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Ok. You asked for it.. you got it- most weight lost wins! (This is truly a terrible idea)
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3 Fat Boys

Start Date: 1/5/2009
End Date: 7/1/2009
Fatbet over!

Fatbet Wager
Largest percentage weight loss wins. The 2 losers buy winner and wife dinner out (Olive Garden / Outback range with max of $100 total between two losers).
Leader Board

 lbs to goal% to goallast entry
Shawn R-7.612507/01
Stephen W-3.011207/01
Jeremy N20.05607/01
Message Board
Jeremy N: Congratulations! You both hit your targets plus some. Shawn, it looks like you are the big winner. I didn't lose as much as I had hoped for, but still not bad for 6 months. I am going to try and knock off most of the remaining 20 lbs over the rest of the summer. [07/02]

Stephen W: I would like to thankthe pessimet from fatbet who provided me with the extra motivation with his publized remark of "This is truly a terrible idea." Anyway, it was a GREAT IDEA and experience. I am glad I was able to share it with you two. Next bet...who can put all of that weight back on the fastest!! [07/02]

Shawn R: From 265 to 227.4 in 6 months. I call that an accomplishment. Plus there seems to be quite a bit more muscle involved! I'm plain pooped though! [07/01]

Shawn R: Yeeee Haa! What an adventure. I'm soooo falling off the bandwagon this weekend! Cinnamon rolls a plenty! [07/01]

Shawn R: Ok boyz. Break out the enema kits and and the lipo machines! This is it! Who's going to be the first to post up their final weight???!?! Let's just say I hope you have some big numbers to throw up, cuz I'm feeling it today! [07/01]

Shawn R: Boo-Yah!!! [06/30]

Stephen W: A very poorly timed weekend of beer, pizza, football, and a lot more beer did not hurt me nearly as bad I thought it was going to. My boy did quite good considering he was one of the few 2B guys going up against some seriously talented 2A kids. Honestly, there were some freakish looking guys on the All-State West team. A quarterback named Herd was amazingly quick and had a cannon for an arm. Anyway, back to work now...3 days of enimas and lypos, that oughta do the trick!! [06/28]

Shawn R: It's been a long time! I've actually played the last 4 weeks. Kinda funny what a bet will make a guy do. Just like that one time down in Vegas.... [06/26]

Jeremy N: Shawn, you don't play basketball. Seriously, when was the last time you played? 10 years? More? [06/26]

Shawn R: Now that's just a bit better. Hoping to hold at this weight through to the end. [06/26]

Shawn R: Playing basketball tonight. That should help shed a few pounds. I wish we played right before our last weigh in. That would rock! After this we should look at all gettin' in on a P90X workout. I've heard great things about it so far. Then we could track our loss on a new bet. [06/25]

Stephen W: My new workout plan seems to be working. I walk around the weight room all day and watch my players workout. You know they always say it's 90 percent mental, something, something. Actually, I have been working out but not nearly as much as I should be considering I live in the weight room Monday - Friday. ONE MORE WEEK!! [06/24]

Shawn R: These last three freaking pounds are getting on my nerves!!!! [06/24]

Shawn R: It did until I didn't work out for the last 4 days! Ack! Gotta get it back. Time is getting short. [06/23]

Jeremy N: Nice work Shawn. Does that actually put you at 230? [06/22]

Shawn R: Can I get a big ole "Ka-chow!" from my peeps?!?!? [06/19]

Shawn R: Didn't work out this morning, so I went back up a little. Should be able to make my goal by the end though, so yippie! [06/18]

Stephen W: Hit another wall!! Though this wall could easily be attributed to the fact that I am eating too much and not working out enough. [06/18]

Shawn R: Boo-Yah! In my best penguin voice, "Smile and wave boys. Just smile and wave." In my best monkey voice, "If you have any poo.... throw it now." [06/16]

Shawn R: Yeah I hear ya. I think I bruised the bottom of my foot wakeboarding this weekend, so of course I used that as an excuse not to get out of bed and workout. I do have a softball game tonight so that should help a bit, and I'll probably work out after it too. Only think stopping me from going below the 230 barrier is me now. [06/15]

Jeremy N: Too much relaxing, BBQ, and ice cream on the weekend. I was hoping to keep the good downtrend going, but it looks like my commitment just wasn't in it. I am going to try and get a good push for these last two weeks anyway. [06/15]

Shawn R: These last few pounds are a royal pain in the arse man! Can't seem to shed them. This sure the heck better be muscle I'm gaining! [06/10]

Shawn R: Crap o mighty! I shouldn't have had those two free Rootbeer floats from Sonic last night! Had to bust my butt this morning and still gained .2 pounds again! I'm going to hit my goal by the end of this thing though. No matter what. How much does a leg weigh again? I did learn I could lose a pound by giving blood... [06/04]

Stephen W: Haven't been able to workout lately, but now that all the prep for interviewing and the actual interview is over I should be able to focus on what really matters...winning a free dinner! [06/03]

Shawn R: I'm losing ground .2 pounds a day! Ack!!! [06/03]

Shawn R: Didn't work out this morning so I gained back .2 pounds. Which rocks because if I had worked out, I would have been at least another pound down. I'm liking this again. [06/02]

Shawn R: Don't know what's going on, but the weight is dropping now. Maybe my body was getting used to me working out on a regular basis. I slowed down on the workouts and started playing tennis and wakeboarding. Now I'm doing all three and my body is hating me for it! New best again today! [06/01]

Jeremy N: Nice work guys. The living out of a hotel room last week didn't work to well for me. Back to the treadmill. [06/01]

Shawn R: Mega super Ka-Chow!!!! Lowest weight I've been since I don't know when!!! [05/31]

Stephen W: Hit the B-Room and, in the words of Shawn, "Ka-Chow!" an additional half pound was knocked off...not a 2 pounder, but it placed me under my goal weight. [05/30]

Stephen W: Hit the I just have to maintain it or possible take it down a few more. [05/30]

Shawn R: Keeping with Stephen's tradition of being the "exact" weight. I've filled my in accordingly. [05/28]

Shawn R: Boy, give Jeremy a job and he just quits posting his weight. Probably gaining like a pregnant dairy cow! Especially just sitting at a desk all day long like myself. :) [05/27]

Stephen W: That little half pound is started to get on my nerves. On a slightly positive note...I am about to reach my goal weight of 230 and I still look like I need to shed a few pounds. I may be able to dip into the 220's without looking like crackhead junky...who would've thunk it!?! [05/26]

Shawn R: Try going sideways for three months! This sux! [05/23]

Jeremy N: I need to get a new downtrend started. I have been going sideways for almost 2 weeks. [05/22]

Shawn R: Whoa! Just saw a pre weight loss picture of myself. Ewww! Hefty boy! [05/20]

Stephen W: Half a pound seemed to have found me last night. [05/19]

Stephen W: 230.5...I have always rounded down, but since I am this close I want it to be the real thing when I make it. I have had big increases in the weight room, but I haven't done much cardio due to the knee injury. The strength training seems to be enough to jump start my metabolism. I am even eating 3 solid meals again instead of a huge breakfast, medium lunch and no dinner. And I havev a 2-pack...well kinda, if the light hit it just right after working out. [05/18]

Shawn R: I'm never going to lose this last 5 pounds! It's a curse I tell you! Wakeboarding for the first time this Saturday was much easier though! What a beautiful weekend. [05/18]

Stephen W: Woke up yesterday at 4am and rode motorcycle to Wenatchee to meet up with over 400 bikers for a Run to the Border ride. I rode for over 300 miles with only two stops, a Snickers bar and an energy drink. I am now dehydrated and hungry...BUT...I lost two pounds. I am sure they will find me once the wife starts cooking today. [05/17]

Shawn R: 235 on the nose this morning but I didn't get a work out in. Mind said yes, body said HELL no! [05/14]

Shawn R: Two pounder on the way as I .... Uuuggh... type this. Should post great numbers tomorrow. [05/13]

Shawn R: Bring it on "Fat Boy"! I was actually 234.2 so I was dang close to hitting 233! Finally seeing some results after being flatlined and workin' my butt off at the gym. My 4 pack is actually starting to materialize! [05/13]

Jeremy N: Good work. Keep it up because I am getting this big ship turned around and will catch you soon! [05/13]

Shawn R: Yeeee haa! Now this deserves a serious, "Ka Chow!" Back down to my lowest weight. And this time I'm there without being sick! Feeling good and the 2 a day workout stuff is really making a difference. Tired as hell though :) [05/13]

Stephen W: Same here...I did not take any "before" pictures, but there are plenty of pics from before that I could use. [05/13]

Jeremy N: I didn't take any before pictures, but there are plenty of pictures from the last couple of years at holidays, etc. that show a pretty dramatic difference. [05/12]

Shawn R: Did either of you take before pictures? I did, and it's really amazing the change I've gone through. Pretty cool to see. Now if I can just get people to not think my picture is of a wild boar, I'll be golden! [05/12]

Shawn R: Well it's about time you both hit a bit of a wall. I was starting to get worried! :) [05/12]

Jeremy N: Bad couple of days with Hub and Uncle Bob. Too much Pizza Hut and beer. I need to get going in the right direction again. [05/11]

Jeremy N: The last couple of days I have been too lazy with the walking and eaten too much extra stuff (Taco Bell, etc.). Got to get back on the wagon. [05/06]

Shawn R: Have no idead where that one came from. Probably a message from God or Marcus. I'm going with the latter... [05/05]

Jeremy N: Not sure how to take that Shawn. Can you clarify a little more? [05/05]

Shawn R: [05/05]

Jeremy N: You may have hit a wall, but you had a great downtrend for awhile. You now have almost two full months to work on that last 5 lbs. You have done well. Go enjoy some cookies, or a cake, or biscuits and gravy, or all of the above! [05/04]

Stephen W: I have officially hit my new wall. If you look at my graph you can see the slinky effect, which was due to hitting the wall so hard. [05/04]

Shawn R: If I could hit around 225 I think I'd be the same weight I was when I got married. That was 13 years ago... That would be sweet! Only 11 pounds to go for that goal. [05/04]

Shawn R: My graph is gonna start looking like a yoyo held by that retarded kid! I just can't break through this barrier! [05/03]

Jeremy N: I am at my lowest weight in over 10 years; Christmas of 1998 was the last time I was this weight. [05/03]

Shawn R: Yeee ha! Back to my goal weight this morning!!! YES!!! [05/01]

Shawn R: I'm so there!!! [04/30]

Jeremy N: I think we need to do a second fat bet for January 1, 2010. The bet should be who can get to / maintain their target weight + - a 3 or 5 lb margin. That should be something that we could all win. What we win should be the wives letting us go for a "guy's weekend". I'm thinking Vegas! [04/30]

Jeremy N: We are all doing a pretty good job. You are almost at your target weight. Stephen is nearly at his target weight. I am making progess and if I can keep it up will be within 10-13 lbs of my target weight by the end of the deadline. [04/30]

Shawn R: And I'm saying this while downing a rice krispy treat covered in chocolate and caramel. Good grief! [04/30]

Shawn R: You are doing great Jeremy! I can't believe you've lost that much since I last saw you. I'll be over there next week. We'll have to go our for some cheesy fries while I'm there! I've re-dedicated myself to working out. Did it twice yesterday and may go for it twice today! I'm making 230 or I'm gonna die trying! [04/30]

Jeremy N: Also, I have completely made the change to our new scale from the old scale. After tracking the difference for a couple of months, there is a nearly 5 lb difference in the two scales. The new scale shows higher than the old scale. The actual difference is approximately 4.75 pounds, but I am using 5 lbs as the easy daily calculation. If the bet comes down to 1/4 lb differential, I will obviously adjust for it then. This also moves my starting weight to 237 from 232. This sucks since it will affect my target goal weight loss of 45 lbs by 0.4% on the percentage weight loss that our bet is based on. The same weight loss in lbs now gives me less loss as a percentage. [04/30]

Jeremy N: One more pound and I will be at my lowest weight in more than 10 years. [04/30]

Shawn R: Some day I'll break through this barrier crap. It really is getting on my nerves. Trying to find the ambition to work out though too. Gotta get it back. [04/29]

Shawn R: Got out of bed to go work out and couldn't find any shorts to wear. Went right back to bed! Shame too. Could have been down another pound at weigh in this morning. Gonna have to get back on the schedule if you guys are going to be losing weight like this! Thought I could coast to the finish. [04/27]

Jeremy N: Bad weekend. Husky spring game and tailgating got me. [04/27]

Stephen W: I finally started working out again. I have not been doing much cardio, but my body has been feeling better so I started to lift heavier weights with my players. So far it seems to be working. My hope is to start doing some cardio on Tues / Thurs and continue my Mon/Wed/Fri workouts. [04/26]

Jeremy N: Stephen, you have a pretty good downtrend going on too. You are almost to your goal...Congratulations! [04/24]

Jeremy N: It has been a very good week and a half. [04/24]

Stephen W: Jeremy, your red dots seem to be taking a dangerously steep nose dive. I suggest you pull up before you hurt yourself. [04/23]

Stephen W: You know, it sounds like you guys need more time together. Maybe you can discuss all of this over a couple of meals. [04/23]

Jeremy N: Gotcha...the choc chip cookie dough, chili cheese burgers, chili cheese fries,...You are not a nice person. [04/23]

Shawn R: I would never force a person to eat homemade chocolate chip cookie dough! [04/23]

Jeremy N: I am not sure what you are pleading the 5th about. Pleading the 5th is usually refusing to testify to something because it would be self incriminating. What have you done? [04/23]

Shawn R: I plead the 5th. [04/22]

Jeremy N: No, I had not been holding out. My leg got better so I started walking again. With the walking and NOT being at somebody's house where they are trying to stuff me with cookies and cake really helps with the weight loss. After being flat for several weeks, it really is like starting over with the weight loss again and it has come off pretty quickly the last week and a half. I have seen the losses start to slow though, so I will need to begin eating more salads and not as many nachos. [04/22]

Shawn R: WTH? U guys been holding out on me with your weight loss???? It's a conspiracy!!! [04/21]

Shawn R: Didn't gain as much as I thought I would. Going to work out for the next 4 days straight and see what the results are. [04/20]

Shawn R: Was at a men's retreat all weekend. I'm sure it wasn't good for my weight. The food was awesome! [04/19]

Stephen W: I am finally back down to my "Shawn's Scale" weight. [04/19]

Jeremy N: Just hit the lowest weight I have been at in over 8 years! [04/18]

Shawn R: No movement at all. I should have never stopped working out. Didn't get my butt outta be this morning and I'll be going all weekend without a formal workout. Guess I could hike up the mountain a couple of times. Actually that sounds like fun. <-- Never thought I'd say that. [04/17]

Jeremy N: I also feel much better at 215 now than I did last year at 254 (long before we started the fat bet). I expect to feel even better when I am at my target weight of 185-190 lbs. [04/17]

Stephen W: I may need to start eating less then 3,000 calories, but right now I am able to maintain a weight that helps may body feel better, which is not giving me much motivation to push myself. [04/17]

Stephen W: less, move more = below blue line. [04/17]

Jeremy N: Three more pounds to go over the next 2 weeks. I wouldn't mind getting a little ahead either. One more pound and I will be at my lightest weight in over 8 years. [04/16]

Shawn R: I best better be putting on muscle in place of fat. Cuz working out for three days in a row has amounted to no weight loss at all! Come on now! Where are those 2 pound a day losses at!?!?! [04/16]

Stephen W: The wife made a lasagna dinner with deviled eggs for an appetizer. I ate somewhere around 8-10 deviled eggs [Hangs head in shame]. [04/16]

Shawn R: I think I'm going the wrong direction. Dang it all! Sore as heck today too. [04/15]

Jeremy N: I am shooting for 212 by May 4th. That would be a reasonable 5 lb loss. Then I am shooting for 204 by June 1st and 195 by July 1st. That would be 8 lbs short of my original goal weight, but the revised loss is within a reasonable loss range. [04/14]

Shawn R: I'm shooting for 230 by the end of the month. It's going to take some dedication, and no more desserts, to make it though! [04/14]

Shawn R: Got in my first workout in a long time this morning. Man it was hard to pull my butt outta bed. Feels good once I get going though! Now to get back in the groove. [04/14]

Shawn R: Well I can honestly say I fell of the wagon this last weekend. Way too much good food and absolutely no working out whatsoever! I'm glad I have a scale in the house now to tell me how lazy I've been over the last few weeks. Blamed not working out this morning to blisters on my feet. My wife actually tried to kick me out of bed at 5 am to work out! How dare she! Commiting myself to hit it ever day this week though. [04/13]

Jeremy N: You will need to use your own scale to weigh in on July 1st, whether we are all at our own homes or together at a single location. You need to use the original scale that you weighed in with or have gotten an accurate difference to a new scale (like Shawn did) for the final weigh in. [04/07]

Stephen W: Back to my scale and my wife's cooking = kissing the blue line [04/05]

Shawn R: If the fat calc on this scale is somewhat correct, I've lost 6% body fat since we've started. That's gotta be good for something! [04/03]

Shawn R: You will need to bring the scale you weighed in on. Just know that you're a hefty kinda a guy and you'll be fine. [04/03]

Stephen W: Our boys weighed 4-5 pounds heavier with our scale according to the ones they used at the wrestling tournament weigh-ins. I magically lost 5 pounds weighing in with Shawn's scale; therefore, I would assume Shawn's scale in accurate - thereby making me less fat!! [04/02]

Stephen W: This scale issue brings up a point. Which scale will we be using for the final weigh in? I can bring some dumbells to assist in calibrating the designated scale. [04/02]

Shawn R: I think I've found my flatline. I just can't seem to get out of bed in the morning to work out. My foot has been hurting pretty good too these last couple of days. I'd like to push my weight down to 225 before summer starts. [04/01]

Shawn R: Can't wait to see what Stephen's real scale says. I'm predicting a 4 pound gain overnight. [03/31]

Shawn R: Read it and weep buddy! My diet rocks! [03/31]

Stephen W: Still waiting to see how Shawn's cookies & chips dinner treated him. [03/31]

Jeremy N: I am going to try to start walking again this week and see if my leg holds up ok or if I need to stay off it for a couple more weeks. At least I haven't been putting on weight while not being able to walk. [03/30]

Stephen W: Shawn successfully stuffed me for dinner last night...and finished me off with a peach cobbler and ice cream. [03/30]

Stephen W: According to Shawn's nice new scale (I truly love it), I am not as fat as I thought I was...but I am not about to try its body fat option. [03/29]

Stephen W: I need to find some time to work out...I am about to get tagged by the blue line. [03/27]

Shawn R: Guess I better lay off the cookies and milk at 9pm. It's terrible having the mom in law here. She makes me eat dessert!!! Terrible I tell you!! [03/26]

Shawn R: Worked out finally this morning. It's been a while. Still holding steady. Feeling the burn in my abs. Wait... I actually have abs to feel the burn in?!?!?! YES! [03/25]

Shawn R: Don't go in to the light man! Look away! Look away!!!! [03/24]

Stephen W: I am being sucked into the blue line like a fly into the neon light. [03/24]

Shawn R: It must be stress keeping me at this level, cuz it sure isn't me working out! I'm happy I've stayed in the 236 range over the last few days. I certainly haven't been eating properly. What with all the cakes, breads, and brownies at my house. Your wife sure knows how to tempt a guy in to overweightedness. <--- is that a word? [03/23]

Stephen W: The tells me you guys look good...she stopped short of saying you look better then me. I look forward to seeing just how skinny you guys look--someone remember to get a pair of Hub's pants. [03/22]

Stephen W: Wow! A weekend at my dad's and hello blue line! [03/22]

Stephen W: I finally started to work out again, but I have also increase the amount of food I eat...not really the best strategy for losing weight, but I am enjoying getting to eat all of the wife's great food. [03/18]

Shawn R: Man o man. I really need to work out here. Been enjoying food too much with no calorie burning activities! [03/18]

Shawn R: Well, back up a couple. Guess I can't complain too much. It's been at least a week since I last worked out. This freakin' cold has been kicking my butt. [03/16]

Shawn R: And it just keeps falling off... Good grief! Maybe I should eat something today. [03/13]

Jeremy N: Congratulations! Nice work, just don't get too carried away. Stay to a healthy weight. If that is 225, don't push it. If you are seriously considering losing much more weight than you originally thought, you should probably check with your doctor. [03/11]

Shawn R: 235.8 this morning baby!!! I know I'm losing my muscle from not working out the last 4 days. But 235?!?!? Yippie!!! I think I could actually hit 220 if I keep at it. [03/10]

Shawn R: 1 more pound and that'll be 30 pounds in less than 2 1/2 months! I'm very happy with myself and my commitment to doing this. :) Much more and I'm going to have to start shopping for new clothes! [03/09]

Shawn R: I started at 265. I'd like to get to 230. Right now I'm bumping 237. Lost 2 pounds just being sick for a night. Been able to keep those off through the weekend without working out but I'm not eating much. Still not feeling perfect. [03/08]

Stephen W: 241 has become my new looks like watching what I eat is no longer enough. I think I may [Stephen shivers in fear] start working out in the gym. [03/08]

Stephen W: Shawn...are you going for 230 or 225? Your goal was to lose 30 lbs when you thought you started at 255. I see your goal stayed 30 lbs, does that mean you are going for 230? Just curious. Can't wait to see your skinny butt...I'll see if I can get Hub to loan some of his jeans. [03/08]

Shawn R: Famous Daves kicked my butt last night. Ate way too much and went back up a pound. Dang it all. But it was actually good food this time. [03/05]

Shawn R: So how is everyone feeling? Looks like we've lost some of the determination that we had in the beginning. Keep it going boys! [03/04]

Shawn R: YEEE HAAA!!! Finally made it! 239.4 this morning after working out. Feels good to break down that barrier. 229 here I come! [03/03]

Shawn R: Well, didn't make it below 240 this weekend. Kept bouncing off 241 to 240. Should be below it though by the end of the week. Couldn't work out this morning. Took a softball to the knee yesterday and I just wasn't feeling like walking on it for a couple of miles. [03/02]

Jeremy N: Just dropped under the lowest weight that I have been in 6.5 years. [02/28]

Jeremy N: Back to the blue line...back to the blue line...back to the blue line. Just got to keep telling myself that. [02/28]

Shawn R: Man. I am forever destined to not break in to the 230's! I'm busting my butt, but the best I can do is 240. I keep telling myself that I'm gaining muscle which is why it's not dropping off as fast now. I hope I'm right! [02/28]

Shawn R: Well I saw 240.2 after playing tennis. I will break down the wall this weekend! [02/27]

Shawn R: I think I've hit my wall. Was hoping for another 10 pounds before that happened. [02/27]

Jeremy N: Just broke through (finally) to 219. Now I need to keep the momentum going for awhile. [02/26]

Shawn R: Worked out this morning. Holding steady at 241 right now. Looking to break through to 239 by Sunday. Have some exercise planned for the weekend. [02/26]

Jeremy N: I am just going from one bad weekend to the next. I need to start eating better on the weekends. I lose 1-2 pounds per week and then put it back on during the weekend. [02/24]

Stephen W: I think I may be in the 230's (239) by the end of the month. I am sitting at 241, but I am thinking about working on Shawn's 2 lb weight loss program. [02/24]

Shawn R: And back down again. Couldn't get my sorry butt outta bed this morning to work out. Just plain tuckered out. Would have like to seen that 239 number just once... Came in at 240.4 for the morning weigh in. [02/24]

Stephen W: I survived a birthday weekend and actually lost some weight--there may be hope for me, yet!! [02/23]

Shawn R: Back up a little. Haven't been able to work out yet. Should be able to start back up tomorrow morning. Still very happy with losing 23 pounds so far! [02/22]

Shawn R: Slow and steady wins the race. Creed of all Turtle Ranchers throughout the world! :) [02/20]

Stephen W: Actually, I can't say I haven't been working out...but I get paid to play, it's one of the benefits of being a PE teacher. [02/20]

Stephen W: I am on a good pace, as well. I haven't been working out, but I have been being careful about what I eat. This is more of a lifestyle I can actually maintain for the long run. [02/20]

Shawn R: Just hit 240 this morning. Going to start working out again possibly today or tomorrow. Finally kicking this cold. [02/20]

Jeremy N: I am right on the pace I want to be. If I start to rush it, I am likely to yo-yo, and I don't want that. I am working on a regular, sustainable loss. [02/19]

Shawn R: Feeling a little bit better. You guys better get a move on. Gotta get under 240 before the end of the month! [02/19]

Jeremy N: It is good for you to slow down for a a few weeks. That "cold" has helped you drop about 5 lbs pretty quickly. [02/18]

Shawn R: Holding steady yet again. For the love of all things holy, please let me get over this cold! [02/18]

Shawn R: If I could just quit being sick and get back on the workout schedule, I should be able to get under 240 this week. This cold is just kickin' my arse though! People at work can't believe I'm here, and I probably shouldn't be, but I'm a slave to the grind... [02/17]

Jeremy N: I just keep hanging out by the blue line. Tammy wanted cookies yesterday for a study break. That was a bad idea. There is a reason I didn't lose any weight yesterday. The weekend was not good either. We had a breakfast with Bob & Terry, Mom & Dad on Saturday morning. Then Saturday night we went out with some friends for drinks, appetizers, and dinner. Sunday, Mom & Dad stopped by on their way out of town and we went out to lunch. Sunday night we had small group, which included left over valentines snacks. I am just glad that I didn't put on a lot of weight. [02/17]

Jeremy N: Yes, I am at 221 lbs again today. I am working to break through and get under the 220 lb mark. Hopefully by the end of the week or sometime next week. [02/17]

Stephen W: Jeremy, are you in the 220's now? [02/17]

Shawn R: I would be breaking in to the 230-239 range. Still hovering around 242 right now. Being sick is really starting to piss me off. I was able to walk 3.5 miles yesterday, but came home and collapsed for 2.5 hours. Need to kill this cold off! [02/16]

Jeremy N: Hey Shawn, are you breaking through to 230 lbs or to the 230-239 lb range? [02/16]

Stephen W: They say it's 90 percent mental. I am thinking about working out again...that's got to count for something, right? I am just glad that I am able to maintain and even lose a little while only limiting what I eat. [02/15]

Shawn R: You boys need to get back on the bandwagon. I'm 2 pounds from breakin' through to the 230 barrier! Being sick is one heck of a way to lose weight!!! I also think I'm losing all the muscle I had built up since I haven't worked out in a week now :( [02/14]

Stephen W: It looks like Jeremy is attempting to sneak in under the radar. Both you guys are kicking my butt...Jeremy with twelve pounds, slow and steady and Shawn with 20 - 22 depending how much he pushes out in the morning. Here I am finally getting a dip on my chart and I am sure Jen's at home thinking of some great dinner to put me back over 250. [02/12]

Shawn R: Found one of those lost pounds. Not bad for not working out since last Friday. I'd rather work out though than feel like this. Jeremy, you're getting a bit too far away from that blue line. Best slow down a bit. [02/11]

Shawn R: Puke Your Guts Out. While I didn't actually puke yesterday, I felt like doing so all day long. I got whatever Marci had. Was in bed for at least 18 hours. I ate 6 Ritz crackers over the course of 24 hours. So I'd imagine my big drop won't be there much after I'm actually able to eat something. [02/10]

Stephen W: PYGO diet? [02/10]

Stephen W: Shawn, I just saw your chart...I am guessing you are using a combination of all three. Quite the drop off...was that after morning BM? [02/10]

Shawn R: Well the last day or so would be limiting my food intake. I went on the PYGO diet. Guaranteed loss of at least 5 pounds in one day. [02/10]

Stephen W: Shawn, what works for you...limiting your food intake, eating more fiber or eating prunes? [02/10]

Shawn R: Stephen. It appears to be working for me. But I don't recommend it! [02/10]

Stephen W: It appears that I may need to do more then just limit my food intake. [02/09]

Jeremy N: Eat more fiber. It will keep you regular. If that doesn't work, use prunes Old Man! [02/09]

Shawn R: In the process of losing another 2 pounds. Man! There has to be a better way!!! [02/08]

Jeremy N: Make sure Mom & Dad feed you well. I am sure it would be insulting to them if you didn't eat everything you could. [02/06]

Shawn R: And yet again. No loss no gain. Lookin' for some numbers moving after the weekend. Just not sure which way they are going to move! [02/06]

Jeremy N: What you guys got going on over there? A convention I don't know about? [02/05]

Shawn R: Stephen is screwed. He'll be at the inlaws this weekend with me. He of course lacks will power so this should be a walk in the park... :-) [02/05]

Jeremy N: Hey Shawn, nice of you to get to the slow and steady yo-yo like the rest of us. Get better Stephen. [02/05]

Shawn R: Still holding the line. Hoping for some loss before the weekend. Worked out this morning and feel pretty good! [02/05]

Stephen W: Feeling good enough to eat, but not good enough to move around = 2 pound gain. [02/04]

Shawn R: Maintaining today. Not too bad considering I didn't wake up in time to work out. Didn't even hear the alarm this morning! [02/04]

Shawn R: By the way, I broke the 250 barrier! Whoo hoo! 248 this morning. Should be catching up to Stephen in no time. Especially when he's able to eat solid food again... [02/03]

Stephen W: is one of the many perks that come with working with elementary students on a daily basis. I usually have one really bad week each year. [02/03]

Shawn R: Hope ya get better there Stephen. Got a cold, flu, yellow fever?? [02/03]

Jeremy N: Back below the blue line. [02/03]

Stephen W: Still too sick to work out, but also too sick to eat...which results in another day at 245. [02/03]

Shawn R: Who's your daddy? Who's your daddy?!?! Cha Ching! [02/03]

Shawn R: Eating my first NuGo bar. Actually not that bad. One of them soy protein bars. Peanut Butter Pleaser... [02/02]

Jeremy N: Tammy's delayed Christmas Party on Friday night, UW basketball game at the bar with bunch of friends on Saturday and Superbowl on Sunday = 2 lb gain. Not as bad as I had feared. Now I just need to get back below the blue line. [02/02]

Stephen W: Too sick to put on weight for the Super Bowl. I laid back in my Lazy-Boy and drank orange juice all day...and lost 2lbs. [02/02]

Shawn R: Superbowl weekend wasn't as bad as I thought it would be to my weight. I think I did pretty good. And man were those wings goooood!!! [02/02]

Shawn R: Well this isn't a competion I wanted to compete in with Stephen, but... One day lapse in diet with no workout equals 2 pounds!!! Man o dear!!! [02/01]

Stephen W: Beat ya, Shawn...I went up 2 POUNDS!! [01/31]

Shawn R: Back on up a pound! [01/31]

Shawn R: Well how do I put this? BOOM! Der it dis! BOOM! Der it diz! Rockin' the weight loss!!! [01/30]

Jeremy N: I am just glad that I didn't put on any weight with the day of travel and eating at the Rose's. Shawn was trying, but to no avail. [01/30]

Stephen W: Did you hide the scale from Jeremy or is your wife feeding him so much he is ashamed to weigh in today? [01/29]

Stephen W: Tai Bo is kicking my butt! And, yes, the thought has crossed my mind about recording my workout...I could be one of those Youtube sensations!!! Or get really embarrassed...I think I'll wait on it. Also, don't worry about the boxers...I go commando! [01/29]

Shawn R: Woo hoo Stephen! I see your not walkin' the dog anymore! How's that Tai Bo stuff treatin' ya? Did I tell you that I asked your wife to video your workout and put it up on youtube? BTW, make sure you change your boxers before working out.... ewww... [01/29]

Shawn R: I left him at the house and I had to go to work. So hopefully she serves him up all the pancakes he can eat! [01/29]

Stephen W: Do your best to be a good host, but don't forget to love is your friend!! [01/29]

Shawn R: Well heck. Back up a pound. But to be fair to myself, I was 250.8 yesterday and today I'm 251 exactly. So that isn't too bad. Hoping for big numbers tomorrow! Going to make sure Jeremy eats a bunch today. Hoping the wife is going all out on breakfast! [01/29]

Stephen W: By the way, nice "Ka CHOW!" There are few discriptive phrases that can express the excitement one feels when they lose weight...and I believe "Ka CHOW!" ranks within the Top 5 and in my opinion is not used nearly enough. Thank you Shawn. [01/28]

Stephen W: It's a different type of muscle...instead of the Hulk, think more of like the Michelin tire character. There's muscle, but it is well protected by a warm winter coat. [01/28]

Shawn R: Hoping that Jeremy brings his workout clothes. We can hit the gym at 5am tomorrow! [01/28]

Shawn R: Ka CHOW! There goes 15 pounds! Still needing to break that 250 barrier though and I didn't get a work out this morning. [01/28]

Jeremy N: As much "muscle" as you claim to be gaining, you are probably going to look like the Hulk next time we see you. [01/28]

Stephen W: I stay at the same weight again. I must be gaining too much muscle :) [01/28]

Shawn R: Thinking I've got another "two pounder" goin' on! [01/27]

Stephen W: Oh...and of course to increase my health, quality of life, blah, blah... [01/27]

Stephen W: The "NA, NA, NA, NA" is truly my motivation. Although, I now have another show this Fatbet guy, that this is truly a GREAT idea!! [01/27]

Shawn R: Oh and Jeremy, it's not just one dinner out... is the NA NA NA NA that we get to say for the rest of our lives to the losers! Come on now... you know it's true way deep down inside. :-) Well at least till we make the bet to maintain our weight. Then we'll see who rocks or who enjoys bon bons more. [01/27]

Shawn R: Actually you know who is benefiting from this the most? Our wives!!!! They don't have to go hungry and work out and they will still get a dinner at the end! It's a conspiracy I tell you! [01/27]

Shawn R: Yup, I was actually working! And yes, that was from the fatbet guys. No big deal as Jeremy stated. My goal was to get down to 230. And if I beat you guys for the total ( Which I will ) I get a free dinner out of it! :-) It's just gonna rock if I can make it there!!! I haven't been there since I was married. Of course everyone gets the 20 extra pounds as soon as you're married. [01/27]

Jeremy N: The comment must have been left by the Fatbet people or a viewer (if they can leave comments). However, perhaps a brief explanation of why the most percentage weight loss versus the standard Fatbet challenge which awards the winner of the highest percentage of "goal" weight loss. Their standard for winning only encourages people to set small goals (ie, it is easy to hit 100% of goal weight loss in 6 months if my goal is only 2 lbs and then I win). I would rather set the goal at what I intend to lose in total and then achieve as much as I can toward that goal. This seemed like a more reasonable bet since we all three have significantly different weight loss goals. When we set up the bet, I imagined that one or perhaps both of you might achieve your weight loss goals within our bet timeframe (6 months). Over the 6 months, you both could reasonably target a 1-1.25 lb per week weight loss and reach your goals without having to crash diet. My goal of 45 lbs is attainable at almost 2 lbs per week average, but I am more likely to hit my goal 2-3 months after the end of our bet. So, unless one of you two are going to lose significantly more than your target weight, there is no "terrible" idea involved in this. If one of you are going to do that much damage to yourself over one dinner out, you deserve the yoyo weight that you will end up with. [01/27]

Stephen W: Slow's like you guys actually work during the day. [01/27]

Stephen W: When you look at out Featured Fatbet it says, "Ok. You asked for it.. you got it- most weight lost wins! (This is truly a terrible idea)" Did one of you write this or was it the fatbet people? [01/27]

Stephen W: Congrats on the accomplishment!!! I can't wait to get to the point where I can say, "I am slightly less fat!" No, seriously...Great Job! [01/27]

Stephen W: Jeremy, "Slow and steady"? You're cruising below blue, I can actually see white between your dot and the blue line. Ease of the gas before you hurt yourself. [01/27]

Jeremy N: Don't look now, but the "Turtle Rancher" is catching up. Slow and steady boys! I am now at 224. That is the lowest I have been in roughly 5 years. [01/27]

Shawn R: Stephen. LOL!!! That's about the only reason I won't do the P90X routine. I can't find a secluded enough spot in my house! [01/27]

Stephen W: I am going to start doing Tai Bo with the wife. I hope the benefits are worth the embarrassing hour of my life in which I will look like a sweaty pig attempting to be graceful while following the commands of Mr. Pecs. [01/27]

Shawn R: Better get on it Stephen! I only have 5 pounds to go before I catch up to you! I'm just trying to break this 250 barrier right now. May have to kick the work outs up to at least 4 a week. Did 5 miles on the mill Saturday, burning an estimated 915 calories. I sure hope this fat is turning in to muscle, cuz I don't know what else to do to drop this weight. [01/27]

Stephen W: It's looks like I have mastered my yo-yo...I am now "walking the dog"...aka, flatlined at 246. [01/27]

Shawn R: Playing the yo-yo game once again. Man I need to break this barrier and continue on down! No more 2 and 3 pound a day losses.... Thought I had this in the bag! [01/27]

Shawn R: We've gone public boyz! Now it's on for real! [01/26]

Jeremy N: It is about time you guys slowed down. Give me a little chance to catch up, ok? [01/26]

Shawn R: I think I've hit the same point as you, but I have been working out. I went the last three days. I haven't lost a pound. I think I actually gained a half. Guess all the water weight is gone and now it's down to burning off the fat. I only lost a half last night while sleeping. I was losing 3 pounds just sleeping. [01/26]

Stephen W: I have hit a major plateau...then again, I haven't worked out in five days. Apparently I am already at that point where just cutting back on junk food isn't enough. [01/26]

Shawn R: Is it bad to feel like you're going to pass out after working out? What a rush!! [01/25]

Stephen W: Shawn, that is a weak yo-yo. You need to work on your vertical motion...3-4 pounds should help it look better. [01/25]

Shawn R: Good job Stephen! I thought you'd come back with a few. That whole will power thing and all. [01/25]

Stephen W: A couple of days at mom and dad's and I surprisingly maintained my weight. [01/25]

Shawn R: Yo-yo time baby! [01/25]

Shawn R: Found one of those lost pounds! [01/24]

Jeremy N: Hey Stephen, I heard you may have been hitting the CheezeIts a little hard lately. How's that going for you? [01/23]

Jeremy N: I also removed Tammy's "leg amputee" weight input. [01/23]

Shawn R: Adjusted my past weights so Stephen couldn't call me retarded anymore. [01/23]

Shawn R: Back below the blue line there Jeremy. Good Job! Remember, slow and steady is the creed of all Turttle Herders. [01/23]

Shawn R: Told ya it was a 2 pound turd. Maybe now you'll believe me. :) [01/23]

Shawn R: U da man! Now that is commitment!!! [01/22]

Jeremy N: right leg amputated to expedite weight loss process!!! [01/22]

Shawn R: Growled = growler [01/22]

Shawn R: Been a while since I've laid down a growled like this one. I think I've lost two pounds already and I'm not even done yet! [01/22]

Stephen W: Hey, man...let's leave my anus out of this argument. And, I believe I discussed purging, which included only projectiles coming out of my mouth not my southern region. It was Jeremy and his wife who offered up the poop flow prior to the last weigh in...Shawn and I kindly accepted the offer, but only out of respect for Tammy and her nursing skills. Finally, I must say, "Marcia" (wife of Shawn). Now everyone has been named...if I am going down with my comments, I am taking everyone with me! [01/22]

Jeremy N: What do you mean "lack of ability to lose weight"? I lose it and it finds me. It is a good game. The mental image of Stephen's "anal wash" is going to make it impossible for me to eat lunch now. Thanks. [01/22]

Shawn R: Fine. Pansy's! :-) I still wuv u both. Especially Jeremy's lack of ability to lose weight. I figured you wouldn't want it to go public because of Stephen's desire for a good anal wash before weigh in. [01/22]

Jeremy N: That lack of a filter is the exact reason that I prefer to stay private. If we went public, I would be much more hesitant to say that I am going just setting you and Shawn up to get comfortable with your big leads and then I will kick your ass down the home stretch! [01/22]

Stephen W: are saying that if we go public we would have to censor ourselves. Man, I have a hard enough time doing that at work. The filter between my brain and what comes out of my mouth in constantly in need of repair...just ask Jenny. [01/22]

Jeremy N: You guys were making fun of handicapped (retarded) children. You might want to edit that (if possible) before we go public. I prefer to stay private. [01/22]

Shawn R: Holding steady today. Didn't work out this morning. Did have to go to work at midnight though. So 2 hours less sleep and here we are at work. [01/22]

Stephen W: Someone should scan back and see if we made any incriminating comments prior to going public with this thing. [01/21]

Jeremy N: Are you sure you want everyone to see this? [01/21]

Shawn R: Trying to get us to go public with our bet. Click on the Feature this! next to this box. That is if it shows up. Wife loves reading what we're coming up with. Maybe we'll win a new car?!?! [01/21]

Jeremy N: I haven't talked to her since we started this bet. However, I would be happy to call and lobby on your behalf for extra cookies, cream cheese brownies, etc. [01/21]

Stephen W: Also, whoever is talking to my wife knock it off! She has been making biscuits and gravy, brownies, apple roll ups...and there is not enough time in the day to work off all those calories. [01/21]

Stephen W: Jeremy, if you were truly committed to winning you would make the rice crispy treats yourself and have them shipped to Shawn's house with gallon of whole milk to wash them down. [01/21]

Jeremy N: Note to Marcia about rice crispy treats... [01/21]

Shawn R: Yeah, there is a 10 pound immediate drop from the scale difference shown on the graph. I have lost a totaly of 12 pounds though. Went from 265 to 253 so far. I've cut way back on my portions. I go to bed just a bit hungry, cut my milk intake by more than half, and eliminated soda all together. Things are now starting to look disgusting to me such as eating out just about anywhere, and anything you can buy that's pre-made. I'm very fortunate my wife rocks as a cook and has been trying to make better meals for us. Now I just need to discuss the chocolate chip cookies and bluebery muffins. Fortunately she hasn't made rice crispy treats or I think I'd fall off the wagon. [01/21]

Jeremy N: I believe that is the "scale change" day when Shawn lost a huge amount of weight. [01/21]

Stephen W: Shawn, the 12lbs loss day you had...explain the technique used to accomplish this. [01/21]

Stephen W: Jeremy, welcome back to the blue!! Now easy up. Remember slow and steady...that goes for you too Shawn. You guys need to realy work at pacing yourselves. [01/21]

Stephen W: Previous sentence: "Food" includes beer!! [01/21]

Stephen W: Yeah, I have trouble watching what I eat. That's why I have decided to attempt to workout more in order to stay away from putting restrictions on my diet. I know in long run I will not be able to stay away from certain foods, so I need to develop a fitness level that allows me to enjoy food and still remain decently healthy. [01/21]

Shawn R: I got a five spot that says Jeremy isn't willing to part with food no matter what happens. Have you seen him? He's an eating machine! Second only to Stephen... :-P [01/21]

Stephen W: Are you sure you would be willing to part with food...because if you are not willing to let go, you should not attempt the purge technique. [01/21]

Shawn R: Boo Yah! Another pound hits the dust! This is actually getting fun now! [01/21]

Jeremy N: I might have to adopt Stephen's purge technique. [01/20]

Shawn R: Yeah, being above the blue line kinda screws up your well thought out plan now doesn't it? :) [01/20]

Jeremy N: Yes, I expect that some of it is water weight with the drive in the car and changes in weather between Seattle and Victoria. I need to get back below the blue line. [01/20]

Stephen W: Similar to water weight, right? [01/20]

Stephen W: 1-2 that like beer weight? [01/20]

Jeremy N: I expect 1-2 lbs will probably come back off pretty quickly. I really need to get dedicated here and stop fooling around. You guys are kicking my butt! [01/20]

Stephen W: I can see Jeremy point. I thought it would have been rude to force my friends to drink all of that beer and eat all of those appettizers without my assistance. They sure are lucky to have a friend like me who was not only willing to help, but probably drank more then my share of the beer. What can I say, I am not a rude person. [01/20]

Shawn R: Hehe. Still trying to figure out how it would be rude to say you're watching what you eat and what they brought was crap. :-) I find myself walking through Walmart checking the nutrition labels on everything I think about buying. Man there is a bunch of crap out there that is no even close to being good for you. [01/20]

Stephen W: No beer, some Wii boxing, and morning basketball = 3 lb loss! [01/20]

Jeremy N: Tammy said it would be rude if I ate the Nugo (protein bars) that I brought instead of their snacks. [01/20]

Shawn R: So who brought the gun and held it to your head to make you eat all that? I envy the taste of the food, but not the 3 pounds. :-) I have a box of cookies sitting on my desk from a meeting last night. I need to get the damn things outta here. Haven't touched them, but it's tempting. [01/20]

Jeremy N: It was a BAD weekend. Tammy and I got the condo for the weekend, so John and Laura brought all the food for the weekend. It was beer brats, chips, and HUGE cookies just the first night. Pancakes with lots of bacon for breakfasts. Lots of trail mix, pop, cookies. Then, of course, Tammy and Laura wanted to walk around Victoria and visit the famous chocolate shops that the Queen of England gets her chocolates from. A box of chocolates later and I added three pounds in a weekend. It would have been rude to not eat what they brought, so I was practically forced into eating poorly all weekend. I am sure of it. [01/20]

Shawn R: Holding steady today. No loss but no workout this morning either. [01/20]

Stephen W: I fixed the hot water heater, so I should not stink any more then usual. [01/19]

Stephen W: I busted my butt all day, but I am not going to weigh in until tomorrow morning...I better have lost some weight. It's time for my yo-yo to make a downward turn. [01/19]

Shawn R: Still waiting to hear from Jeremy on what happened over the weekend. I would imagine he's working today. Better not have MLK day off. :-) [01/19]

Shawn R: Ouchy mama! It's that extra 2 lbs of dirt you have covering your body. You know that teaching job is a rough gig. Good luck on the heater repair. [01/19]

Stephen W: Our hot water is out, which equals no I didn't workout. It seems that even without beer that I gain 2 lbs in an average day without working out. [01/19]

Shawn R: Whoo hooo! Over the 10 pound mark. Looks like I've lost maybe 2% body fat too. Get on the ball boyz and get off the beer :-P [01/19]

Stephen W: One night our with the guys, a "few" beers and appettizers apparently equal two pounds. [01/18]

Shawn R: Starting to do the "Wallace" yo-yo routine. Man I hoped that wouldn't start for another 10 pounds or more. [01/18]

Stephen W: Yeah, I was thinking it was a little early to place that kind of temptation in front of Jeremy. Jen tempted me last night with biscuits and gravy for dinner...and I FAILED miserably!! However, I spent the rest of the night torturing myself with workouts. It seemed to pay off, but I asked her to never do it again. [01/17]

Shawn R: Hey now. Whats wrong with being a little retarded?? I can't wait to see how high Jeremy's weight is when he gets back from his mini vacation. [01/17]

Stephen W: Shawn's chart kind of looks like a yo-yo as well...if you gave it to a retarded kid. [01/17]

Stephen W: My chart is starting to show a pattern. As Shawn stated, it looks like a yo-yo. However, if I can keep up this pace for another 165 days, I will be around 135 lbs by July!!! [01/17]

Shawn R: 265 would have been my start weight. [01/16]

Shawn R: Btw. I'm at 255 now. Long road ahead. [01/16]

Shawn R: Weight adjusted for scale inaccuracy. 10 pound difference between my scale and the one at the gym. Did the calc today. 260 here with my workout clothes on and 250 at the gym. I feel better now after all those days I was starving. [01/16]

Jeremy N: Hey, I put on about 8 lbs in 5 weeks over the holidays. This is going to be a lifelong battle for me because I LOVE food. Somebody once told me that nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I am still waiting to experience that. [01/16]

Stephen W: I still have about 6 lbs before I am at my pre-holiday weight (242) and 13 lbs before I am at the weight I started this school year at (235). When I look at it that way it's kind of depressing how quickly I can put weight on...20lbs since September. [01/16]

Jeremy N: Today makes 2 days in a row weighing in at 227 lbs. That was my stabilized pre-holiday weight. I had briefly been down to 225, but was stable at 227. Now the real work begins. [01/16]

Jeremy N: Stephen, you would look funny at 205. You might even fit into Hub's jeans! [01/15]

Jeremy N: Both you and stephen have lost 8-10 lbs (3-4% of total weight). I have barely lost 4-5 (1-2% of total weight). This game sucks! [01/15]

Jeremy N: I have no problem with you changing your starting weight based on a new scale. However, the way I think it should be done is to take your weight with your current scale and then as soon as possible (and without eating or drinking anything in between) go and weigh yourself with the original scale and see how much difference it is. If the difference is 10 lbs, adjust your starting weight to 265. If the difference is 8 lbs, adjust your starting weight to 263 lbs, etc. If this process can't be easily accomplished, just use 265. Work for you? [01/15]

Stephen W: If Jeremy can reach his goal of 187 or 190, that means we have to get to around 205 to beat him and I do not want to go through the hell it would take to get me to 205. [01/15]

Stephen W: I'm sure Jeremy may have something to say about it, though. I just want to sound like the nice guy for once. [01/15]

Stephen W: Shawn, do you want your starting weight to be 265? I don't have a problem with you changing your starting weight. [01/15]

Shawn R: So if I take in to account that my starting weight was actually around 265, I'm pretty happy where I'm at so far. Almost 10 pounds in less than two weeks. Should have bought this new scale before I entered my start weight. [01/15]

Jeremy N: I intend to start jogging / running on the treadmill as I lose weight and it becomes easier on my knees and ankles. Right now, I feel to heavy to run because my joints hurt for days afterward from being such a fat ass. [01/15]

Jeremy N: I am looking to get back to the weight I was when I got married. I would like to get back to the same 12% body fat also, but that is not likely to happen. [01/15]

Stephen W: I am at about 2,500 to 2,700 calories and once I hit the 230s, I will drop that to about 2,000 to 2,200 depending on how my weight lose is going. It's hard for me to get under 2,000 calories and still feel energized enough to work with elementary kids on a daily basis. Right now, I get half, sometime more, of my calories in the morning between breakfast and my 1st snack around 9 am. I am looking at where I could cut calories. Dinner is the only place I can think of and the benefit to that is I wake up extremely hungry and ready to intake mass quanities of food. Otherwise I am not much of a morning eater. [01/15]

Shawn R: Oh and getting rid of about 10% of this body fat would be a bonus too! [01/15]

Shawn R: Trying to work out at least 3 if not 4 days a week. Treadmill at least 2 miles at 3.5 degrees and 3.5 mph. Have done 3.25 miles and would like to be able to run 5 miles by June with a little effort. After the mill I do weights for about 30 minutes. Trying to work the whole body for wakeboarding this year. Stomach is going to be my focal point here soon. Time to tighten that thing up! [01/15]

Jeremy N: I am lifting weights for 20-30 minutes 3 times a week and walking a couple of miles pretty much every day if I can. The weigth lifting is at my house with dumbbells, mostly upper body lifting with the treadmill walking on incline that works the legs a decent amount. I have also restricted my diet to where it was last summer and fall (pre holidays) when I was losing weight. I can see as I continue to lose weight I will have to restrict my calorie intake even more. Right now I consume about 2,200 calories per day. I expect that to drop to 2,000 over the next 2-3 months and then eventually to 1,800 calories per day for the last couple of months. [01/15]

Stephen W: Yeah, I forsee a lateral movement in my weight as well. I started off heavier then I have been in awhile, so I think the first 10 lbs will come easy. It's the next 15 or 20. Eventually I see myself having to make some serious changes in my work outs and eating. Right now its just limit my dinners, play morning basketball twice a week and Wii boxing every now and then. I am thinking about getting back in the weight room, but I have never been too motivated to lift weights regularly. Are you and Shawn lifting weights or cardio workouts? [01/15]

Jeremy N: Stephen, don't worry. It is inevitable that I will start to see some sideways action going on here soon. [01/15]

Jeremy N: Alright Shawn...just send me some cash (I wouldn't trust a check from you). [01/15]

Stephen W: Jeremy, you're dipping too far below that blue line. Remember slow and steady. [01/15]

Shawn R: Holding steady at 257 for the last couple days. Had a good workout this morning. Probably try to fit another one in tomorrow morning. Get an extra scoop of ice cream on me while on your trip! [01/15]

Jeremy N: I am just trying to stay below the blue line. This weekend is probably going to be bad though. Tammy and I are going to Victoria for our annual weekend away and that usually means too much food. [01/15]

Shawn R: if I can just get down to my "starting" weight I'll be happy this week. [01/14]

Jeremy N: I don't drink coffee, consequently I don't map turds. [01/14]

Shawn R: Hmm... Jeremy mapped this out in excel? I would have never imagined. :) So how many turds do you need to drop to equal 300 calories lost? lol [01/14]

Jeremy N: I already have it mapped out in excel with starting weight, calories burned for various exercises and then I adjust the calories burned for each exercise as I lose weight (for some reason smaller people burn less calories for the same activity when they don't have to carry around an extra 40 lbs), I estimate food / calorie intake and see what weight I need to start adjusting my diet so that my weight loss stays steady and doesn't yoyo. At my current pace, I will NOT hit my target weight loss goal of 45 lbs until sometime in late September. However, I am not starving at the moment either. [01/14]

Stephen W: Turtle that's funny stuff! [01/14]

Shawn R: So Jeremy's philosophy is slow and steady wins the race. Kinda ironic he'd take the turtle approach eh? Seeing how he's a turttle rancher. 257 again this morning for a weigh in. Not bad considering I didn't work out yesterday. [01/14]

Stephen W: I can usually get to the low 240s easily, its the the 230s that are hard for me and 220s...haven't seen those since 7th grade. [01/14]

Jeremy N: Stephen is certainly going for the fastest weight loss. Remember, the only weigh in that matters is the last one on July 1st. [01/14]

Stephen W: Wii boxing is providing me with a cheap and fun workout. Shawn do you still have the Wii...if so, you should try the boxing workout where you attempt to knock down the punching arms are killing today! [01/14]

Shawn R: Too much info!!! [01/13]

Stephen W: My morning routine is wake up, coffee, dump, and weigh in. Step 2 is a necessity to get to Step 3. [01/13]

Jeremy N: I weigh in at the same time every day as well. I check at night sometimes and after eating all day it is usually higher by 1-2 lbs. My start weight of 232 was taken in the morning, the same time of day as all of my weight ins. [01/13]

Stephen W: I needs to stay away from Cheezits...they are killing me lately. [01/13]

Shawn R: I'm also starting a new routine of weighing at the same time every day. Weighed in last night almost 3 pounds heavier than this morning. Will be hitting the scale each morning after working out. [01/13]

Shawn R: Doesn't help when the scale I was using was so far off it's not even funny. I've lost about 8 pounds so far. But this graph will show me gaining 2 since I put in the wrong start weight. I'm still going to blow you all outta the water though! And Stephen hasn't made much ground lately. His graph looks like a yo-yo :-) [01/13]

Jeremy N: Stephen is just kicking our butts here. [01/13]

Jeremy N: 29% isn't bad at all. That is right where I am at too. I was joking with the 16%. [01/13]

Shawn R: well I'm up for a new starting weight. This scale says I'm 260. I know I've lost at least 5 pounds since we've started. Still setting my goal for 230 though. Is 29% body fat a bad thing? :) [01/12]

Jeremy N: As long as it is under 16%, you are better off than I am! [01/12]

Shawn R: I'm feeling better and better about this everyday! Picked up a scale at Costco. Scared what it's going to say my body fat % is! [01/12]

Jeremy N: I went to Red Robin yesterday while Tammy studied at home. Take a good guess how many calories are in Buffalo Clucks and Fries (bottomless for 5 hours) with, of course, blue cheese and ranch dressing. [01/12]

Stephen W: We went to mom and dad's and I did eat something (actually a lot of somethings) will power over here. [01/12]

Shawn R: BTW, we went to Baskin Robbins last night. I didn't eay anything. :-) Now that's some will power right there! [01/12]

Jeremy N: Costco has digital scales on sale for $30 that measure (estimate) your body fat %, BMI, bone density, and water weight. We picked one up yesterday and I am using both to weigh for a week or two to make sure that I see the consistent difference so that I don't just jump up or down and throw off our bet. [01/12]

Jeremy N: You guys need to go and visit your local DQ or something. Maybe Marcia and Jenny can make you guys a cake or cookies or something. [01/12]

Shawn R: Gonna go buy a scale today. The one at my gym sucks!!!! I worked out for 1.5 hours and gained 2 pounds! [01/12]

Stephen W: Pincil me in!!! Tell Tammy, "I'm no daisy," but "I'll be you're Huckleberry." I have to work in my Tombstone lines whenever possible. [01/10]

Shawn R: As long as she is willin to give them, I'm game! [01/10]

Jeremy N: Tammy has offered last minute enimas to anyone that wants to come over here for the last weigh in. I am going to pass on the offer, but good luck to you both. [01/10]

Jeremy N: have both had days of 5 lb loss and the best I can do is up 1 lb and then down 1 lb. This sucks. [01/10]

Shawn R: Working out plus a decent diet = 5 pound loss!!! Boo yah!!! [01/09]

Shawn R: Working out tonight. Hoping I lost at least a pound! You guys should join My username is helinutman It's a fun little mini blog site. Free way to text message too. :) [01/09]

Jeremy N: WOW! Stephen has now taken a serious lead into the first turn on our 26 lap race. [01/09]

Stephen W: Apparently I lost 5 pounds of pure sweat playing the Wii for about an hour last night. Once I get the energy to get a drink of water and rehydrate myself I will probably be back around 255. [01/09]

Jeremy N: Dang Shawn, are you eating any actual food these days or just a few green leaves and calling it good? [01/08]

Shawn R: Nah wouldn't go through all that. I'm thinking Liposuciton and a Labotomy right before we weigh in... Sore as hell from yesterday's workout. Gonna hit it in the morning too. No more bread either. At least not on the scale I've been doing. [01/08]

Jeremy N: So, you are considering "purging" with some kind of a diuretic so that you flush your stomach, bladder, and colon just prior to your final weigh in? Man, you have issues if you are doing all of that over a one dinner bet! [01/08]

Stephen W: Yeah, I think I need to feel more threaten by your weight loses. Right now I feel too comfortable with my chances of winning with a last second purge right before our last weigh in. [01/08]

Jeremy N: Nice. If you guys keep this up, I can win without losing any weight. [01/08]

Stephen W: Jeremy, my starting weight was 255, but I quickly got to 256 and have maintained that for the last couple of days. It's like a good friend that just won't leave. [01/08]

Shawn R: I think I'm going the wrong way here. I hate this gym's scale. Gonna have to complain to them next time I go. Nothing precise about it. [01/08]

Shawn R: Hope to get to the gym and weigh myself again tonight. Hope the wife is in a good mood. Signed up yesterday and just haven't had time to get over there. Fitting in Hub's jeans! Now there is a goal!!! [01/07]

Jeremy N: Stephen, what is your starting weight? We can only see your weight loss goal (25 lbs) and your progress toward the goal. Thanks. [01/07]

Jeremy N: Daily fluctuations happen. Yesterday I lost a pound and today, it found me again. [01/07]

Stephen W: I think I picked the wrong day to start...I gained 1 pound already. [01/07]

Jeremy N: Keep up the good work. Pretty soon you might even fit in Hub's jeans :) [01/06]

Shawn R: Yeah, it's 255. I haven't been able to get on a scale yet. Jeans are already getting loose though and that's only from a change in diet. [01/06]

Jeremy N: Is your starting weight 255 then? I can only see your weight loss goal (30 lb loss). [01/06]

Shawn R: Dang gym wanted $29.95 a month near work! Probably going to hit the one near my house for $19.95/mo and $39 joining fee. If that's the case then the my starting weight is correct. [01/05]

Jeremy N: Remember that the bet is for total percentage weight lost from starting weight, NOT the person that reaches the highest percentage of goal weight lost. [01/05]

Jeremy N: Dream on Fat Man! My starting weight today is 232. [01/05]

Shawn R: Gonna sign up today at the gym. I'm sooo kickin' your arse at this! :-) [01/05]

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