisha M: Well, the treadmill is working for me, but that's along w/tuna-salads, Only, for dinner, at least x3 a wk! Oh Darn I just gave away my secret!! [09/11]

Trisha M: Opps, todays Thursday, right? oh, no it's Friday, even better! Only .7 for a personal milestone....;) can I do it by next wk?..... [09/11]

Rebecca S: So diet is the key? **pushes the In-N-Out bag out of view** [09/10]

Kerry B: Burt - yeah! You're back. I think exercise is important. It helps keep stress down and motivate you to lose weight. But Mark is right, it's diet that really gets those pounds off. Though I'm tempted to eat a large chocolate cake and then ride my bike to Denver and back to see what happens. [09/10]

Kerry B: UGH!!! I'm above the line :( [09/10]

Mark M: Becky nice to have you back! Forget about the treadmill - exercise doesn't work. Even if you run 26 miles you barely double the number of calories you burn in a day. So diet is the only way. Yeah, I know, it sucks bad! [09/10]

Mark M: Humph! Gained 3 pounds. [09/10]

Linda B: hey Pop .. you trying to make another ski jump? [09/10]

Linda B: Missed you Becky ... glad your back! [09/10]

Jetta B: Grandpa .. don't worry about it ... PAYDAY starts with 50% of goal .. so do you want to think about buying a steak with your money .. you could share with your granddog ... :) [09/10]

Rebecca S: I'm baaaaaack. I've stayed within the same 3lb weight range so nothings changed much. I need to get back on the treadmill! [09/10]

Harold B: What is wrong with our new digital scale?? [09/10]

Megs B: I'm top DOG [09/10]

Jetta B: look I am back even! [09/10]

Irene B: I didn't try hard enough this week. Got to do better before next Wednesday. The cream cakes are waiting in England. [09/10]

Harold B: The triathlon and the training that went with it sure worked on the weight loss, both Kerry and Mark are doing great. Will have to work on my slope. [09/05]

Kerry B: We did the triathlon this weekend so that helped a lot. It seemed to have sped up our metabolism a bit as we seriously chowed down over the weekend afterwards. Almost makes me want to do another one this weekend. Almost. [09/03]

Trisha M: Mike, I guess he's hiding! but he'll be back on track SOON, like I Finally am! ;) [09/03]

Irene B: Trying to lose weight before the England trip, the cream cakes are just waiting for me. [09/03]

Linda B: Trisha ... Where is MIKE? [09/03]

Jetta B: YEAH ... finally not on the bottom .. Grandpa I always get left overs .. but not as much as I want .. being skinny is overrated .. I would look funny like Zig did when Kerry thought he needed to be thin! [08/28]

Sandy S: I think its Charlie eating the leftovers [08/27]

Harold B: Everyone is doing a good job, except maybe Jetta. Is she eating left overs? [08/27]

Harold B: You are right Mark, but I have made the jump and started straight down hill. Hope the steak, gravy, mashed potato and biscuits wear off before I have to weigh again. Ice cream tonight will not help. [08/27]

Kerry B: Give Joey a few more weeks, he should be able to take second place. Course if he indulges in the ONE glass of wine and ONE inch square of cheese, maybe not! [08/27]

Mark M: Harold your graph looks like one of those olympic ski jumps. ;-) [08/27]

Mark M: Gained 0.2. Kerry said I could have wine and cheese and I wouldn't gain. So I've been drinking a bottle of wine and eating a pound of cheese a night. [08/27]

Irene B: Not much wt loss this week, but still below the line [08/27]

Trisha M: Finally; a little dent! To bad we have a Beer-Fest to go to this weekend! Darn-(: [08/27]

Linda B: well first - second - and LAST ... please someone take one of these slots from us! [08/27]

Harold B: We have bought a new digital scale. Why does it weight more? Maybe a haircut would help!! [08/22]

Trisha M: No MORE Disneyland Trips!! [08/21]

Linda B: Mom: not bad ... you are where you should be! Mark: yep the last are the hardest .. are you done with making "W"'s on your chart? [08/20]

Megs B: Hey Joey ... no fair you can go swimming ... [08/20]

Mark M: Lost two weeks straight for the first time in 10 weeks! These last 10 pounds are really fighting back. [08/20]

Irene B: Back on the line, got to do better. Linda what happened? [08/20]

Linda B: someone needs to knock me out of first place and Jetta out of last! [08/20]

Trisha M: Even-Steven despite 2 party outings this week, which took time from my workouts! But i'm stepping up work-outs, so Watch out! [08/14]

Kerry B: woo-hoo! Finally a good week. [08/13]

Mark M: Funny how the couples weights seem to track each other. :) [08/13]

Charlie S: I will weigh in next week since I just signed up earlier this week. Plus I didnt really care for the scale either. Joey, cant wait to meet you (hopefully I will be down a pound). I would like to at least look like my head belongs to my body. See you all (and hopefully less of me) next Thursday. [08/13]

Harold B: Opps-I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. Less bragging and eating. I think everyone is doing a great job. Keep near the slope. [08/13]

Irene B: I would have loss more but last Sunday Sandy and Jimmy took us to breakfast at IHOP and I ate as if food was going out of style. [08/13]

Linda B: FINALLY ... so Monday I get to put on the old dusty pants I have not been able to wear since Christmas ... well unless I go crazy over the weekend. [08/13]

Megs B: Hi Joey .. hi Charlie ... so glad you guys are here, this is such fun, maybe we can all go for a walk when we are together, and then have a light snack afterwards. [08/13]

Jetta B: Great more bodies above me on the chart! [08/13]

Charlie S: Oops, hit enter. Mark weighed me tonight because I'm looking a bit square around the middle. I don't like the scale, it's scary. [08/11]

Charlie S: Hi Charlie, I'm in too! Mark weighed me tonight because I'. I don't like the scale. [08/11]

Charlie S: Count me in. Megan and Jetta move over, there is a new sheriff in town. [08/10]

Kerry B: As Mark said though, great job to everyone else. You're helping to keep us motivated. [08/06]

Mark M: I'll staple your sassy mouth girl! [08/06]

Kerry B: Maybe just start with stapling the mouth. [08/06]

Mark M: Wow Linda and Harold! Good going guys! Jimmy's on a steady downslope too. Man I'm just all over the place. I dieted all week and then last night we went to an MLS game and I finished most of Kerry's bag of caramel popcorn. And of course I had the double bacon cheese burger. And drank most of Kerry's soda. And I had Quodoba earlier in the day with extra Guacamole. It's funny the first half of this diet it was so easy to drop the pounds. Now it's HARD!! I'm going to get a stomach stapling!! [08/06]

Kerry B: Great Sounders vs Barcelona soccer game last night. Sounders got thumped on and as you can tell, the junk food was great! [08/06]

Irene B: I need to eat less and walk more. Hope to do better next week. [08/06]

Harold B: Number two and going for number one [08/06]

Trisha M: Darn! Guess no one wants a Free pizza! Ummmmm... [08/06]

Trisha M: Yes, Finally back on track! "Just keep swimming; just keep swimming"! 1st to guess where that's from get a Whole pizza delivered to their house!! (no including you Mike!) ;9 [07/30]

Harold B: Have been walking, little workout on gym equipment but no bike riding yet. Getting ready to eat the chicken fried steak and gravy Rene has fixed for lunch. [07/30]

Irene B: At least i'm not above the line. We have been walking a mile most days. Guess we should start walking the hills. [07/30]

Linda B: you would not think a few pieces of pizza dough would do that [07/30]

Kerry B: Not bad considering I (food) partied for 4 days last weekend! [07/30]

Jetta B: IT'S MUSCLE [07/30]

Megs B: Jetta: hehe .. can you say HOCKEYSTICK? [07/30]

Kerry B: And Dad moves into third place knocking Mark out of the top three. [07/23]

Mark M: What she said. Huge carb-and-booze fest last night. [07/23]

Kerry B: Like my skywriting? We did margaritas and CHIPS at our local family mexican restaurant last night. Oh well. Way to go mom and dad, wow! Nice work for the chunky chicas too. You're almost there Linda. [07/23]

Harold B: Spent a couple of days mowing the 6ac. on the ATV, trimming trees and bushes, pulling weeds, etc. It helped me to obtain the 50% of my goal. Have not started the workout on the gym equipment yet. Will also start my bike again [07/23]

Irene B: Finally made it below the line. Have been eating a lot of beans, like at every meal. Have drawn the line at eating beans and spinach with my cereal in the morning. Linda good news on the blood pressure. [07/23]

Trisha M: Well, at least no net gain..... Way 2 go Linda; have a slice for us! [07/23]

Linda B: ok got my work blood work done today, hope all of this work paid off.. good news my blood pressure was 112/75 .. but it is usually good anyway ... it's the other numbers I really want to see ... so can anyone say PIZZA .. cuz that is what I am having for dinner tonight. [07/23]

Jetta B: Magen ... "I'M TOUCHING IT AND THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH" [07/23]

Megs B: Jetta you have to be below the blue line ... then you are really doing good! [07/23]

Kerry B: Could be over for me, just splurged yesterday with an Outrageous Oatmeal Cookie from starbucks and boy was it good. I went on the Starbucks site to check how much damage I caused and they have posted the recipe for the cookies on their site! I'll be hunting for an oatmeal cookie diet this weekend. [07/17]

Trisha M: Looks like ya'll lost our gain! lol [07/16]

Trisha M: We'll be back next week cuz we pigged out in Houston w/some Crazy party peps! Then spent 14hrs at Disneyland on Tuesday & there's no cal watching at the happiest place on earth! ;') [07/16]

Kerry B: Linda, what happened to the hockey stick??? Wow! Good job losing so much over the weekend. I'm with Mark, super happy I have even a small loss. [07/16]

Mark M: Nice one Linda! After this weekend I'm just happy to end up with a net loss! ;-) [07/16]

Irene B: Picking up veggies and fruit today and will be able to stay on my diet. We have been gone from CO. for over 3 mos. Will be easier to lose some weight. [07/16]

Harold B: We are back in CO. Where we can watch our diet better. Plan to use the exercise equipment iin the basement. No more excuses. [07/16]

Linda B: one more week and I can go back to a couple of my bad habits! [07/16]

Mark M: Meh. Gained slightly. I blame my mother-in-law's cheesecake. [07/10]

Kerry B: Not too bad this week. Would have been even better yesterday but I got stuck into my leftover July 4th chips last night. I'm ready for the PARTY WEEKEND! :) [07/09]

Trisha M: ~SIGH~ So I worked out and ate salads the pass 3 days and I gained. I'm marking that down as muscle gain!! Awh- I hate scales! [07/09]

Irene B: Once again I screwed up, thought I was in my account, but was in Harold's. Linda caught it and phoned, I really do need that pill that Linda talks about. will do better next time. Next weigh in we will be in Colorado. One more road trip next week. [07/09]

Linda B: yeah right POP [07/09]

Harold B: Finally going in the right direction. One more road trip next week, then will get serious. [07/09]

Mike M: Just saying high, Trish said i was being a little anti social, can't wait to blow all the hard work this weekend!!! [07/09]

Linda B: ok Mark ... what is my graph going to look like next week? [07/09]

Kerry B: Jimmy, that's so cool! Welcome! [07/04]

Jimmy S: This is Sandy, just signed Jimmy up. Wish him luck! [07/03]

Trisha M: I'm here, yester-morning was Not a good one; a little better today! ;) Can I keep it up for next week for ya'll?! [07/03]

Jetta B: Hi Magan, I'm here too now! [07/02]

Mark M: hehe. Actually it's getting a lot harder to do this. I'm halfway now and the next 13 pounds are going to be really REALLY hard I think. [07/02]

Linda B: Mark ... well look at YOU .. you have set the bar for next WEEK! [07/02]

Linda B: ok .. now I am happy .. [07/02]

Kerry B: Linda, glad to see you are human and actually gain weight sometimes! [07/02]

Kerry B: I broke even and I'm very happy about that. Off to Afternoon Tea at an English house today. Wonder if they have fat free scones and cream. [07/02]

Harold B: Starving at Kerry's. [07/02]

Irene B: I'm still on vacation at Kerry's. [07/02]

Kerry B: Hello! Here we are... [07/02]

Linda B: .... sigh [07/02]

Linda B: Man I have already had coffee .. breakfast .. walked .. now having lunch .. "I'm so lonely ... " [07/02]

Linda B: HEY ... its been HOURS ... where is everyone???? [07/02]

Linda B: Mark ... as of right now .. our graphs are really close .. how fun. [07/02]

Linda B: well that was end of free fall, I hope I stop at a hockey stick and not make a "U" like Dad, I have two more dangerous weeks coming up, and you know what, I am not going to stress over it .. I am going to enjoy every part of shoving expensive food/drink and let the pounds find me. [07/02]

Megs B: Kerry: you must have been doing a lot of food dances yesterday. [07/02]

Kerry B: Thought I'd be the first to report this week. It's only 1am so I'm not officially weighing in until later today but here's what I ate yesterday on the day trip to Buschart Gardens: cereal, 1/4 cream cheese danish, hot chocolate, veggie wrap, yogurt, soda, crackers, 1/4 kit-kat, 1/4 scone with jam, apple crisps, 1/2 nachos with liquid cheese (what is that stuff anyway), 1/3 sugar icing pretzel, soda, handful nuts, plum. I think that was it. Anyone interested in what my weight will be? [07/02]

Linda B: well Mom/Dad when you walk down to 7-eleven ... are you guys treating yourself to a goodie? [06/25]

Kerry B: For the record, it was ONE dinner here so far and a low calorie one at that. [06/25]

Harold B: Same comment as Rene. [06/25]

Irene B: We're at Kerry's and it's all her fault! [06/25]

Kerry B: Something about hockey stick graphs this week. Mike, Linda and Magan, great job! Trish, I'll be drinking that fat free beer with you. But my jeans also fit better so the scale can take a hike for now :) [06/25]

Linda B: Mark: I'm saving my big hockey stick for the Thur after we get back from TX, I will be happy if I don't cross the blue line! Trisha: now just how much fun could fat free beer be? .. Mike is on a roll now! [06/25]

Mark M: Nice comeback by the way Mike! :) [06/25]

Mark M: Check out my hockey stick graph! :) I've had flu since Monday so been sitting on my ass and not getting any exercise. Sticking to the diet though, but I think I'm not going to lose any more without both diet and exercise at this point. It's pretty cool now that all my jeans are too big and I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn since my mid-twenties. :) Hopefully I'll lose at least a pound by next week. Going to start cycling again hopefully tomorrow. [06/25]

Trisha M: Kerry & Linda: Do they have fat-free beer in Houston, maybe at the honky-tonk bars?? [06/25]

Trisha M: I hate scales--Pout-Pout!! Well, at least I know I'm losing inches! ;) [06/25]

Linda B: Megan you did so good, your going to get a cookie, just one! [06/25]

Megs B: can I have a cookie now? [06/25]

Kerry B: But it's not really about getting there first (although who doesn't like a little competition!), it's about still being there at the end of the year. There's lots of time to sustainably chip away at it. [06/19]

Linda B: Mark, your right about the graphs ... too funny .. well when losing weight, the first pound and the last 5 are the hardest ... Kerry you are not far behind me! [06/19]

Kerry B: Magan: Congrats for getting into the black harness and be sure to tell Jetta how nice the purple one looks on her [06/18]

Kerry B: Trish: Somehow I have a tough time picturing techno playing in Houston! We'll have to hit at least one honky-tonk bar :) [06/18]

Kerry B: Mom: that's great news you are walking everyday, good for you! Mike: Sorry to hear about the teeth, at least the beer and pizza diet probably doesn't sound too good right now! We're looking forward to seeing you and Trish in a couple weeks and hopefully going to an Astros game. [06/18]

Mark M: Linda: Snap! Our graphs are exactly the same today. Guess it's getting harder for you too? :) My weight now is what I spent most of my 20's at, so I think it's going to be very very hard from now on - going to have to cut down to one glass of wine and no more cheese at night. [06/18]

Linda B: Looks like so far everyone is doing a great job .. well except Dad/Megan went sideways .. did you two have a cookie? [06/18]

Linda B: TO ALL: well I guess we will just have to look at the rule book if Mike wins at the end of the year to see if pulling teeth is allowed .. :) could just be the loop hole I'll need! [06/18]

Irene B: Lost a little weight this week. I have been walking in the park just about every day. [06/18]

Trisha M: Mike just had 2 two teetch pulled and still went to work! He did weight-in this am but logging on may be that last thing on his mind....... [06/18]

Trisha M: Kerry: Techo music will for sure do it! Do you think they like techo in Texas? Maybe we'll start a trend?? lol [06/18]

Trisha M: Magan~ Great Job! oh and you too Linda! ;0 [06/18]

Linda B: for at least a little while ... "I am on top" .. [06/18]

Megs B: Kerry ... guess what, I am wearing the black harness now!! ... and ole grumpy is wearing the purple one ... :) [06/18]

Harold B: Linda-we put the bag of cookies in the freezer and get to eat one if we lose wt. [06/12]

Kerry B: Maybe if you add some techno music and start it down the block [06/12]

Linda B: Kerry .. so your saying the "food dance" is not enough? [06/12]

Kerry B: Well I guess when you hit enter, it submits the comment and doesn't go to the next line. What I meant to say is.. Someone needs to WALK the fat dog so she can regain her lead in this bet! [06/11]

Kerry B: Someone needs to WALK the fat dog [06/11]

Linda B: I see really good results here, I don't have to sweat until the % of goal hits 50 percent or better .. that is when I have to start saving my lunch money .. :) Wonder where Mike and Sandy are?? Is it just me or is Mom starting to repeat herself .. Kerry isn't there a pill for that? Mark your story about the weekend eating binge was really funny .. sometimes you just have to EAT. Trisha/Kerry "steady as you go!" actually that works better in the long run! Mom/Dad ... I see you guys did not eat the cookies I brought you .. :) [06/11]

Kerry B: Hey Trish you probably have the best graph so far, nice and steady which is something you can stick too! [06/11]

Mark M: Linda :) That's hilarious. Glad to see Mom and Dad are catching up! Kerry and I are going to pig out a little less this weekend - maybe just hit Panera for a nice fat tuna sandwich. Last weekend's weight gain was a little too scary! [06/11]

Trisha M: Very Slowly, but surely! Only had 1 pizza party this week, but it was last night and I'm sure those nachos did not help.... [06/11]

Harold B: I didn't eat Rene's candy, but did eat the beans. [06/11]

Irene B: I am headed in the right direction. Sure is hard to stay away from the candy, actually I had some left and tossed it in the trash. It was Tom's Farm candy (expensive) sure hated to toss it but it would have landed on the hips. Harold said the weight loss was due to all the beans I have eaten, the gas helped keep my feet off the scales (thanks Mark M. for the diet information) [06/11]

Irene B: I am headed in the right direction. Sure is hard to stay away from the candy, actually I had some left and tossed it in the trash. It was Tom's Farm candy (expensive) sure hated to toss it but it would have landed on the hips. Harold said the weight loss was due to all the beans I have eaten, the gas helped keep my feet off the scales (thanks Mark M. for the diet information) [06/11]

Linda B: how happy am I, next Monday I get to say goodby to my "you are REALLY Fat now pants, and put on my "your just plain fat" ones. [06/11]

Mark M: So this diet we're on lets us pig out on the weekends. I took it a bit far and gained 5 pounds (no joke) in 24 hours from Saturday to Sunday. Courtesy of 1 Costco pizza slice, 1 Costco chicken bake, 2 large sodas, one tray of nachos with that plastic cheese stuff they serve at the movies, 1 hotdog, 1 Panera tuna sandwich smothered in mayo and lots of coffee with between 3 and 5 sugars each. YEAH! But I've already lost about 2 pounds again so hopefully will be a pound or two less by Thurs. [06/09]

Sandy S: I finally found the scale but not by losing weight. I put in my correct weight which was a bit higher than I originally thought, but that's ok (just more reason to get started now). See you all on Thursday. Hopefully I will see less of me though. You guys are all doing so good that should keep all of us motivated. [06/06]

Irene B: Think Positive, I didn't lose but I didn't gain, will do better next week. [06/05]

Linda B: Mark .. I was waiting and did feel the wind as you blew by :) ... good going! Eating at home is always better. Kerry again a loss is a loss! I am going to look into that web-site, I know Gracie could do it, I think Megan could handle it, and Jetta can watch at the window as we go by! Good going Pop! has anyone seen Mom or Becky do they not know when Thursday is during the week? [06/05]

Harold B: I think what we are doing is great. Everyone keep up the good work and we will make our goals. It is early in the challenge and we can do it. [06/04]

Kerry B: Magan, tell Linda you want to be in the 5K (3 mile) walk that benefits Paws For Cause. You have 2 months to build up to it. It's in Mile Square Park in August. You can always walk 10 minutes, be carried for 2, repeat... until you get to the finish line. Maybe you can find someone to take Gracie too! Joey is going to his Furry 5K this Sunday so he can tell you all about it. [06/04]

Kerry B: You got me beat Trish, I only hit .2 pounds loss. I'll have to adjust our new eating lifestyle. Seems to be working great for Mark though (darnit!) [06/04]

Mark M: Mike in case I haven't sent this to you - this is the "in case of emergency option": How to lose 20lbs in 30 days. You even get to pig out once a week and drink wine at night. [06/04]

Mark M: Linda B: Eat my dust girl! ;-) Actually Kerry gets all the credit. She's been cooking 3 meals a day for us and should probably get an honorary PhD for all the dietary reading she's been doing. [06/04]

Linda B: Trisha, a loss is a loss! ... Mike think you'll be using that beer and pizza diet for long?? [06/04]

Trisha M: Whoo-Hoo, I lost a whole 0.4 lbs! Would be been more but Mike made me have beer & pizza 3 times this past wk, the most we've had all year!! [06/04]

Linda B: I see you showed up Sandy .. that is so cool! so where is Jimmy?? [06/04]

Megs B: I really want the cookies and crunches, so SOMEONE needs to walk me more! [06/04]

Sandy S: I had to guess on my weight, the scale is shoved way behind all of Josh's furniture in the spare bedroom. Maybe if I get skinny I could reach it! OOOPPPSSS, I guess that wont be any time real soon. But it does make for a goal the next time I want that cookie. I used my goal from the beginning of the year, which I am sure my weight hasnt changed much (at least thats what my clothes are telling me). [06/03]

Kerry B: Mark and I changed our eating habits this week to eat healthier. I'm very curious if I'm actually losing weight but I definitely feel better. I'll let you know Thursday! [06/02]

Irene B: Grade F this week, will do better next week. [05/30]

Kerry B: So Dad, is that kinda like getting a C for the week :) That would make Magan the A+ and Mom truant. [05/29]

Harold B: Not a good showing for the first week. We have been on a gain curve so break even week is not as bad as it could be. [05/29]

Trisha M: Thanks; we want to look good for you all in July! ;) Sure hope we can make it! [05/29]

Linda B: here it is lunchtime .. guess Mom/Dad are still riding and walking somewhere. [05/28]

Kerry B: Welcome Trish and Mike! That is so cool you both joined :) [05/28]

Trisha M: This morning was the 1st time I weight myself since Vegas (4/10/09) and I only gained 1 lb since then w/o working out!! Go figure, well I guess stress is great exercise! lol [05/28]

Megs B: keep in mind the first weight was from the Vet a week ago, I am now on the home scale .. so won't be dropping that fast again .. :) [05/28]

Linda B: Hey Mike .. glad you joined! .. where is Trisha? [05/28]

Megs B: Look who just joined... it's Magan! [05/27]

Linda B: I tried to sign up Magan, but it won't allow me too since she does not have and email address ... :) [05/27]

Linda B: well with the weekend I had, I hope it really is only the 10 pounds I have to lose, will find out Thrursday [05/26]

Kerry B: It counts! Well done Burt. I, however, went up a pound over the weekend (darn holiday weekends!) so you're my inspiration to get seriously serious. I won't be the one with the chart line going up! [05/26]

Rebecca S: I don't want you guys to think I'm cheating :) I started weighing myself days before signing up for this. I'm already down a couple pounds from my starting weight. (Could just be weight fluctuation. Who knows.) Anyways, this is a neat website. [05/24]

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